The Nighttime Cabin Thief

The Nighttime Cabin Thief A Thief Is On The Prowl At Camp Dakota The Campers Can T Find Their Favorite Things And They Re Starting To Accuse Each Other Of Stealing The Kids Set Out To Find The Culprit But The Truth Behind The Missing Stuff May Be Stranger Than Anyone Expected Can The Campers Track Down The Cabin Thief Or Will They Turn On Each Other First Look In The Back Of The Book For Experiments And To Help You Become A Science Detective Too When things go missing from the cabins of campers at Camp Dakota, the troublesome Braelin Walker is blamed, immediately As Braelin contests his quilt, campers are forced to look elsewhere for the guilty person Clues slowly lead the children to the culprit and all ends well The messages are many in this book as scientific fact is interspersed throughout the fictional text and readers walk away with both a moral and scientific lesson Great fo
1 27 2019 This graphic novel series set at a summer camp is packed with information about science topics 2 focuses on light There are 6 camper characters with 2 counselors One pair of twins is Hispanic, two brothers are Black, and the other two campers and both counselors are White I appreciate the visual diversity and the scientific information However, I felt that the characterization was very thin and the plot somewhat contrived The fact that this is a graphic novel loosely speaking, since it s only 46 pages long , though, trumps all Students will EAT IT UP.This volume raised two issues for me that book 1 didn t First, race In this volume, items are disappearing from campers cabins One of the White characters a girl abruptly blamed one of the Black characters a boy of being the thief She had no evidence, and several other characters took her word for the accusation I feel that this plot device reifies the white privilege that we often see in U.S culture, and as a purchaser of books for an elementary library, I have to be aware of the subtle and subconscious effect of these stereotypes On a related matter, is the issue of the inclusion of an alleged Dakota Sioux legend The use of this legend
1 I think this graphic novel is a great addition to any collection It speaks primarily to science, but also offers insight to what can happen as a result of false accusations The science portion of the novel is really neat, as it offers projects for the readers to experiment with themselves in order to learn about how light works 2 The layout of this novel would likely suit grades 3 6 best, as it is colorful and a pretty easy read I think incorporating this novel into a science project would
I was able to get a copy of the second book of the Summer Camp Science Mysteries just before printing A total of four books should be out this coming month for readers and classrooms to enjoy.The second book was just as good as the first This time the lesson is on light The experiments include making a periscope out of mirrors and milk cartons.The plot w
Number 2 in a series of short graphic novel mysteries about different scientific concepts other books in the series tackle matter, rocks, and adaptations I thought the story and the art were just okay, but these books could appeal to kids who are already interested in science I could also
An easy read Are graphic books considered a comic book It look and felt like I was reading one The story takes place at Camp Dakota Their is a thief among them and the blame goes to the trouble child Braelin Walker While learning science topic of light reflection it helps them to solve the m
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[Ebook] ↠ The Nighttime Cabin Thief  Author Lynda Beauregard –
  • Hardcover
  • 47 pages
  • The Nighttime Cabin Thief
  • Lynda Beauregard
  • English
  • 15 June 2018
  • 9780761356929