Everything Here Is Mine: An Unhelpful Guide to Cat Behavior

Everything Here Is Mine: An Unhelpful Guide to Cat BehaviorNo Dedicated Cat Owner Would Deny That Their Pet Is Extraordinary But What About Extraterrestrial Exposing The True Origin Of The Feline Species And Its Plan To Rule The World, Everything Here Is Mine Mixes Witty Observations, Unhelpful Advice And Illustrations, All From Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist Nicole Hollander. It seemed, at first glance, that I fit squarely into the target audience for this book I like cats, I like comic strips, and I like humor And it s not like my tastes are all that high class I still often find LOLcats funny But this book, alas, is not particularly funny I suppose I should have been somewhat cautious when I realized it was by the cartoonist behind Sylvia, which is often just a half step away from actual humor And thus it is with this book Parts of it such as the woman raised by cats or the mind games cats play are almost funny, which is in some ways disappointing than something that is all out unfunny And I think the worst part was that I could spot jokes I know other people would find funny I could imagine certain friends of mine laughing at various lines,
Funny light hearted cat stories Kinda cute Passed it on to my nurse at the hospital to enjoy. I love Sylvia I have all her books and follow her in newspapers She reminds me of me and lots of my friends. This made me laugh Being a cat owner my first cat was an angel, but my current cat this book shares all the comedic idiosyncrasies and craziness that is my life Food sampling, upset if the owner stays out late, overnight
I just finished reading Melydia s review of this book and I have to agree with it Almost, but not quite, funny in the way that works for me I did find the prose part funnier than the comics part But it made for a decent time killer when I couldn t sleep And the cat
This is not one of my favorite Hollander books, and in some places it gets a bit silly But it s good solid stuff, and an occasional vein of Hollander s sarcastic brilliance surfaces in the precisely right phrasing.The credits and acknowledgem
Hollander certainly understands cat behavior whether anything that you can suggest about cats is helpful is another question At least this book will provide most of us with a few laughs while our furniture is being shredded. You have to love Nicole Hollander and catsor you don t. If a lightweight cat humor book is too stupid to finish, well Seemed amusing back when I bought it But now that I go to read it not particularly Basically only skimmed a few passages, but not for me.

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  • Paperback
  • 135 pages
  • Everything Here Is Mine: An Unhelpful Guide to Cat Behavior
  • Nicole Hollander
  • English
  • 18 April 2019
  • 9781887166669