The Prisoner of Cell 25

The Prisoner of Cell 25THE STORY I M ABOUT TO TELL YOU IS STRANGE VERY STRANGE IT S MY STORY To Everyone At Meridian High School, Michael Vey Is An Ordinary Fourteen Year But MIchael Is Anything But Ordinary In Fact, He S Electric.When Michael S Best Friends, Ostin Liss And Cheerleader Taylor Ridley, Make An Accidental Discovery, The Three Of Them Learn That There Are Other Kids With Similar Powers And That Someone, Or Some Thing, Is Hunting Them.After His Mother Is Kidnapped, Michael Will Have To Rely On His Wits, His Unique Power, And His Friends To Fight The Hunters, Find His Mother, And Save The Others. Oh, why why why why why why why why WHY did I read this horrible, cliche ridden book So I can give a bad review of it, that s why So, in brief, this book is about Michael Vey, a teenager that has electrical powers Here s the cliche part Michael Vey is a scrawny teen that s constantly bullied, his best friend s a nerdy loser, and the main girl in the story is the most popular and prettiest girl in school Oh, she s also a cheerleader Michael soon finds out that Taylor, aka most popular and prettiest cheerleader in school , also has electrical powers like he does What a co wink e dink how the hell do you spell that Right after they find out that they both have powers, Taylor says We should start a club I highly doubt a fifteen year old girl cheerleader would say something like that I swear, these kids act like they re in elementary school instead of high school Shortly after they meaning Michael, Taylor, and his best friend Ostin form the club, they find out that Taylor and Michael s power isn t as coincidental as they thought Someone is looking for them, and that someone kidnaps Michael s mother and Taylor on his birthday He sets out to find them The biggest issue I have on this book is the horrid writing We are talking about an adult, correct A twelve year old could write this book better.Example Taylor looked around She caught Zeus staring at her He looked away She thought he was cute. It was full of I said, she s
Michael Vey, The Prisoner of Cell 25, by Richard Paul Evans, is a fun fantasy with lots of funny and yes, stupid humor too It is not like the Alex Rider or Jason Steed series and maybe not quite as good The story lacks the emotion from the Jason Steed novels and the skill of Anthony Horowitz on the Alex Rider series It is about Michael and his best friend Ostin Ostin has his name because his mother mistakenly misspelled Austin, as in the Texas city Austin.Michael was born with powers that are due to an experiment gone horribly wrong at hospital he was born in Most of the babies born during a relatively short period of time died at or soon after their birth For those that survived, they all have some powers that seem to be related to electricity Michael s power is that he is like an electric eel and can shock people One thing that happened early on in the book is that his mother s car s battery was dead and he gave her car a jump start Ostin is the only one that knows about Michael s power other than his mother.Life at school is hard for Michael as he has to keep his power secret so he gets picked on and can t defend himself One day Michael is pushed too far and jolts a group pretty badly l
4.25 Golden Stars Again, another series with Hero s name as the title which I fell in love with the main character D j vu of my TOP favourite series many likable realistic characters awesome thrilling plot in our world with enough realistic amount of fun added to my favourite series Golden stars I totally enjoyed that Written style 5it was mostly in first person view, but yaaaay I loved it he was one funny, sarcastic cute narrator which reminded me of Percy Jackson Mr Vey, you cannot be stuffed into a locker without your consent Dallstrom said, which may be the dumbest thing ever said in a school plot 5except a few chapters was in 3rd person because of the plot need to be in 3rd person I was willing to read fast just to reach Michael again tho I ended up pause them in the middle because life had been calling but in general, it was funny, exciting action I couldn
I was asked by Left Bank Books to check out this book Man, I m glad they pointed it out to me Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25 was an unexpectedly good read for me I actually didn t read too much about the book, so all I knew going in was that it vaguely had to do with super powers.Michael Vey seems to be an ordinary 14 year old, but we find out in the first chapter that he has a hidden power To make matters worse, he has Tourette s, which makes him have the unfortunate habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and getting himself into trouble because of it His powers are a secret, however, so he is forced to suffer in silence When the prettiest girl in school approaches him, Michael realizes that maybe it s not so bad being him after all The two of them and Michael s best friend Ostin yes, his mother mispelled the name of the Texas capital band together to try to figure out the mysterious origin of their powers They discover deeply buried and explosive secrets pun completely i
so I actually really liked this book as a kid but the author has been accused by several authors including Ally Condie and Shannon Hale of sexual harassment and assault, and made some VERY shady comments about men s rights w
More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World YA Book Reviews Oh man Everything, just everything about this has me tingling up and down from excitement The Michael Vey series is one of my favorite summer reads and I m so upset that I have to wait for the sequel But hey, the wait is worth it I know people are saying that this book could be the next Harry Potter but I think it shouldn t be compared to Harry Potter, not dissing Michael Vey but this story and Harry Potter are great in their own way, why compare it with Harry Potter when it can just be Michael Vey, simple as that.I just finished this so I m jumping up and down with so many emotions So many questions You just can t even understand Well, reading is one of my favorite ways of getting out of my AP summer assignments and Michael Vey definitely kept me preoccupie
This was pretty good, just a bit childish I should have read it when I was younger and would have liked it better It really reminded me of Percy Jackson It started off so well Clich , yes too much like Percy Jackson, yes But it had potential.Too bad the characters couldn t pull it off.YA romance is filled with female MCs who have little to no personality a vessel into which girls and women can project themselves for a vicarious romantic fling Though for some reason it s never been quite as annoying, I ve noticed that many male MCs are beginning to have this characteristic, as well, as a vessel for a vicarious adventurous fling The only really interesting, defining thing about the character of Michael Vey himself is that he has Tourette s Syndrome Other than that I really don t know who he is except that he loves his mom Percy, anyone and that he has the power of electricity.Ostin like the Texas city, except that his mother can t spell is the requisite fat, nerdy, girl crazy best friend with no real rapport with Michael that I could see And Taylor is your omnipresent gorgeous cheerleader love un interest You have to applaud a girl who is controlling, rude, and manipulative in the best of times and a complete wimp in the worst of times, who still manages to get everyone to worship at her feet Oh, that s right She s beautiful Silly me.The latter third of the book devolved into both near impossibility and annoying clich Everything from the villain s face twisted in hatred to Taylor s and Michael s inevitable pairing at the end was almost embarrassing to read I gave
I am clearly not the target audience for this since I m not a middle high grades boy , yet I still found it sufficiently compelling If I had a middle high grades son, this would top the list of books I d want him to read.The MC is of lower socio economic status and has a mental disorder Tourette s that is not brushed aside as a cute quirk Well done, author There are multiple secondary eh, maybe tertiary characters of color, which is a step in the right direction, although some of the naming of them is questionable people of Asian descent are described explicitly as Chinese nearly every time.There are bullies but they receive some redemptive treatment in the end.The overriding theme of the story is pro equality the book lays out a nifty little X men style mutant gang whose tolerance and acceptance runs directly counter to broader a
The Michael Vey books have been hailed as the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games series Let me spare you the suspense they re not But that doesn t mean that it wasn t good I think if I were a middle schooler, especially a boy, I would eat these up They are quick, unique, vampire and werewolf free, and completely clean But for me as an adult, I wouldn t say I felt like I HAD to get back and finish it I feel like he has a unique and fresh take on a suspenseful YA novel, fun characters, and great ideas I just personally think his writing is incredibly basic and non descriptive I wanted to pull out my 6th grader s writing handbook and mail it to him so he could include some juicy words, or descriptive terms on the next go round The paragraphs go something like this Michael walked up the street He looked for the house He opened the door You get the picture There s no setting up of suspense The chapters a