Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers

Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial KillersA Renegade Criminal Profiler And Forensic Psychologist The Only Female Profiling Team In The Nation Have Teamed Up To Write The Most Useful Guide To Serial Killers Ever Created While Other Serial Killer Books Tend To Conceal The Clear Facts Behind Complex Technical Language And Psychobabble, This One Actually Tells It Like It Is Killing For Sport Will Intrigue You With Its Honest Portrayal Of The Predator Next Door How He Hunts For His Victims, Why He Likes To Torture Them, Where He Tends To Stash Their Bodies, And Movies Such As Silence Of The Lambs, Seven, American Psycho, And Many Others, Have Created Myths About Serial Killers That Need To Be Dispelled If You Think That Most Serial Killers Are Eccentric, White, Male Intellectuals Like Hannibal Lecter, Then You Had Better Read Killing For Sport To Learn The Truth The Our Society Is Informed About These Predators And What Really Goes On In Their Minds, The Equipped We Are To Protect Ourselves From Them With The Same Dark Wit That Gets People Who Work With The Criminally Insane Through Their Workday, Sinclair And Brown Speak Trankly About The Monsters Among Us Who Kill For Sport. I was born with the devil in me I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no than a poet can help the inspiration to sing H.H HolmesThe book is filled with quotes by serial killers and other people , which I found at times quite distracting In many places they even felt irrelevant I suppose they are there to help guide the reader into the mind of serial killers, and all in all I enjoyed them than the actual text by the author Had the book been called Quotes by serial killers I might have given it stars.I am not a fan of the style in which the writer presents the subject of the book There are several broad generalisations and her attempt to explain things in layman s terms simply comes off as talking down to the reader Most of the information in the book is so basic that anyone with any knowledge of serial killers is sure to be disappointed There is a limit as to how simply and painstakingly things need to be explained.The author states that she wants the reader to be offended In my opinion, at times it felt like the book concentrated too hard on trying to offend and left a lot to be desired in other areas The tone is in part humorous and the author explains it i
This is the kind of book that can only do harm than good I suppose there is no law dictating that a serious topic is deserving of a serious tone But in adopting a tone of flippancy, Brown is in danger of demeaning the very people she claims to be writing for the families of victims.Brown claims that it is her purpose to answer questions about serial killers with no fluff, no psychobabble, and no ego trips Well, there is no psychobabble.Alarm bells began to ring at the title Killing for Sport.Okay, she claims that the book is written as much as possible from the point of view of the predator But this simply does not ring true.All sport is competition with a knowing opponent One might get a kick out of the competition itself, or the victory An observer might find the whole spectacle entertaining But it is rather dubious to think the sportsman is entertained during competition Nor can we think of the victim as the opponent, as they are an unwitting and unwilling participant.The best analogy for serial killing must be hunting, where the object of the hunt is a hapless victim.There just is no evidence to suggest that serial killers are simply having a jolly jape of a time The psychotics are too out of touch with reality to be aware of what they re doing or why they re doing i
Shocking, compelling and at times deeply disturbing Killing for Sport is an eye opening view into the minds of serial killers Unlike other books on the subject Author Profiler Pat Brown simplifies the difficult to understand jargon and explains each aspect in common language Her book gives the reader a interesting look into the life of a profiler and the world of the serial killer Throughout her book Ms Brown makes use of actual quotes from well known serial killers, which adds to the jaw dropping reality of how incurably sick and dangerous such individuals are.The Author Pat Brown is a nationally known criminal profiler, television commentator, author, and founder and CEO of The Sexual Homicide Exchange and The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency Through The Sexual Homicide Exchange, Ms Brown offers pro bono criminal profiling and training for law enforcement She also provides profiling consultation to attorneys, families, and producers through The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency Ms Brown holds a Master s Degree in Cr
This is one of the most shallow, incoherent and rambling true crime books I ve ever read It is a muddy mess of very limited depth and seems to sum up or dismiss every point with flippant lightheartedness The author clearly has some problem with profiling, seeming to describe every profiling success that has ever been made as luck or chance Similarly, in answering the question Do the police ever use psychics , the author decides not to answer the question in a Straightforward manner, but embark upon a lengthy diatribe about why she thinks any and all psychics are fake This is a vanity novel with absolutely no merit or redeeming features, that seems to exist solely to allow the author rants like this.The book is framed in questions not actually asked by anybody, but she obviously needed a device, I suspect writing a fully formed book on this subject would be far too taxing , and is littered with irrelevant quotes from serial killers It s an odd way to present this information and it would take a far better author than Pat Brown to successfully pull it off.The writing style is patronising and the information given is extremely limited if you have ever red any true crime whatsoever, you will already know everything that is in this book this leads to the feeling that you are being talked down to at all times Any reader approaching this book hoping to learn something will be sorely disap
For some reason I was under the impression that I would learn something from this book.Can women be serial killers Yes.Are all killers men Nope.What is a serial killer Well, according to my research on Google, A serial killer is a person who has murdered three or people over a period of than a month, with down time a cooling off period between each of the murders According to this book, someone who s killed one or people Why Because if that person hadn t been caught, they would ve done it again.Why do murderers usually kill someone of their own race They usually kill what they know So, some white dude lives in a mostly white area Who does he kill Probably a white, because that s what he s surrounded by Do killers generally kill in areas they know Generally.Are most people killed by someone they know Yes.It s all the basics I haven t learned anything from this self proclaimed most valuable insight into the minds of serial killers you ll ever read that I couldn t have
Killing for Sport was a very enjoyable book Written by a profiler who knows quite a bit about serial killers and how they operate Reading the book was like having a QA with the author and killers both Ms Brown asked questions that we all wonder about regarding how these murderers do what they do, then goes on to answer them.The author tried to add light humor along with the information which at times I felt was in bad taste,
Brown demystifies the world of serial killers and profiling in a no jargon, no mumbo jumbo book Contains good tips for not becoming a crime victim A much easier read and informative in many ways than most books on profiling. It s the author s style and tone I disliked than the content Although the content was a little ho hum for people well versed in true crime. I m not a fan of this one She had some good points, but seemed bent on knocking the FBI and their methods through the whole thing it got a little old. Not as detailed as I expected If you already have a basic understanding of serial killers, this book is pretty much common knowledge.

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