Mistresss Master (Men in Blue, #3)

Mistresss Master (Men in Blue, #3) Mistress Lily, Proprietress Of The Elite Black Lily Club, Battles Something Frightening Than The Dark Forces Of Her Own Desire SexOffender, A Potent Aphrodisiac Designer Drug With Terrifying Side Effects, Is Ripping Through The BDSM Community.Determined To Protect Her Charges, Lily Plays A Dangerous Game, Cozying Up To The Drug S Creator While Secretly Smuggling Victims To Safety It S A War She S Losing Until The Night She Spots An Undercover Cop At What Is Supposed To Be A Private Bash.Blind Luck Scored Jeremy Radisson The Break He Needed To Get Close To Morselli Gaining The Kingpin S Trust, Though, Means Revealing Parts Of His Past As A Legendary Dom And Teaming Up With A Woman Who Doesn T Have A Submissive Bone In Her Body, Yet Dominates His Every Fantasy.When Morselli Unexpectedly Changes The Rules, Lily And Jeremy Find Themselves Pitted Against Each Other In A Wicked Game Of Who S On Top Lily S Forced To Make A Desperate Choice To Prove Her Loyalty Jeremy Relies On Every Ounce Of His Power To Keep Her Safe Without Blowing Their Cover While Praying They Survive Long Enough To Find Out If She Ll Kneel For Him Forever Product WarningsBuckle Up This Book Is A One Way Ticket To Dir Tay Town Stops Along The Way Include Massive M Nage Village, Sex Machine Square And Fisting City What Else Would You Expect From An Experienced Mistress And The Master Who Tames Her I loved this book After reading the first two in the Men in Blue series I learned enough about Jeremy to know that I would Jeremy JRad Radisson is the resident computer geek, or so his brothers in blue believe But Jeremy has a secret He is Master Jeremy Radisson, a legend in the BDSM Community After and accident many years before, Jeremy questioned his ability to be a Master and left the scene and attempted to bury that part of his personality.until he meets Mistress Lily Mistress Lily, owner of the Black Lily, is wary of Master Jeremy since he is the only man that has ever made he want to submit and he will accept nothing less than her complete surrender Jeremy and Lily must work together to stop a horrible drug from being released to the masses Sex Offender is a drug the turns up arousal so high and makes it so powerful it can be lethal Watc
Originally posted at s Master is the third book in Jayne Rylon s Men in Blue Series and in this reader s opinion the best yet This tale will have you riveted with its nail biting suspense and overheating from its nuclear eroticism, and a happy ending that will leave you feeling completely fulfilled JRad, geeky computer detective turned badass Dom, Master Jeremy Radisson is the hero of Mistress s Master Jeremy is an alpha male in his purest form, he possesses an inherit sense of honor, confidence and conviction in his beliefs and is a natural born leader daring readers not to fall in love with him Jeremy is put through his paces in this story He goes undercover to infiltrate a dangerous sex slave operation and drug ring in order to bring the criminals to justice, has a boss who isn t exactly forthcoming with information and the need to protect the object of his dark fantasies, Mistress Lily Jeremy s character has suppressed his Dom personality, however this case has forced Jeremy to let his true identity loose and there is no going back Our hero has found his true mate who threatens his ironclad control and fires his lusts Can he make the illustrious Mistress Lily kneel before him, can he accept her Domme side and be supportive and will she let him Anything less than everything, is unacceptable Mistress Lily, the heroine of this story, is a complex character with so many facets that readers cannot help
NOT FOR THE TIMID, SQUEMISH, PRUDES or FAINT OF HEART..LOTS OF BDSM ELEMENTS I have to say that while this book pushed me past my BDSM comfort zone, I couldn t put it down because I HAD to know what happened with JRad and Lilybut isn t that a mark of a good book..to not be able to put it down even though it pushes your boundries I really hope we get a 4th Men in Blue book I want to see what happens with Matt, Clint and Jambrea TO SEE THE REST OF MY MISTRESS MASTER REVIEWVISI
Mistress s Master by Jayne RylonThis was another well written story by Ms Rylon that got my heart rate up and the fantasy screens playing in my mind This book tells of two strong and dominate individuals that come together to stop a destructive drug and the people behind it I wondered if the story could would prove to me that a Mistress in all things, could be submissive to one man and maintain her status as dominate in all else Lily s strength and control stem from her childhood and all that was inflected on her by a cruel father and an uncaring mother Her will is a fortress un breached, built over time and pain both mentally and physically This is what makes her so caring of her charges and all those that work for her She turns her control into a positive thing by helping others who crave the release only she can give She sees to their needs in all ways and understands their deepest wants and desires The trust and total adoration her subs show her is unmistakable throughout this book.Jeremy is the techno geek, that has hidden his dark dominate side from all until now and Lily She brings it all to the forefront simply by being herself, strong, elegant
4.5 stars This is not a typical erotic romance for me It had a highly engaging plot with some very hot sex and VERY strong elements of BDSM that I haven t really encountered in my previous reading It s a step away from my usual preference since Lily was a Domme Most books I ve read have always had a female sub She is a switch and Jeremy makes one yummy yummy master I have to say, with Lily being such an incredibly strong woman and a Domme, it makes her submission to Jeremy
Entertaining read with some moments of preaching amidst a suspense driven plot The pacing and scene jumps were awkward at times, but all the characters were enjoyable though the two evil characters were cartoonish in their depiction I d have rated the sto
I tried really hard to get into this book and I just couldn t The first two books in the series I liked but this one was just one long redundant sex scene I only ended up reading 65% of the book and since I still hadn t reached the story I gave up. This didn t really work for me I m not saying I wasn t riveted by the heat because Whoa Wow hot , but when jumping to conclusions and TSTL ish behavior broke my suspension of disbelief, I stopped caring about any of it and just wanted the story to be over quickly. O pior da s rie. Like the author but didn t like this book, too long and a bit too far fetched on the evil plot given the non sci fi genre leaving it with an over the top cartoon villain feel unfortunately.