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KISS and Make-upKISS And Make Up Author Gene Simmons The Paperback Publication Of KISS And Make Up Promises As Much Excitement As The Hardcover Generated In December 2001, With The Book Garnering Reviews From Publications Such As TV Guide, The New York Times Magazine, And Rolling Stone, And Gene Appearing On Today, The View, Opie Anthony, The O Reilly Factor, And Many Media Outlets Coinciding With The Release Of The Band S Spectacular Photo Book KISS The Early Years See Page 44 , KISS And Make Up Features Four Collectible Covers, As Well As New Text From Gene And Additional Photos His Fans Have Never Seen Before.Taking Readers Through KISStory And Tracing The Band S Rise To The Pinnacle Of Rock, KISS And Make Up Tells The Story In Gene S Irreverant And Unapologetic Voice Of How An Immigrant Kid From Israel Became An American Rock Icon. I picked this up at the library on a whim great cover Before this book, I could have only named two KISS songs I don t own any of their albums although I do own an awesome KISS lunchbox Never saw Gene s reality show either So I came to this book with hardly any preconceived notions about Gene Simmons or the band The book turned out to be a really interesting read I had no idea he was Israeli or that his mom had been in the camps during the war had most of her family killed by the Nazis He his mom immigrated to NYC when he was 9 And then he went to a yeshiva in Brooklyn He was a good boy who did well in school Gene explained that his decision to never drink or do drugs or smoke stemmed from not wanting to hurt his mother She had been through so much and lost so much, who was he to break her heart by turning to drugs or drink I m glad he never used, because it made his clear headed account of KISS much interesting I ve read rock memoirs where the musician was such a complete utter fuck up that it is hard to follow the story of the band Looking at you, Keith Richards And Ron Wood And Vince Neil And Belinda Carlisle A memoir where the musician is so flummoxed by how the music industry works
I purposely avoided this book for years I really didn t have any desire to read this given that I already knew about KISS than Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley combined But out of sheer boredom and nothing else to read, I decided to give this one a shot at long last My first impression when picking the book up and holding it in my hands was how small the book looked For a band like KISS and it s author Gene Simmons, I would expect nothing less than 500 pages But this looked like a book that I would finish in just a few days 3 days to be exact.Upon reading the book, I quickly realized that I wasn t going to get anything new from the man himself Everything that you have ever heard about KISS and its humble beginnings, and you KISS fans know exactly what I m talking about, you have seen and heard the stories told a million times over from Gene himself either in on camera interviews or print from magazines and other books over the years.I was hoping to get a detailed account of most of the pivotal moments of the band s history But that was not the case here Most of the back history from his days as a child all the way to the Farewell Tour is pretty much glossed over, recounting stuff that most KISS fan s already know And when the band isn t being talked about in the book, Gene is bragging about his sexual exploits But the way he paints the picture of each woman he banged, it comes off as a bad clich of
This book surprised me I was a KISS fan as a teen and have recently started watching his reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels On a whim I picked this up and have to say that it was a quick and enjoyable read Fine literature, no but it was fun Told in a very stream of consciousness manner the book takes you from Gene s childhood as Chaim Whitz from Haifa, Israel to the mega success of one of the most innovative rock bands ever He spills the dirt on every aspect of his life whether it be his early days in Brooklyn attending a Hebrew Day school or the details of his many, many conquests on the road as a member of KISS You are privy to a behind the scenes look at the workings both musical and business of a band Not being of a music background it was interesting to see the development of the band and the problems that they faced along the way Gene do
To some, he s a god To others, he s a devil But one thing can t be denied Gene Simmons IS an iconic superstar And his autobiography, Kiss and Make Up, shines a bright light on the riveting tale of a boy who came to America with a dream a really BIG dream.At one point in my life, I was a faithful, fervent KISS follower In fact, I actually felt somewhat honored when Simmons threatened to knock me out one night while at a hotel bar during the 1983 Lick it Up tour It s a long story, but let s just say that I was very young at the time I possessed limited people skills and probably needed to be put in my place However, in my defense, I will say that the larger than life rock star did have his hand up my fianc e s skirt at that moment And well, like I said, it s a long story.Anyway, the point is, even for as much of a drooling fan as I was at one point, I still found Kiss and Make Up to be an informative and highly entertaining read And although the book reveals plenty of dirt on one of rock s greatest bands, it also tells a compelling personal story of
My review will take the form of the FB posts I made while listening to the audiobook FULL DISCLOSURE I am a big KISS fan You may hate Gene Simmons It doesn t matter He was my teenage hero and KISS has been one of my favorite bands since I was 12 I am listening to the audio version of the book read by Gene Simmons himself It is nothing short of amazing to me I am not telling you to admire him I am not telling you to like him or even care It s just a great story of a famous American immigrant And his voice, as always, is incredibly soothing.Here s the difference between the Italian Mother and the Jewish Mother The Italian Mother says, if you don t do what I tell you, I am going to kill you The Jewish Mother says, If you don t do what I tell you, I am going to kill myself Gene Simmons.So far my takeaways on the Gene Simmons book yeah, I know this is kind of a big deal because I never read are the following 1 Don t disappoint your mother.2 See opportunity.3 Work hard 4 Don t promise what you can t deliver.5 When your dad doesn t do his job, super heroes can be a sufficient stand in 6 Maintain childlike optimism 7 DIY until you can afford not to and then still DIY.Further takeaways from the Gene Simmons autobio audioboo
I guess I m on some kind of Gene Simmons kick In this autobiography, Gene tells of his youth in Israel, his interest in comics, music and girls, his band s rise to superstardom, the dissolution of the original line up according to the author, due to Ace and Peter s drug abuse and unprofessionalism , the come back, and last but not least, of finding the love of his life Shannon Tweed and the birth of their two kids.Simmons is far less self aggrandizing, and realistic, in this earlier book than the one I just read Sex Money Kiss which is to say, he still comes off as a posturing egomaniac, but at least he knows it I don t know exactly what I was looking for in reading this there is, at its heart, the classic American Dream story clueless immigrant comes to the land of opportunity, makes it big, which is worth something but I am disappointed at how much Simmons glosses over regarding the rise, decline and rise of KISS Motley Crue s The Dirt C
I waited quite awhile to read this book and when I found it online for a dollar I figured what the hell Maybe Gene had written an awesome tale drenched in blood and fire This is the demon after all right The problem is that the book is quite boring Gene isn t a great story teller and the book just feels like a bunch of stuff thrown together without any excitement Hell, this guy had ass than a toilet seat yet he just randomly throws liasons into various stories but it s all matter of fact There s nothing new here so if you re a fan of the band there s really nothing here we as Kiss fans haven t already heard a million times Gene is a very boring man and as I continued to read I kept asking myself why It wasn t entertaining at all If he had made an effort to add something new or at least made an attempt to be less matter of fact the book would ve been better The only spark of life we get from Gene is when he talks about his kids a
This is a review of the audio recording of Kiss and Make Up read by Gene Simmons, the author You haven t really experienced the absurdity of his autobiography until you ve heard The Man himself reading his own thoughts, read with a drop dead seriousness that would make Yul Brynner s ghost jealous I once listened to all 6 CD s in my car on an endless trip to Las Vegas My ears screamed in pain I liked the rock goss
I ve been a Kiss fan for a long time and regret never having seen them live I have a new respect for Gene Simmons, he is truly one of a kind Great read, although watching him and Paul tolerate Ace and Peter s shenanigans over and over was hard to handle after a while. Great I enjoyed this as an audiobook on a long plane ride Gene Simmons had a very interesting childhood.

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