The Wooden Horse

The Wooden HorseBased On True Events In Which The Author, Calling Himself Peter, Was Involved, This Is The Story Of A Successful Escape From Stalag Luft III In German Occupied Poland, By British Prisoners Of War, During WWII.The Title Is Well Chose, For It Was By Means Of A Wooden Vaulting Horse That Eric Williams And His Two Companions Made Their Way Out Of The Captivity Of A German Prison Camp, Into Freedom.This Vaulting Horse Was Four Feet Six Inches High And Its Base Covered An Area Of Five Feet By Three Feet When It Was Carried Into The Courtyard The German Guards Thought It Was Simply A Vaulting Horse, Similar To That Used In Any Gymnasium.It Is True That The Prisoners Vaulted Over It But Unknown To The German Guards, Two Men Were Always Concealed Within The Horse And While The Prisoners Vaulted, These Two Men Were Busy Underground Burrowing A Tunnel.When S The Day S Work Was Over The Hole Was Boarded Up, Earth Placed Over The Boards, And The Horse With The Two Men Inside Taken Back Into The Camp This Work Of Tunnelling Went On For Several Months, Until The Tunnel Was Over 120 Feet Long And Extended Beyond The Barbed Wire Which Bounded The Camp. Wooden Horse is a fictionalized narration of the true events behind one of the most ingenious and daring escape made by POWs from a German prison camp during World War II Written by RAF Flight Lieutenant Eric Williams , who was one of the escapees this book is an absorbing narration of how perseverance, bravery and ingenuity helped the prisoners to break from a POW prison camp which was specially designed to be escape resistant Eric Williams was shot down over Germany in 1942 and was initially imprisoned in the Oflag XXI B prisoner of war camp in Occupied Poland A failed attempt at escape from that prison resulted in him being transferred to one of the most escape proof POW camps of the time, Stalag Luft III , the Luftwaffe run prison camp for captured airmen, in Zagan, Poland Those readers who are familiar with the Paul Brickhill book from 1950 or the 1963 Steve McQueen smash hit movie, both titled The Great Escape will remember Stalag Luft III as the infamous prison camp specifically designed to prevent prisoners from tunneling out of the camp with both na
My first escape story from a POW camp I loved it The ingenuity of it all Speaking with second world war veterans, they tell of amazing things the prisoners got up to and how they all felt it was their duty to try and escape. This is an intriguing story of the hardship, challenges and horror of WW II as prisoners in a camp try to escape The story is based on fact and is one to grab. I read a 1959 mass market paperback edition from Berkley Books In the introduction, it says that it s a special edition for teens.This is a fictionalized account of an escape from a prisoner of war camp run by the Germans, written by one of the escapees The camp is surrounded by barbed wire, and buildings inside the compound are placed on piles so that guards can see under the buildings It s hardly a prime location for POWs to build a tunnel, but build a tunnel they do The ingenuity of the prisoners, not just for the tunnel, but for other tasks, is inspiring The way the men deal with each other and the indignities and dangers of their imprisonment is interesting, as are the difficulties faced by the escapees as they try to get out of German controlled territory The story is well written The switch to the fictionalized format let the author insert points of view.I saw that a reviewer at said that la
There are two significantly different versions of this book Eric Williams original 1949 edition was written while military censorship was still in force, and is a simpler story, built around simpler characters.In the 1979 edition, Williams sets the records straight on particularly one event that was invented to make a better ending for the 1949 book The rest of the book is significantly revised and expanded, also, and the PoWs lang
Amazing story of life in a stalag and escaping from it Hogan s Heros isn t quite as far fetched as we might think Men can be amazing in their kindness to each other under adversity I am so glad that I decided to read this. One of the great escape books of all time about RAF flyers imprisoned in an infamous German POW camp during World War II. A daring tale of escape from the eyes of a British soldier in a German POW camp Told with a flowing style, underlying humor, and quick dialogue Good Book Very gripping story I enjoyed it. A fascinating read on prisoner of war life and the strong need to escape after all, that is the prisoners duty to escape And knowing that this is a true story made it all the interesting to me I love reading the survival stories of World War II I read from a 1950 printing