Body Check (Harlequin Blaze, #458)

Body Check (Harlequin Blaze, #458)Hard Body Check Awesome Night In The Sack Potential Check Hayden Houston Is Breaking Out Of Her Good Girl Mode It S Time For A One Night Stand And She S Found Just The Man For The Job She Spent Her Childhood Being Dragged From Rink To Rink By Her Hockey Coach Father Now Hayden Craves Stability And She S Determined To Get It After This One Night When Hockey Star Brody Croft Sees The Sexy Brunette At The Bar, He S Riveted He S Ready To Shed His Bad Boy Ways And Settle Down And After A Mind Blowing Night In Bed With Hayden, He Knows She S The One Now All He Has To Do Is Convince Her I was in the mood for a really short, hot sports romance, and this one filled the bill perfectly I had forgotten how hot the Harlequin Blaze books can get, because at times this one bordered on the erotic It was a pretty steamy read about an Art History professor Hayden looking for a fling to spice up her stale love life before she settled down with Mr Safe and Boring, and a sexy, formerly bad boy hockey star Brody who was tired of a life of flings and was now looking for something fulfilling There were some tough times in the relationship, including the fact that Hayden s father who just so happened to be the owner of the team that Brody played for was implicated in a game fixing scandal, accused of having some players on his team throw the games, and then betting on the outcomes There were plenty of scorching moments between the H H as Brody tried to convince Hayden that their relationship was than a temporary thing based only on sex I enjoyed seeing Hayden realize that what she thought she wanted in a relationship was not what she really needed, and I was glad when she finally decided to give Brody a real chance Although for the life of me I don t know why she resisted so much Not only was this guy hot with a capital H , intelligent and fun, he was also eager to settle down and one day start a family, all the things that Hayden claimed to want T
This book was interesting enough to keep me entertained on this lazy Sunday and the eye candy at the cover didn t hurt I didn t like the fact that Hayden s relationship with her former boyfriend wasn t really over before she got envolved w
I love hockey and I liked Elle Kennedy s Samhain offerings, so I figured the odds were good for this book.Hayden Houston is a professor of art history at UC Berkley in Chicago to support her father through an acrimonious divorce While in town, she meets a friend at a bar and together they scheme to get her a one night stand.Brody Croft is a pro hockey player shooting pool, minding his own business, when Hayden hit on him and surprises him with an invite back to her place Surprised and delighted that she s not only not a hockey groupie, but utterly ignorant of hockey entirely, he s immediately smitten After all, a woman after the man and not the player is a rare find.But Hayden wants it to stay a one night deal and slips away without leaving her number.This being Romancelandia, it turns out Hayden s father owns the team Brody plays for and Hayden and Brody meet again.I thought the romance between Hayden and Brody was nice Brody enjoyed the intelligent conversations he could have with Hayden, and she enjoyed his forthrightness and comfortable sexuality, which contrasts with her reserved art historian boyfriend back home they were on a break so I wouldn t call this cheating, YMMV After a childhood traveling constantly with her hockey coach father, I thought her reluctance to forge a meaningful relationship with a ever traveling player was understand
4 4 stars Contemporary Sports RomanceThis is a fast, light, and fun sports romance about a hotshot hockey star and a miss prim and proper art history professor engaging in some hot off the rink, between the sheets action It s a Harlequin Blaze, so expect a short read with romance on the steamy side Brody Croft is a total hunk with all the trimmings he s sexy, tender, romantic, sweet, caring, supportive, and fun The relationship between Brody and Hayden develops at a nice pace from a spicy fli
dnf 40% . Hayden has returned to Chicago to stand by her father s side while he goes through his divorce, desperate to bridge the gap that has formed over the years The years when hockey took over everything and took her father away from her On a break from her current love interest, Hayden isn t looking for anything serious, just a chance to let out some steam and reliever her body of some tension but when Brody enters the bar all of that is about to change.Hockey star, Brody Croft is tired of the endless supply of women For the first time he wants something that is than just a one night or a fame seeking gold digger He knew Hayden was that woman, he just didn t know how to make her see it.When things become complicated one night stand turned fling, bribery and criminal investigations Hayden and Brody are put in the line of fire when their relationship complicates things, leaving these two new lovers to figure out how to navigate their feelings.I have been a fan of Elle Kennedy since I read The Deal and I am sort of becoming a whore for Hockey themed romances As much as I love the super alpha heroes, I sometimes find myself drawn to the nice guy hero And although Brody was alpha, he was nice He was that guy who instantly knew he was tired of just meaningless sex, that he wanted I loved that he stood by and allowed Hayden to have her rules, not pushing too hard.A sexy
Pretty good little story, especially for a Harlequin The heroine is an Art History professor who hooks up with a professional hockey player for a one night stand that turns into something The funny thing is, she doesn t like hockey because her dad owns the hero s hockey team and made her travel all the time while she was growing up when he used to be a coach I thought it was funny that a girl who didn t like hockey fell in love with a pro hockey play
Let s just say the plot, the flow, and the characters didn t work for me and leave it at that. 3.75 Stars 2.75 3 StarsMeh, this didn t feel like an Elle Kennedy book to me.