Switch Bitch

Switch BitchAlternate Cover For ISBN 9780140041798The Visitor And Bitch Are Extracts From The Diaries Of The Notorious Oswald Hendryks Cornelius, Hedonist Beyond Compare Uncle Oswald S Exploits Are As Extraordinary As They Are Scandalous, As These Two Tales Of Sex And Intrigue Confirm In Vivid And Hilarious Detail The Delicious Thrill Of Sexual Expectation And Its Sometimes Maddening Effects Are Explored In The Great Switcheroo And The Last Act Here The Power Of Desire Is A Double Edged Sword, Both Pleasurable And Potentially Catastrophic Lust, Triumph, The Galling Deflation Of Defeat Roald Dahl Captures Them All In These Superbly Taut Black Comedies Of Human Weakness And Unexpected Reversal. What did I just read WHAT DID I JUST READ This was NO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory This was designed for a much, much older and maturer audience My eyes Scrub my eyes This is not the Dahl I remembered The Visitor Oh good Lawd Where to start Should I start with how this old pervy Uncle Oswald finds himself alone in the desert and is rescued by a fine Middle Eastern man who has a gorgeous wife and daughter and how the uncle couldn t decide which he d rather screw His host s wife or his host s barely legal daughter Or the fact that there was actual sex scenes Or how this was told in such a light hearted, la ti da fashion Made my skin crawl The Great Switcheroo Two neighbors go to great lengths to swap wives for one night They are terrible excuses for husbands they made sure that everything was the same height, weight, male genitalia, lovemaking techniques etc all so they could go swinging without their wives noticing Pretty sure that s still rape. The Last Act A widow, completely torn up and suicidal over the loss of her husband makes plans for her last day on earth Her children are grown and no longer need her She doesn t have anything to live for Yet She meets a charming doctor who was her friend from back in the day And things really start to look upfor a time why was this story written Bitch Annd we are back to pervy Uncle Oswald and his equally pervy scien
I don t think a lot of people realize this, but Roald Dahl was a crazy twisted motherfucker in the best way Naturally, he s best known for his children s stories, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, but what you may not know is that he wrote some adult s stories, including the ones in this volume of short stories, that are brilliantly, hilariously dark and fucked up.There is a collection of four stories in this volume They are very short, and my paperback copy runs to just over 140 pages This is not a book for children, unless you 1 Really, really hate your child2 Want to fuck them up by building up twisted ideals of love and friendship3 Have a lot of money for therapy4 Want your child to be sent home from school for molesting other childrenAlso, don t expect political correctness here You will get none This book pokes fun of other nationalities I have a powerful suspicion, though I hate to say it, that the Egyptians wash themselves less thoroughly than any other peoples in the
hey did you know that acclaimed children s author Roald Dahl also had a sideline in dark, pervy short stories for adults after reading several reviews of this book, it s clear that some people find this to be awfully disturbing my God, a children s author, capable of such things heaven forfend oh you silly humans with your hilarious way of looking at things although I shouldn t be judgmental back on Robot Planet, we have long moved beyond such rudimentary binary coding and perhaps you will too, eventually, post invasion it will be one of our mandates.Switch Bitch man, that title perfect is a quartet of thematically connected tales sex and sexuality are central to each of these stories particularly sex that is ambiguous or disguised or that happens for reasons beyond our intellectual control or for reasons that stem from our need for intellectual control Dahl is a clever writer, and although his cleverness and humor shine brightly well, darkly is probably appropriate , he also knows how to craft a beautiful description, an evocative turn of phrase, sentences that glide effortlessly into one other, a character that jumps off the page, a situation that intrigues and disturbs and surprises he s an artist with the prose even rather fussy at times, in his choice of details he s also a little dangerous, which should not shock fans of his kid s fiction he wants to make you laugh, sure, but he a
Switch Bitch is a collection of adult short stories published in Playboy in between 1965 and 1974 Those of you who are fans of politically correct literature and love Dahl for writings like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory can stop reading the review here, for it is not a children s book The stories have a strong underlying theme of misogyny, lewd humor and dark sadistic sexual fantasies, with stories about predatory seduction, revenge sex, wife swapping etc By now, you get the big picture.For instance, in the very first story The Visitor , we have Oswald Hendryks Cornelius stranded in Cairo when a Syrian businessman picks him up by the side of the road and offers him a room for the night in his desert mansion While there Oswald meets the man s wife and eighteen year old daughter, both of whom are extremely beautiful Oswald decides to repay his host s kindness by planning a tryst with the daughter And the beautiful Princess is imprisoned within its walls by her strict and jealous father, King Abdul Aziz, who refuses to allow her the pleasures of masculine company But watch out, for here comes Prince Oswald Cornelius to the rescue Unbeknownst to the King, he is going to ravish the beautiful Princess, and make her very happy .only to later settle down for seducing the wife There and then Prince Oswald Cornelius decided that he cared
Roald Dahl s short stories for adults are amazing, terrifying, creepy, disturbing, sexy, disgusting, morally bankrupt, and well written It s an entirely different side of the children s author, one that doesn t get enough exposure I mean,
These stories were great I had no idea Dahl wrote for adults but I m happy I came across some of his stories This is perfect for a quick, entertaining read if you aren t too easily offended This is not Roald Dahl of the children books This is the adult themed Roald Dahl Many people gave this collection of short stories 2 stars and less perhaps they executed YA themes and children stuff or they were shocked that an author like Mr Dahl would write some crude stories full of sex, lust, adultery, and misogyny The stories are well written, some have unexpected twists and some make you wonder an open ending We meet Uncle Oswald the world most famous fornicator and his 23 volumes of
Very misogynic, quite chauvinistic, mildly entertaining.Four very well written short stories about sex written by a man who very likely had some major mommy issues All four stories have something in common rape, that is perceived by the author protagonist rapist as deserved and mutually consented intimacy This man clearly has no idea how woman experience sexuality, or even how female anatomy functions This is by no means an explicit graphic novel, as most of the action is implied, however unless I missed some great irony about the book, I found it very strange It made me wonder whether most men in the generation of the 1950s were so ign
when i was nine years old i picked up a roald dahl from the school library that turned out to be Not For Kids and involved a woman murdering her husband by hitting him on the head with a frozen lamb shank, and then serving said lamb to the policeman who
Original pre read review, 4 15 2012 This does not sound like the Roald Dahl I remember Color me intrigued.After reading, 9 10 2013 So yeah, okay, this isn t the Roald Dahl I remember But somehow it is His style is all there the dry humor, creepiness, and gross out shock value all play a big part in these stories They re just not for kids any These four tales are all about sex, sex, SEX I was actually expecting them to be a bit titillating, but it turns out they re not explicit at all most of the action is implied and all the juicy bits happen offscreen These stories are highly dated, though This was published in the 1960 s, so I m not too surprised, but the attitudes towards sex and gender roles as portrayed here are definitely of another era All of the male characters are highly misogynistic, and that s at their best many of them are downright rapey Still, they all have twist endings and the men who have taken advantage of women in the stories typically have their plans backfire and get some punishment The Visitor 3 starsIntroduces the over the top hedonist and spider enthusiast but germophobic Oswald Hendryks Cornelius along with the story of one of his trysts This was probably my favorite of the collection Uncle Oswald is one of those people that would b