The Luck of the Bodkins

The Luck of the BodkinsMonty Bodkin S Wooing Of Gertrude Butterwick On The R.M.S Atlantic Is Not Progressing As It Should And The Cause Of All The Trouble Is Miss Lotus Blossum, The Brightest Star In Hollywood S Firmament The Easy Camaraderie Of Miss Blossom, Coupled With The Idea That Monty Is The Only Person Who Can Send The Errant Ambrose Back To Her Welcoming Arms, Is Causing Mr Bodkin Moments Of Acute Distress. A French farce with English reserve , best describes this saga well not too much after all it was written by the great P.G Wodehouse Mr Montague Monty Bodkin a wealthy but idle British bachelor with a romantic problem, it seems Gertrude Butterwicklove these peculiar namesthe gentleman s lady friend has a strange daddy , who insists that rich Monty gets a job or no marriage to his pretty daughter , and the really strange part is she will obey his ultimatum , this transpires in 1935things have changed a little Troubles send our fragile hero to the Riviera, in Cannes, to calm his nerves in a resort hotel , even during the Depression the affluent need to relax.The adoring Bodkin is writing to his love a letter of his passion for her, but he is not the brightest bulb in the neighborhood, and tries to ask a fat man at a nearby table to help him with a spelling problem, turns out this is a Hollywood Mogul fighting with his pesky sister in law Mabel Spence, she has a ghastly message from scary Graycepardon me the rotund gentleman is called Ivor Ikey Llewellyn, a most unpleasant person to be around and the interruption causes a stormy reaction, to put it mildlyThis episode permits the pa
Into the face of the young man who sat on the terrace of the Hotel Magnifique at Cannes there had crept a look of furtive shame, the shifty hangdog look which announces that an Englishman is about to speak French It is such sentences that make
4.5 Well, I was always a little apprehensive at the prospect of reading Wodehouse Not sure why Perhaps I felt I wouldn t get the humour Whatever the reason, I really shouldn t have worried Into the face of the young man who sat on the terrace of the Hotel Magnifique at Cannes there had crept a look of furtive shame, the shifty, hangdog look which announces that an Englishman is about to talk French From the very beginning, I was completely taken in by Monty Bodkins, his hilarious manners and incapability to spell, as well as by the colourful cast, which includes an actress with a pet alligator, a Hollywood film magnate, a hockey playing sportswoman and a loquacious ship s porter to name a few.This is a 1930s comedy weaving numerous convoluted plot strands revolving around the smuggling of a necklace, but really what shines through are its well drawn characters and witty dialogue Most of the action takes place on a ship crossing the Atlantic from Southampton to New York, which adds a little flavour of the stage Imagine rip roaring scenes full of misunderstandings as
What can one say Wodehouse is an angel in human shape, dispensing joy and laughter whenever he sits down at the typewriter I adore him This book It s the usual penicillin. If you re a fan of early cinema this book originally published in 1935 is for you There s plenty of in jokes geared towards producers, nepotism, and actors At one moment in the book I had to pause because Monty Bodkin the Lucky Bodkin of the title was compared to Leslie Howard and Clark Gable, both of whom were to star in Gone With the Wind four years after Wodehouse mentions them Shall we give P.G a pat on the back for smushing such stellar talent together before Selznick I know what you re thinking and, no, you don t have to be a fan of movie history to enjoy this story It just helps There s plenty of rip roaring trouble Monty Bodkin wants to marry Gertrude Butterwick, who misunderstands a tattoo of his and breaks their engagement As he tries to win her back over the course of a six day crossing of the Atlantic he has to thwart movie starlets and boy, does Wodehouse nail the speaking patterns of the early mega watt actresses like Katherine Hepburn Bette Davis in Miss Lotus Blossom novelists, movie producers, and the good intentions of his best friend Reggie Mickey Mouse plays a part, as does Wilfred the Alligator The most enjoyable part of this book is spending time with the characters Each one is so well drawn that you don t lose your p
The Luck of the Bodkins tells the continuing story of Monty Bodkin and his engagement to Gertrude Butterwick which relies on his remaining in someone s employ for a whole year We last met Monty at Blanding s Castle where he was employed as secretary for Lord Emsworth for the length of Heavy Weather rather than the length of a year Monty left Blanding s after gaining employment with Percy Pilbeam at the Argos Detective Agency Monty is on Holiday at Cannes but follows Gertrude on board the RMS Atlantic after receiving a Cable breaking off their engagement.The RMS Atlantic acts as a typical Wodehouse stately home for the purposes of the farce with state rooms replacing the usual bedroom setting for the misunderstandings and complications that litter farce like so may discarded gloves The RMS Atlantic has the usual domestic staff with steward Albert Peasemarch undertaking most of the business usually entrusted to butlers or under footmen Trying to summarise the plot in less than the three hundred pages Wodehouse uses would rather miss the point of this type of book but in essence Monty loves Gertrude, who thinks he likes Lotus Blossom, a movie starlet whom adores Ambrose, who thinks she has fallen for his brother, Reggie, whom has definitely got it bad for Mabel Spence, sister in law to movie mogul Ikey Llewel
One of the most delightful of Wodehouse s novels, which is saying something The likeable, idle rich Monty, still in pursuit of winning his beloved s heart by holding down a job for a year, ends up on a cruise ship pursuing her to America after a little understanding As a result he is dr
This is a top notch Wodehouse Oh, sure, it doesn t have Jeeves and Wooster or Lord Emsworth and Duchess or even Psmith, but who cares It does have Monty Bodkin whom I encountered in Heavy Weather as one of Lord Emsworth s endless string of secretaries and an extra complicated, extra delightful plot, which takes place mostly on a ship from England to America Wodehouse is at the top of his form with his marvelous idiom, beginning with the very first, irresistible sentence Into the face of the young man who sat on the terrace of the Hotel Magnifique at Cannes there had crept a look of furtive shame, the shifty, hangdog look which announces that an Englishm
Read for Anglophiles group. 4.5 for this audiobook edition, narrated by Jonathan Cecil.Prime Wodehouse fare, with romantic entanglements, misunderstandings colorful characters.

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