The Practical Psychic

The Practical Psychic Do You Have Psychic Potential Do You Possess Gifts That You Fail To Recognize Can You Really Learn To Develop And Use These Abilities The Answer To All Three Questions Is Yes You Were Born Psychic You May Not Have A Crystal Ball, But You Can Learn How To Recognize Your Innate Ability And Apply It Practically To Your Everyday Life.Through Her Work As The Only Psychic To Ever Work With FBI, Noreen Renier Has Helped Lead Law Enforcement Authorities, Crime Victims, And Distressed Families To Answers That Experience, Combined With Her No Nonsense Approach That Includes Helpful Exercises And Meditations, Will Help You Understand And Develop Your Unique Skills Without Any Hocus Pocus.This Book Takes The Mystery And Doubt Out Of Psychic Phenomena So You Can Develop And Use These Abilities To Enrich Your Everyday Life. The Practical PsychicAuthor Noreen RenierPublisher Adams Media A division of F W Media, Inc ISBN 13 978 1 4405 0623 9The author of The Practical Psychic is Noreen Renier, a psychic detective and one of the few psychics to ever lecture at the FBI academy Ms Renier s book is built upon the premise that everyone is psychic to some degree and with training can increase his or her sensitivity to psychic phenomenon.If there were such a course as Psychic Skills 101, The Practical Psychic would be the primer for the course Through exercise after exercise the book teaches you how to build your own awareness of intuition and psychic skills within yourself.The book is broken into many pertinent sections including an introduction on why psychic abilities matter A key point the author makes in this section is that while she and most other people don t understand how electricity works it doesn t stop us from taking full advantage of the benefits it offers She points out the same should be true of psychic abilities, we don t have to understand how they work in order to take advantage of the many benefits they bring us She then points out that many inventors, artists and even sta
I give it three and a half starsIt was pretty helpful in some areas for me and not so much in othersIf you are interested in using your psychic abilities for forensic and legal purposesThan you would enjoy this bo
Noreen is inspiring to listen to in interviews and no doubt the real deal, but is not a writer Provides some good guidance essentially develop your ability to focus, visualize, and notice details but style is painful to read. Nothing wrong with the writing, but I m psychic enough to know I ll never be psychic. Enjoyable and easy to read Although it is not an in depth book.

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  • Paperback
  • 247 pages
  • The Practical Psychic
  • Noreen Renier
  • English
  • 23 May 2019
  • 9781440506239