Definitely Not Mr. Darcy

Definitely Not Mr. Darcy There S No Place For Pride In This Austen Misadventure Chloe Parker Was Born Two Centuries Too Late A Thirty Nine Year Old Divorced Mother, She Runs Her Own Antique Letterpress Business, Is A Lifelong Member Of The Jane Austen Society, And Gushes Over Everything Regency But Her Business Is Failing, Threatening Her Daughter S Future What S A Lady To Do Why, Audition For A Jane Austen Inspired TV Show Set In England, Of Course.What Chloe Thinks Is A Documentary Turns Out To Be A Reality Dating Show Set In 1812 Eight Women Are Competing To Snare Mr Wrightman, The Heir To A Gorgeous Estate, Along With A 100,000 Prize So Chloe Tosses Her Bonnet Into The Ring, Hoping To Transform From Stressed Out Midwest Mom To Genteel American Heiress And Win The Money With No Cell Phones, Indoor Plumbing, Or Deodorant To Be Found, She Must Tighten Her Corset And Flash Some Ankle To Beat Out Women Younger, Cutthroat, And Less Clumsy Than Herself But The Witty And Dashing Mr Wrightman Proves To Be A Prize Worth Winning, Even If It Means The Gloves Are Off As a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, this book came to my attention through our newsletter I got it through my local library and felt an immediate feeling of doubt when it arrived with the little heart sticker on the spine that indicates that it is part of the library s romance collection.I m no longer a young girl that thrills with romantic novels, but the Austen inspired plot pulled me into the book anyway There was an interesting twist the main character thinks she s going to England to enter a Jane Austen trivia contest for badly needed funds to salvage her failing business After she arrives, she learns that the show is actually a version of The Bachelor set in Regency times.I m guessing that the author is a bit of a Regency buff with a lot of otherwise useless trivia rattling around in her head, so putting it on paper in a novel rather than a text book was an innovative way of sharing that information Learning all of those things about life during the Regency period was actually my favorite part of this book Beyond that, I have to agree with the other negative reviews The 39 year old heroine acts like she s bi pol
A divorced, middle aged woman with a failing business, little girl, and fading dreams needs to catch a break, but is the prize money from winning her Mr Darcy really the way to do it Chloe Parker is about to find out when the Jane Austen documentary she thought she signed up for becomes another animal entirely She s a challenger to win the hand of the wealthy Mr Wrightman in a Reality TV show challenge Too bad her eye strays toward the wrong Mr Wrightman.I had a good time with this standalone chick lit The scenario of a game reality show with points for how well the ladies do at Regency Era accomplishments, deportment, fashion, and winning the eligible gentleman was too delicious for words Of course there was the requisite conniving mean girl type and a host of mishaps for Chloe as she fumbled and bumbled her way through as modern woman trying to adjust to living two hundred years in the past She does manage to catch the eye of both Wrightman brothers, but only the ineligible one for the prize stirs her.Chloe has been a dreamer and left looking for something most of her life She believes in romance, Mr Darcy, and the dream of living in a genteel Austenesque world, but the story shows her the stark reality when sh
I really wanted to like this book I mean I m a major Austenphile, so I rarely pass by a book based on them, and equally rarely find any of them worth reading But hope springs eternal so I keep trying The characters never quite grasped their roles and it was hard to see the scenery. This started out with a lot of potential, and then it ended up just being blah I enjoyed a lot of the historical detail because she describes a lot of things that are usually hard to imagine, like what a pelisse is or how ladies avoided getting their ballroom slippers muddy There was also a sort of charming sprinkling of Austen references at various moments But the real drive of the book the romance really dragged on and then culminated in a scene that kind of horrified me and then deflated into a sort of ridiculous ending where our heroine is idiotically mad at the leading man I HATE when they HATE the guy for a really stupid reason Hate it , until, finally she isn t mad any BLEHH Sorry I mean, I didn t hate this book But it became really disappointing after a very promising beginning.One other irritant was the lack of rational, plausible explanation for some of the groundwork The girls were voted for online each week, but the episodes didn t air until a few weeks after she leaves What It was really unclear how the filming was being relayed to the outside world and certain timing things were confusing I think the ending needed to be
I gave it 74 pages, and I think that s fair.It s a cute premise Austenite and single mom with money troubles Chloe Parker goes on a Regency themed reality dating show And I almost like the writing, but I just don t find it quite funny Real Austen fans may feel talked down to do you really need to explain that a joke about coming out of a lake with a wet shirt refers to Colin Firth in the BBC Pride and Prejudice To an Austen fan I think not.Plus, I just don t identify with Chloe, for reasons which I will present to you now in the form of a mocking impression Hiii, I m Chloe, and I love the Regency era and don t like the modern one I m kind of proud of knowing carriages better than cars and needing my eight year old daughter to handle the Internet for me Can t imagine why my letterpress business is doing badly, can you But surely going on this Jane Austen themed show will fix it I ll win the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars, and my whole life will be excellent Plus, living in authentic Regency conditions in England will be a dream come true What do you mean, I can t have my cell phone I NEED my cell phone What do you mean, this is a dating show I thought it was a documentary where we all did Jane Austen trivia contests I thought it w
Ahhh I was so dissatisfied with this book, especially the ending There was no character progression, until the very end, which felt forced and rushed The MC, Chloe is this confused and immature 39 year old woman who acts like shes an irresponsible 20 years old, and stays that way throughout Then all of a sudden at the end she s all I am woman hear me roar Anyway, she was not the brightest bulb in the bunch She was supposedly a die hard Austen fan, but couldn t recognize the most classic signs of a Wickham Willoughby Also, I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes at the dozens and dozens and DOZENS of references to revealing cleavage and tight breeches Seriously, we get it, the gowns were low cutwe get it, the pants were tightwe get it, the men were perfectly muscledWE GET IT Also, the worst thing was when a quite beautiful moment, which was an allusion to Mr Darcy s failed proposal ardent admiration and all that, every Darcy lover knows the line was ruined shortly afterword by some crass and crude reference to what Tight pants The ending felt incomplete and left me un sated spell checker is asking me if I mean nauseated , seems fitting
Please save me from the urge to read every Austenesque book that comes my way This one had way too many things going on and rarely were they things I want to read about The plot is not remotely believable for starters, Chloe is a single mother who prefers the ways of the past and is trying to save her business and raise her young daughter So she leaves America to be in an immersive historical documentary in the English countryside, which she has not really investigated well, and surprise turns out to be a Regency dating reality show.The narrative shows a real naivete about reality shows it seems unlikely Chloe would go through all this for a chance at money, but no other renumeration she has even paid for her own plane tickets There is too much yucky detail about Regency living one charcter s entire purpose in the book seems to be to teach the reader that women who were menstruating were locked into their bedrooms for days at a time I know this is what happened back then, but it would not happen to real women today on a show, when it happened back then they didn t complain, and wouldn t talk about it And the scene where the Chloe is filmed taking her first bath in a week after sweating, mud and horseback riding in water that has been used by 4 or 5 other ladies is similarly unnecessary, unbelievable, and silly She snubs at every turn the appropriate food being served, but rarely seems to make up a
I was extremely excited to receive my copy of Definitely Not Mr Darcy as a Goodreads giveaway It is a novel that I would have looked at in the bookstore, but may not have bought for myself My reasons for wanting to read it are purely self indulgent as a confirmed Jane Austin fanatic The novel, while referring to Austin s novels, is not a reboot or even a parody of the classic Austin novels we all know and love It is set in a modern day reality show, but with a twist the contestants must pretend like they are in the world of Jane Austin and everything is as authentic as possible, including bathing only once a week The reason I enjoyed this novel so much is not based on a complicated plot it s actually a pretty light read and the plot is somewhat predictable , but its homage to Austin and her work I enjoyed being on the inside of little jokes and references to her literary works Despite the predictable plot at least to me and the fact that at times I wanted to shake the main character because she couldn t work out things quick enough for me, I still found myself immer
Chloe Parker, a thirty nine year old divorced mother of one, is elated to be participating in a three week immersion documentary about Jane Austen A master at Jane Austen trivia and Regency etiquette, Chloe expects to win this competition and walk out with a 100,000 prize that will save her failing antique letterpress business and ensure that her daughter continues to receive the best education possible The only problem is.Chloe didn t sign on for a Jane Austen public television documentaryshe signed on to be contestant in a reality dating show titled How To Date Mr Darcy Even though Chloe is not thrilled by this unforeseen development, and thinks the whole idea is ludicrous, she decides to remain in the competition Who knows, maybe she will win the prize money and a man Chloe enters the Regency Marriage Arena prepared for all the elements of reality dating shows such as elimination ceremonies, group activities, a d one on one dat
Meet Chloe Parker She is a 39 year old, divorced mother of one running her own antique letterpress business in Chicago She also eats, sleeps, and breaths anything Jane Austen related She thinks she is going to be in a documentary competition where everyone is dressed in regency style and answers questions about Austen.Meet Mr Wrightman He is an elegible bachelor owning one of the largest estates in England He loves history, science, and bird watching Also, women constantly fall at his handsome feet wishing to be the object of his desire A friend of his helps him sort through the cleavage by creating a dating show where all regency customs and attire are followed to the letter.Chloe has no idea what she s in for until she lands on the set in the lavish English countryside If it weren t for the prize money that would help save her business, Chloe would leave for home in a rush of disgust and disappointment She decides to stay on the show filled with beautiful, talented 20 somethings with stubborn determination.Chloe discovers that it is not so easy being a woman of leisure in the 1800 s She finds needlepoint, riding sidesaddle, and breathing in corsets to be much harder than she originally thought What she wouldn t d