Take Control of TextExpander

Take Control of TextExpander Running TextExpander Is Like Embedding A Superhero Typist In Your Mac Read Take Control Of TextExpander To Learn How To Reply Faster If You Frequently Send Similar Bits Of Text Directions, Chunks Of Legal Writing, Bios, Product Descriptions, Company Names, Addresses, URLs, And So Forth Let TextExpander Quickly Type All That Text For You, Making It A Snap To Respond Quickly To Customer Questions Or Requests From Colleagues, And A Breeze To Send Other Routine Correspondence Dear Mom, I M Still Not Pregnant Love, Me Make Typing Exciting Discover How To Grab And Insert The URL In Your Browser S Frontmost Window Into Whatever You Re Writing, To Insert HTML Or CSS Tags In A Flash, To Automagically Add The Date To Filenames As You Save, And It S Like Having Another Set Of Fingers Type Accurately Find Out How To Add The Auto Correct Dictionary Groups From Smile And To Create Your Own Auto Correction Options, So You Ll Spend Less Time Fixing Common Typing Mistakes Or Going Red Faced When You Spot An Egregious Error Too Late Enjoy Life When You Let TextExpander Handle Your Routine Typing, Your Brain Will Be Free To Think Creatively About The Rest Of What You Type And You Just Might Knock Off Work A Little Sooner Some Days Specific Questions Answered In This Ebook Include How Do I Register My Demo Copy Of TextExpander And Buy A Family Pack What Are Some Common Uses Of TextExpander That I Can Try As I Learn How Do I Use TextExpander To Timestamp My Text Automatically How Can I Put The Clipboard Contents Into An Expanded Snippet How Can I Make A TextExpander Snippet That Expands Into A Fill In Form How Do I Work With Formatted Text And Pictures In Snippets How Do I Handle Capitalization And Snippet Expansions How Can I Get To TextExpander Quickly, And Hide It When I Don T Need It What Do I Do If I Can T Remember A Snippet S Expansion Abbreviation How Can I Edit My Snippets Quickly How Can I Quickly Insert Special Characters Like Smileys And Stars How Do I Insert A Snippet And Move The Insertion Point Into The Middle Of It How Do I Insert A Snippet Immediately After A Quotation Mark Or Bracket I Do A Lot Of CSS Coding TextExpander Sounds Great, But How Can I Leverage Someone Else S Work And Not Have To Create My Own Set Of CSS Expansions How Can I Invoke An AppleScript From Within A TextExpander Snippet Expansion, And Use The Result In My Snippet Highly useful book if you are new to TextExpander, like me, and want to get the most out of it.For 10 you get the PDF and free access to the epub and mobipocket versions of the book, plus free updates until the next major edition.Take Control has a couple of dozen useful looking ebooks for assorted Mac and iOS subjects.For what it s worth, I did not read the Kindle edition not even sure there is one but I read the PDF which I got directly from the publisher TidBITS website on my iP
If you own a Mac, get yourself TextExpander, Hazel, and 1Password Then, get the updated version of this book and start being much productive with less effort than it took you to be less productive before.