Death at Gallows Green (Robin Paige Victorian Mysteries, No. 2)

Death at Gallows Green (Robin Paige Victorian Mysteries, No. 2)In Death At Bishop S Keep, Kathryn Ardleigh Captured The Interest Of Detective Sir Charles Sheridan As They Solved Their First Case Together Now The Demise Of A Local Constable And The Disappearance Of A Child Have The Sleuthing Couple On The Trail Of Deadly Greed And Criminal Mischief Once Again And With The Help Of A Shy Woman Who Calls Herself Beatrix Potter, Kate Intends To Uncover The Sinister Secrets Of Gallows Green This was solid 3.5 stars.I really like Beatrice Potter as a side character, and I wasn t sure if I would I hope she sticks around.Mostly, I liked this I could have done without the subplot of everyone being or
3.5 stars There were at least a dozen typos and a missing sentence that made the protagonist the obvious killer of all the worst sentences to be missing She was told that a man has been killed and she responds with concern for his wife , Agnes Oops.A decent series, wh
These books really are great fun to read The mysteries even if a bit predictable at times are engaging, and the characters are delightful I like the rate at which the relationship between Kate and Sir Charles is developing not too fast, yet not at a snail s pace either.One thing I wasn t quite sure about regarding this series is the insertion of famous historical persons into the stories both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde had small roles in the first book, and Beatrix Potter in this one but, I ve been pleased to discover that thus far the device has worked quite well.I understand that Susan Wittig Albert one half of the husband and wife team who are Robin Paige also writes a series of mysteries
It s not in the murder mystery That part is kind of conventional Or a bit complicated Or just sheer unexciting Or all of the above Nothing to write home about But the charactersThe characters are extremely charming, delightful even well, the duck is anyway Spending time with them is like popping an opiate Whatever your pain is, it smooths it out, leaving you with a smile on your face and a warm and cuddly feeling in your gut Add some interesting and highly education
This was surprisingly slow to get going Not entirely sure why Although I was amused at the first appearance of Beatrix Potter in a book by Susan Wittig Albert I guess this was the foundation of the I was interested in reading this cozy mystery because Beatrix Potter was supposed to be a significant character and the cover shows a drawing of her rabbit and hedgehog It was disappointing that when the mystery got going, Beatrix catches a cold and has to stay out of the action I can t imagine what excuse the author could come up with for leaving her out So many books in this genre do the
It s interesting to see what real life people that fictional character Kate Ardleigh meets in her sleuthing adventures In this 2nd cozy Victorian mystery, she meets Beatrix Potter while she s away at a house party near Long Melford Kate invites shy young Bea and her menagerie of small animals to return with her and stay awhile at Bishop s Keep Thus Beatrix Potter fits seamlessly into the story line and aids Kate in her sleuthing Kathryn is an outspoken, independent, free thinking, non traditional Irish American who is still writing penny dreadfuls under the name of Beryl Bardwell She inherits her ancestral home, Bishop s Keep, after her aunt is murdered see book 1.Amelia, a servant at Bishop s Keep and Lawrence, a footman at Marsden Manor find the body of murdered Sergeant Arthur Oliver of the hamlet of Gallows Green in Mr McGregor s garden Mr McGregor is the local gameskeeper Police Constable Edward Laken and Oliver were childhood friends Laken calls upon his friend, Sir Charles Sheridan who is an amateur photographer, to take pictures of the scene of the crime Later, Sir Charles uses his burgeoning expertise in forensic criminology to make plaster casts of so
A most enjoyable lightweight cozy Kathryn Ardleigh is a pretty interesting compilation secret author of mystery penny dreadfuls written under the pseudonym Beryl Bardwell heiress and now mistress of Bishop s Keep, the Ardleigh estate, after the death of her Aunts a rather independent, outspoken, dare I say feminist American who has oftentimes attracted the disdainful, scandalized sniffs of the local elderly dowagers with her free wheeling dress and behaviour and an attractive, intelligent, very feminine young lady who has turned the eye of her acquaintance, Sir Charles Sheridan, a devotee of the burgeoning science of forensic criminology and a skilled amateur photographer.When Sergeant Arthur Oliver is murdered and the body is discovered in the field of a local gameskeeper, all the evidence points towards Oliver s involvement in a nefarious poaching ring But the local constable, Edward Laken, who holds an unrequited fondness for Oliver s widow in his heart and Sheridan Oliver s long time friend fee
This is an amazing series What I like about it is the characterizations The characters in the book are normal and well adjusted They are not written as super beings or incompetents Also, the atmosphere created in the series is well researched I ve not found modern outlooks being introduced taking me out of the Victorian setting of the books.In Death at Gallows Green, we are introduced to Beatrix Potter That in itself is delightful But, the manner in which she fits into the story is reasonable and not at all awkward The mystery concerns a family torn apart by a death Police corruption hampers the investigation But, this is when the wonderful characters Ms Paige creates come into play Their sense of duty and eye towards progress allows them to rise above those aspects of daily life that hold back others from achieving their full potential Death at Gallows Green is a wonderful story that is excellently written Tightly plotted,
Happily rereading this fine series starting from book 1 on kindle 4.5 stars rounded up, and I have the next one too and pondering getting the whole lot of them A favorite series that I enjoyed and it is long enough ago that I have mostly forgotten what will happen a few little glimmers surface.Book 2 starts with Kate Ardleigh moving forward from the unfortunate deaths of her two aunts, one beloved to her but both were family She is now a heiress, although raised in New York by an uncle after she was orphaned Sir Charles Sheridan, a connection of the neighboring manor, plays a prominent role in her current life.The Gallows Green death of the local con