PredikantenHot On The Heels Of Her Phenomenal American Debut, The Ice Princess, Camilla L Ckberg Brings Readers Back To The Quiet, Isolated Fishing Village In Sweden Where Dangerous Secrets Lie Just Beneath The Community S Tranquil Surface.During An Unusually Hot July, Detective Patrik Hedstrom And Erica Falck Are Enjoying A Rare Week At Home Together, Nervous And Excited About The Imminent Birth Of Their First Baby Across Town, However, A Six Year Old Boy Makes A Gruesome Discovery That Will Ravage Their Little Tourist Community And Catapult Patrik Into The Center Of A Terrifying Murder Case.The Boy Has Stumbled Upon The Brutally Murdered Body Of A Young Woman, And Patrik Is Immediately Called To Lead The Investigation Things Get Even Worse When His Team Uncovers, Buried Beneath The Victim, The Skeletons Of Two Campers Whose Disappearance Had Baffled Police For Decades The Three Victims Injuries Seem To Be The Work Of The Same Killer, But That Is Impossible The Main Suspect In The Original Kidnappings Committed Suicide Twenty Four Years Ago When Yet Another Young Girl Disappears And Panic Begins To Spread, Patrik Leads A Desperate Manhunt To Track Down A Ruthless Serial Killer Before He Strikes Again. A great detective story from the Queen of Nordic noir, translated from Swedish The author has also been called Sweden s Agatha Christie The book is free standing but it s 2 in her 10 volume series featuring detective Patrick Hedstrom.The focus is on a crazy feuding family, descendants of a now deceased charismatic preacher who passed his healing ability on to his two sons The members of the family range from a wealthy accountant living on a big estate to trailer trash a morbidly obese woman with two 30 ish sons who live at home and live by robbing empty vacation cottages She spends all her time rearranging photo albums from the days when she was a beauty queen The blurbs call them a feuding clan of misfits, religious fanatics and criminals OK, that fits The immediate mystery is that the body of a young missing woman is found in a gorge in a scenic tourist area dumped off a cliff Beneath that body are two skeletons of young women missing from twenty four years ago The new body has been to
, , jork , , , 10 . This is the second book in this series by Swedish author Camilla L ckberg She seems to be one of those love her or hate her authors as her ratings veer between one and five stars at random Nevertheless I enjoyed this offering as much as the first book The Ice Princess Our main characters, Patrik and Erica, are back and this time it is Patrik s turn to take centre stage as Erica sits at home heavily pregnant during a heat wave I felt for her The story was excellent although I got a little lost at times regarding who was who and what their relationships were There were a lot of characters and they were all related The book also jumped around a lot from one person s perspective to another and occasionally I was forced to read back a
The bottom line the novel s premise is interesting, but I did not enjoy the book because of the sloppy writing a translation problem , the unsympathetic characters, and the shame on you dirty writers tricks Lackberg uses to keep readers from seeing or knowing what the characters see and know.I wrote a much longer version of this review for my blog, but the gist remains the same While the plot was interesting I did read all the way through to the end , it wasn t enough to overcome how annoyed I was by the rest of the book.The writing itself relies heavily on helping verbs, adverbs, and much so that I had to grit my teeth to finish the book I m not sure if these words just flow better in Swedish, or if perhaps the translator didn t lavish proper attention on this book The same translator also handled Stieg Larsson s books, and I don t remember having this problem with those books Whatever the outcome, the writing itself had me wanting to toss the book across the room I also had a hard time sympathizing wi
I so want to be able to give half star ratings I would give The Preacher a 4.5, for I enjoyed it very much I reserve 5 stars for my most favorite, fabulous, couldn t put it down books This one was close but not quite five. This is a follow up to the Ice Princess This is really like 3.5 stars, I marked it down from 4 stars because of the lack of Erica This character that took center stage in the last book was relegated to the pregnant girlfriend role and I hated it Her big story was having to deal with uninvited guests Ridiculous She seemed like part of the scenery I also didn t like how Anna was relegated to a few pages, it seemed like the author just didn t know what to do with her after her big drama in book one While I am still complaining, this book could have been 100 pages shorter because there was a lot of whining about the heat and a lot of back story about the suspects that was unnecessary, w
This is the first book I read from this author and gave me the best impressions I will definately read books of Mrs Lackberg M nh k t t c gi Camilla Lackberg t khi c ti u thuy t trinh th m C ng Ch a B ng c a b l t p u ti n trong series xoay quanh c p i nh i u tra Erica Falck v Patrik Hedstrom Cu n C ng Ch a B ng m nh c th y cu n h t thi t lu n, t nh hu ng d n t i cu c i u tra, c c ng c ng ch trong i s ng c nh n v i t p th v ng Fj llbacka c a Th y i n c mi u t r t l i cu n, s th t ph i b y th v a l nh g y v a au l ng, c i k t h p l , n n l khi th y Nh Nam xu t b n t p ti p theo trong series n y, m nh ph i l t t mua ngay v c Tuy nhi n, tr i nghi m c a m nh v i K T y N o l i kh ng c nh mong i B i c nh v n trong cu n n y ph i n i l kh h p d n x c ch t c a m t thi u n kh ng m nh v i che th n, c th c nhi u v t th ng do b h nh h li n t c trong nhi u ng y c ph t hi n Khe Vua, b n d i x c ch t, ng i ta o c 2 b x ng c a 2 thi u n kh c c ng b s t h i theo c ng c ch th c, nh ng th i gian l v o 20 n m tr c Nghe l ly k r i ha, v c th c 2 tr ng h p c 1 k th c ch u tr ch nhi m cho c c v n trong qu kh v hi n t i, hay l 1 k l hung th trong qu kh , 1 k kh c hi n
This is the second book in this series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first.The story centres on Patrik this time as Ericka is in the last stages of her pregnancy.The mystery revolves around a dead body which causes police to revisit the disappearance of two girls some twenty years earlier As the investigation proceeds it appears that a particular family are about to have a lot of skeletons emerge that they wou
The Preacher starts with a six year old boy finds the body of a woman Underneath it there are two skeletons, presumingly belonging to two young women who disappeared twenty years before Evil has returned to Fj llbacka maybe it has never left and Detective Patrik Hedstr m leads the investigation to find out who the perpetrator is Everything seems to point out to the Hults, family of religious fanatics and criminals, with an ongoing feud Then, another girl goes missing, and Patrik finds it imperative that whoever is responsible for all these crimes is found and brought to justice Especially because his girlfriend, Erica, is pregnant with their baby.I must say I liked this book better than The Ice Princess Mostly because I felt that The Preacher was focused on the aspects concerning the crimes There were some bits with Erica, of course, and they could be annoying Especially since she had a great difficulty in saying no to unexpected and unwanted guests Erica is eight months pregnant, is suffering with heat and weight, but still has trouble kicking unpleasant guests out of her own house Or keeping from inviting them in But despite this doormaty aspect of Erica s personality, she wasn t as annoying as in The Ice Princess Anna, Erica s young sister, also features, and we get to know that she still hasn t lea