The Way Between the Worlds (Aelf Fen#4)

The Way Between the Worlds (Aelf Fen#4) The New Lassair Aelf Fen Historical MysteryCome To Me I Need You These Words Bring Apprentice Healer Lassair Awake One Morning In The Spring Of 1092, Trembling With Terror Soon Lassair Is Certain That One Of Her Loved Ones Is In Terrible Danger And When The News Comes That A Nun At Chatteris Abbey Where Her Beloved Sister Elfritha Lives Has Been Murdered, Lassair Fears The Worst She Sets Off Immediately, But The Danger She Will Have To Face May Be Greater Than She Is Ready For. I loved this book and this series The right balance of historical novel with sword and sorcery tossed in All my favorite genres. Rollo is back I really enjoyed this book I was initially attracted to it in my local library by the cover showing an atmospheric ruin and a flock of birds overhead in a stormy sky.It didn t disappoint as it was an easy re
This series of pagan Wiccan 11th century wish fulfillment historical mysteries is growing on me Ordinarily a lot of the elements would annoy me, but somehow, in this book, the specificity of the link to Roman legionary Mithras worship and much later peat bog sa
An interesting story, though I found the juxtaposition of three different points of view, one in first person and the other two in third person, with nothing to distinguish them except extra space in the text, t
Alys Clare does a very nice job of taking a few pieces of known fact and weaving a story around them If you like early Medieval English history mixed with a bit of the old religion or magic, this book might be for you. I really enjoyed this book even thou i haven t read the books before it Well, written and very enjoyable. Seemed to be lacking something, still good, but feels off or maybe hurried towards the end Overall, a great series. I like the relationship between Lisare and the young man but it seems the spiritual rules the world rather than the practical to a large extent. Managed to get a few of these from the Library at the same time, so am probably overdosing on them

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  • The Way Between the Worlds (Aelf Fen#4)
  • Alys Clare
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  • 03 August 2018
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