America and the World

America and the World In Barely Than Two Centuries, The United States Evolved From A Sparsely Settled Handful Of Colonies Into The Most Powerful Nation The World Has Ever Known How Could Such An Implausible Metamorphosis Have Occurred These 24 Insightful Lectures Address That Penetrating Question And Many Others Professor Stoler Offers You A Fresh View Of America S Shift From The Periphery Of International Politics To Its Very Center As He Explores The Key Components Of American Diplomatic History, Including The Origins Of American Beliefs About Our Mission And Proper Place In The World The Expansion Of The Original United States Across The North American Continent Through War And Treaty The Achievement Of Victory In Two World Wars And The 45 Year Cold War With The Soviet Union You Ll Also Learn The Origins And Evolution Of Famous Or Significant Pronouncements And Policies, Including Washington S Farewell Address, The Idea Of Manifest Destiny , The Monroe Doctrine, The Open Door Policy, Isolationism, The Marshall Plan, And The Containment Of Communism Presenting History S Events As Only A Single Part Of A Much Broader Whole, Professor Stoler Adds The How And Why To The What Of American Diplomatic History The Result Is An Entertaining Series Of Lectures That Will Not Only Deepen Your Outlook On American History But Will Prove To You That Not All History Is Made On The Battlefield. This was a great collection of lectures, though not as accessible as Mark Stoler s other Great Course, The Skeptic s Guide to American History This is going to take time to digest, but still, most worthwhile. It s easy to pick on our nation s elected leaders and the decisions they make This course provides perspective on why those decisions might have been made For that alone, this course is likely worth the pur
Really learned a lot Only limitation was I wish there was material since 1991 the end of the cold war, and some say of history I recognize the author s point however that historians shouldnt delve much into current events. Great overview. Ja, slecht was het niet Maar echt boeiend, dat ook niet.

[Ebook] America and the World  By Mark A. Stoler –
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  • America and the World
  • Mark A. Stoler
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
  • 9781598034745