Come the Shadows

Come the Shadows Officer Will Harmon Lives A Comfortable Life In Campbell Creek, North Carolina, Where There Hasn T Been A Murder In Seventeen Years When Bones Are Discovered In The Old Bread Factory His Life Is Disrupted But The Body Only The Beginning Challenges, Threats, And Surprising Mysteries Are Coming And He Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect The Life He Loves Author Wendy Young brings mystery and murder to the town of Campbell Creek a small town outside of a major metropolitan area With this mystery she brings along a set of twists to the plot and brings people into the arena of the bad guys that you would never have seen coming.I enjoyed the writing style of Ms Young Her characters were very well developed The friendships, the love, the necessary relationships between family members was very well laid out and easy to understand Will and Laura are a wonderful couple who share in the joys of family and each other even after many, many years Ms Young was able to keep all the relationship in the book natural and real The plot was deep, and gave you several good twists Ms Young did a good job of thinking up how to make this book travel and how to incorporate a lot into it Her a
I really liked this book The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was that it was a little slow in the beginning for me I really started enjoying it after Laura Will s wife was introduced, I loved her character I liked Will, I just like reading about Women Especially strong women, and Laura had a strong character I liked the way she just took some things into her own hands And she loved and honored her husband but didn t let him rule her She had a mind of her own Another woman I liked was Jessa the ME and Will s sister she had this tough cuteness about her that was very likable.I also really liked the development of Will and Laura s marriage, their relationship was great I loved the talking and teasing back and forth It was like I was a fly on the wall They made a very cute couple A lot of books revolve around a coffee shop or diner or a bookstore This story has a Pie Shop I loved this idea I do hope Wendy develops this even in future books.I am not normally a
This novel takes place in a small town, Campbell Creek The main characters Will and Laura have a strong marriage which is a refreshing take on marriage in novels They work together to solve the mysteries of the towns developments which tie in beautifully to the first murder in Campbell Creek in years There is murder, co
I m an avid reader of detective fiction series, from Lillian Jackson Braun to J.D Robb, and I can say this is a series I will loyally follow It starts a bit slow, setting up all the strings and characters, but this novel
Very good mystery, really enjoyed it Looking forward to the next book in the series. Well, I enjoyed it and will recommend it to my friends The ending was a bit inconclusive but as there appears to be a sequel, perhaps the loose threads will be wound up. Wendy L Young s debut novel, Come the Shadows is the first installment of the Campbell Creek series The story is set in the small town of Campbell Creek, North Carolina which lies in the shadow of Wilmington It s a quiet close knit community that hasn t had a murder in seventeen years Until now.Officer Will Harmon goes to investigate the skeleton that is found at the long defunct bread factory His sister Jessica is the medical examiner and her examination of the remains leads to a conclusion of murder The sheriff has other ideas and reports the death as natural causes Jessica continues to pursue the murder investigation with the off the record help of her brother and his partner Ricky There are land developers in town buying up property, including the bread factory for a big, as yet undisclosed development As the neighbors start selling out rapidly, Laura, Will s wife, becomes concerned f
When you think of small town American, you often think of simplicity, friendships, and loving people In the small town of Campbell Creek, you will find each of these things, and so much After a dead body is discovered in an abandoned building, and the investigation is prematurely closed, a local police office proceeds to investigate the truth about the murd
Author Wendy Young showed an intricate plot with her book Come The Shadows I enjoyed this cozy mystery with it s whodunnit storyline that kept me wondering what was around the next corner The characters were well written and relatable and y
I enjoyed this book once it got going As another reviewer mentioned, it takes a little while to get into I think Ms Young could have jumped into the story a little quicker and then woven in about the characters as she went But as this book is the first in a series, she probably wanted to establish their personalities, etcAs soon as the main character s wife entered the picture, the story really picked up Great interplay and snappy dialogue I got a little turned around in the mystery, couldn t quite follow all the threads, but that might be because I was reading bits at a time, not all in one sitting Also, it mi