Have We No Rights?

Have We No Rights?Have We No Rights Is An Interesting And Informative Book By Mabel Williamson, Who Shows The Difference Between Suffering Hardships And Suffering The Infringement Of One S Rights Have We No Rights Is Pound For Pound Is One Of The Best Books Available To Equip Missionaries With The Right Mindset And Heart For Serving God Overseas This Book Should Be A Must Read For All Mission Agencies Sending People Out The Biggest Cause Of Failure Overseas Is People Problems Missionaries Who Read This Book And Take It To Heart Will Be Enabled To Accomplish Much Spiritual Work In Have We No Rights Mabel Williamson Teaches That Abel Williamson Says That Every Truly Consecrated Christian Must Be Willing To Give Up The Right To The Normal Comforts Of Life, To Physical Health And Safety, To The Privacy Of Business, And To Time, Friends, Romance, Family, And Home Mabel Williamson Was An American Missionary To China Who Served Under The Auspices Of The China Inland Mission, Later Known As The Overseas Missionary Fellowship She Wrote A Thesis For Wheaton College The Indigenous Church In The New Testament And Its Relation To The Missionary In 1952, And Is Best Known For Her Book Have We No Rights. Very short book on living the Christian life in relation to others When Jesus said to die to ourselves and pick up our crosses daily to follow him, I think this is what he meant. This book is a much needed paradigm shift for anyone going into ministry the book is intended for those going to the mission field, but the truths it contains are essential for any church planter or church leader Those of us who minister are called to be servants, which means laying aside what we tend to think of as our rights, which in our flesh we will not allow to be taken from us We must instead fol
He is the One who has all the rights and who is always right. Excellent and convicting She shared a very balance view and not a cookie cutter this is how you should live view. This book about the rights of missionaries is seriously dated It was written by an American missionary to China with China Inland Missions First published in 1957, you see a picture of missions in China that is quite different to the average mission field today That said, the principles remain sound Ms Williamson speaks of rights missionaries need to give up in order to serve the Lord effectively in a foreign country the right to a normal standard of living and safeguards to good health, to privacy, a normal romance and home life, to choose the people I live and work with, the right to run my ministry my way My experience in missions in Taiwan and New Zealand roughly 30 to 60 years after this book was written has not demanded a giving up of rights to nearly the same degree as Miss Williamson experienced Indeed, today many new missionaries are so concerned about their families that t
I read this in one sitting It is written in such a way that challenges your current view on mission work The author uses scripture to point out common misconceptions and mistakes of missionaries Only once or twice could I tell it was written 60 years ago It is very relevant and has given me a better understanding of what my missionary friends experience.It has also challenged me to assess how I view mission work and how much work God has to do in my heart bef
In Have We No Rights Mabel Williamson discusses the rights of missionaries through the telling of stories from the mission field Some of the rights she addresses are standard of living, health, privacy, time, romance, and the right to make your own choices It is puzzling to peek into this other world of missionaries and missions boards and wonder why they do things that way It is dated and perhaps that is one of the reasons it w
A small book nearly 60 years old yet with a message and advice fresh and spiritually challenging to today s cross cultural workers It is packed with real life examples which for the most part are relevant for modern times The examples that are d
Very helpful consideration of the need to have a correct theology of missions.This book does not pretend to speak to every issue that a missionary may face in regards to interpersonal relationships and personal privations, but wher
I have read this book several times as it was first an assigned book while I was in college It is old school but there are many good points to consider especially for missionaries Reading it 20 plus years after college and after a few years on the mission field, I see it as a bit legalis

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