Hyena in Petticoats

Hyena in Petticoats Nellie McClung Made An Indelible Mark On Canada She Was The Author Of Eighteen Books, A Political Activist And Social Reformer In Every Role She Played, She Demonstrated Unfailing Courage, Wit And Resourcefulness, And Helped Make A Better World For Women And Girls.In The First Frames Of This Brilliant Graphic Biography, Willow Dawson Plunges Readers Into The Rugged World Of Canada S Western Pioneers, Taking Us Into The Early Life Of McClung As The Child Of Homesteaders, And Follows Her On Her Path To Becoming A Teacher, A Crusader, A Suffragette And Eventually The First Female Member Of Parliament. Now with a graphic novel, if one cannot aesthetically stomach the presented and featured artwork, for me and as someone who has also never been a huge fan of the genre the entire reading and visual experience will then generally and likely be at least in my own humble opinion at best rather flat and not all that pleasurable and that is putting it rather mildly in fact, considering that in a graphic novel, the illustrations are as important as the narrative, as the text And yes indeed, with Willow Dawson s Hyena in Petticoats The Story of Suffragette Nellie McClung I most definitely and certainly have truly and utterly despised the black and white illustrations to such an extent that I had to force myself to even finish the book, as especially Willow Dawson s human figures are simply and utterly ugly ugly ugly to my eyes and really in no way aesthetically pay homage to Nellie McClung as a suffragette, as a tireless fighter for Canadian women s rights for often than not she is depicted by Ms Dawson as being haggardly witch like, almost as though Dawson is in fact wanting to have Nellie McClung remembered as being a physically repellent and not all that laudable person, which I do realise is prob
3.5 stars I had to read this since I read a biography about Nellie McClung some months ago, and wanted to see what this author s take would be about this famous Canadian I liked the blocky style of the figures, and the l
Reason for Reading Author Monica Kulling recommended this on her FB page and I m always up for Canadian biographical historical graphics.A well written and engaging story concentrating on Nellie McClung, the crusader, the suffragette and fighter for women s rights It tells her story from childhood on through until her death This is not her entire story nor a full biography but one that focuses on the woman who is hailed as a hero of feminism and women s rights The book does this job well and presents an interesting story, making Nellie out to be a hero for women today Some important aspects of her life and beliefs are left out though, because they are not of the type political correctness wants us to remember about this woman First her Christian Baptist beliefs were very strong and the guiding force behind her activism This is mentioned in the afterword but not a part of the biography at all Also Ms McClung was a strong supporter of eugenics This again was never mentioned in the biography and is only mentioned in a non judgemental sentence in the afterword Unfortunately, this vile practice Eugenics was well supported at this time in history, was imposed by law in Alberta until the 1970s, was the major part of Hitler s plan for a master race and again is a favoured ideology through the abortion of Down s Syndrome Children and Africa
I enjoyed learning about the story of Nellie McCLung a suffragette who was a force behind getting women the vote in Canada I like the images, but I felt that it was too text heavy Perhaps it could have been a longer book rather than cramming so much text in each strip The beginning was a little difficult to follow, and then I read the back of the book and got a better bearing of exactly what was going on Because I had to do that I had to give the book a lower rating since it was hard for the reader to get their bearing just from the text and graphics alone It was also difficult to tell the difference between each of the characters in the graphics includin
This title was part of our library display for Women s Equality Day I picked it up because I enjoy memoirs Canadian history, and I particularly enjoy reading this type of subject material when it is being presented to a younger audience all killer, no filler I learned quite a bit about Nellie McClung and her politics, as well as the suffragette movement For example, I didn t know that my province NB waited until 1919 to allow women to vote It is both exciting and scary to see how far we have come in the last 100 years, and how much work there is still to be done in the field of human rights here at home and around the world.I wasn t a huge fan of the illustrations,
This was an excellent comic graphic novel about Nellie McLung I learned a ton about our Canadian Feminist from our history She was truly incredible and I was so pleased to dive into her story a bit Further I
A great introduction to the fascinating life of suffragette Nellie McClung The ending seemed rushed I would have liked a little bit about her life in later years Willow Dawson s illustration style is perfectly suited to the era. Spoiler alert women are persons What good news.Cute and cool black and white art and a compelling historical subject I loved learning about women s suffrage in Canada as well as the temperance movement. Such a beautiful book The artwork is gorgeous, full of detail and movement Each chapter has a different, intricate border, as do the page numbers cute I knew a bit about Nellie McClung, but not enough I wish this had been around when I was in high school it would have gotten me excited about Canadian history at a much younger age Also, I don t know if this was intended primarily for a YA audience, but I included it on that shelf because I think it s certainly of intere
Lovely drawings 3 I loved the expressions, the fluidity, and the expert use of BW I did think the pages were a bit busy, particularly with the page number drawings, but those were so cute I don t want to give them up __ As s

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