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Det er greit for megThe Moving Story Of A Young Man S Life From An International Literary Master.On His First Day Of School, A Teacher Welcomes Audun To The Class By Asking Him To Describe His Former Life In The Country But There Are Stories About His Family He Would Prefer To Keep To Himself, Such As The Weeks He Spent Living In A Couple Of Cardboard Boxes, And The Day Of His Little Brother S Birth, When His Drunken Father Fired Three Shots Into The Ceiling So He Refuses To Talk And Refuses To Take Off His Sunglasses.In His Late Teens Audun Is The Only One Of His Family Who Remains With His Mother In Their Home In A Working Class District Of Oslo He Delivers Newspapers When He Is Not In School And Talks For Hours About Jack London And Ernest Hemingway With His Best Friend Arvid But He S Not Sure That School Is The Right Path For Him, Feeling That Life Holds Other Possibilities.Sometimes Tender, Sometimes Brutal, It S Fine By Me Is A Brilliant Novel From The Acclaimed Author Of Out Stealing Horses. If you use Ernest Hemingway s criteria all you have to do is write one true sentence , Per Petterson is profoundly gifted I ve marveled at the authenticity of his other books, particularly Out Stealing Horses and To Siberia This one is newly translated and actually precedes the others it was written in 1992.It s a melancholy coming of age story and it helps to know that two years before he wrote it, Petterson s parents and brother were killed in a Norwegian ferry tragedy Likely, the author is channeling the sadness and alienation and he does it very well.As in other Petterson books, the story runs forward and back in time We meet the 13 year old narrator Auden Stetten on his first day in a new school Despite the headmaster s urging, he refuses to remove his sunglasses, claiming he does not want to show his scars In that one simple scene, the reader learns a lot about Auden that he is self protective and secretive and that he may carry scars that make it impossible for him to reveal himself to others Put another way, he s sort of a shady character Nothing all that much happens this is not a book for fans of linear plots and action stories Instead, it s a deep look into the mind and heart of a boy growing up in Norway and as in previous books, the cold and sometimes unforgiving landscape is very much part of the story.The writing style goes from sparse to lyrical and back again as the story runs throug
Do brutal climate and harsh environs inevitably lead to such stories Auden is a survivor The question is whether he will escape as well as survive This is a grim story of abuse, alcoholism, dead end jobs, petty town mentalities But above it is a level of joy for the reader in the lovely prose, the simple, minimal way in which Petterson does his work And surely the on
What was it like to be a teenager in Oslo in 1970 For Audun Sletten, it s not a particularly pleasant life He s a sullen young man, prone to drunkenness and apathy, and already quite defeated for one so young We learn some of what made him that way as he alternates between present and past tense, telling stories from his 13th year in 1965 and his 18th year in 1970.I have very much enjoyed some of Per Petterson s other novels, but I had to force myself to finish this one The prose is up to Petterson s usual standards and the translation is excellent, but IT S FINE BY ME is essentially plotless The 1970 Audun drinks a lot, gets in fights, wanders the city aimlessly, and plays at radical politics He goes to school, then drops out to take a dead end job where he can t seem to stay out of trouble He grieves for a lost brother, and lives in fear of the return of his abusive, alcoholic father Audun s stories from 1965 give us insight into the family dynamics that made him the way he is I enjoyed the stories from his younger self a little because he hadn t yet given up on the world and himself He was still participating and trying to enjoy life.If you ve read IN THE WAKE and I CURSE THE RIVER OF TIME, you ll enjoy seeing Arvid Jansen as a youngster in this book He s Audun s only friend, and he was the one bright spot in the story for me Arvid sees Audun for what he truly is He tells him, Do you know something, Audun Nothing s fine by you Absolute
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 70 , , , , , , , , coming of age 180 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Nature and Literature It s Fine by Me is a coming of age story Audun, the growing boy, has had a tough Norwegian upbringing His dad is a violent alcoholic who mistreats him, his brother and sister and their mom The book begins when Audun is thirteen in 1965 just as society is undergoing seismic shifts Audun is lucky he has one true friend in Arvid They talk about books and Audun borrows classics from Arvid s father s bookshelves Arvid s dad also becomes a little of a substitute role model for Audun The story unfolds slowly with lots of literature references featuring Hemingway and Jack London Audun is an odd mix of a heavy reader yet a ready scrapper when challenged by local lads He has the scars and bruises to prove it.The Norwegian landscape and farmland play a wonderful role in this book Audun uses them as a restorative when life becomes too difficult There are as many people who help him as there are those who hinder or attempt to hinder him He goes his own way He knows his own mind at a young age Always determined to be a writer he makes the odd decision to leave school a few months before graduating School continues in rough manual labor and in books He goes out in nature when things feel overwhelming He looks rescues himself by rescuing loved ones.Though this is my first Petterson so it s hard to judge I don t think this would be the best place to start In places
Basically I was wrong about thinking this an inferior work by Per Petterson It was simply not what I like to read, but it was very well written and well worth my time There is much to like about this book and anything I might have to say about it would ruin the experience for somebody else so in
T rk eye evrilmedi hen z umar m evirisi yap l r Ba l a ne diyecek evirmen onu da merak ediyorum Bana Uyar , S k nt Yok Review published on Three Percent, October 16, 2012 On an early morning in Oslo in 1970, Arvid Jansen shimmies up his high school flagpole and replaces his nation s flag with that of the Viet Cong Confronted by the headmaster in front of his classmates, Arvid takes the opportunity to expound on the evils of the U.S occupation of Vietnam and Norway s complicit foreign policy, all the time being observed from a far corner by his good friend Audun Sletten I guess it s all very important, Audun shrugs, but I am up to my neck in my own troubles, and it almost makes me want to throw up Frequent readers of Per Petterson have by now come to know Arvid Jansen rather well In typical Petterson fashion, Arvid s life has been examined in alternating atemporal versions set forth in In the Wake and, most recently, in the masterful I Curse the River of Time Arvid is often the vehicle through which the author explores and recasts episodes of his own past h e s not my alter ego, he s my stunt man, Petterson stated in a 2009 interview with The Guardian Vulnerable, self absorbed, and made miserable by hindsight, Arvid is an incredibly sympathetic character If for no other reason than this, then, English readers should be delighted to now have access to one of Petterson s early nov
OK, so I love this book and yet hold back a star Tough love, call it And logic, really, considering that Petterson s OUT STEALING HORSES took me by storm This book came before that one In fact, Graywolf Press will be publishing four from his backlist two novels, one short story collection, and one essay collection So, yeah, I love this book, but realize it does not quite reach the peaks that HORSES did.That said, I genuinely admire the autobiographical character here Audun Sletter s hardscrabble life is covered from preschool to age 18 He lives at home with his mom, older sister, and doomed younger brother His Dad, no stranger to the bottle, visits when he s in the mood to punch a few easy marks A lone wolf, Audun has but one good friend whom he sees only seldom Arvid Jansen The two of them have this way about them, this subterranean understanding that Petterson captures through dialogue It s no small feat.In her note to the reader at the start, Graywolf publisher Fiona McCrae writes, It s Fine By Me has a strong, suspenseful
If Hemingway has a successor, it wasn t Mailer or Raymond Carver Nor is it Tom McGuane, though there are points superficial and substantial to be considered for McGuane, but it is Per Petterson The Norwegian novelist is spare, unsentimental, precise, vividly descriptive without being florid or sentimental, and blessed with the gift of voice so his dialogue is authentic, unique, and natural Like Hemingway, Petterson imbues his characters with a stubborn heroism that lives in understatement.The protagonist of this story is a teenage student He and his family, minus their violent father, have moved to a new town The boy, Audun, aspires to write He lives in an interior world that he shares with a friend but no one else With everyone else he shares his sense of disaffection, his being in but not of their world He wears sunglasses when he enters the town s school and makes up stories about why he needs to The stories are obviously not true but in his desperate need to separate himself it doesn t matter that they are untrue go ahead call my bluff says the dark shimmer of his glasses Audun w

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