The Fried Twinkie Manifesto

The Fried Twinkie Manifesto Whether Solving Biblical Foreskin Mysteries, Having His Head Split Open By A Crowbar Wielding Man Named Thor Or Getting Busted For Pickpocketing In A Remote Mexican Desert, Ryan Moehring Reveals In His Debut Collection Of Stories And Essays, The Fried Twinkie Manifesto, That His Irreverent Wit And Capacity For Uncovering Nuggets Of Insight From The Rubble Of The Mundane Make Him One Of Humor S Most Promising Newcomers While Maintaining A Voice Unmistakably His Own, Moehring Evokes The Wild Imagination Of Tom Robbins, The Soul Of Sedaris, And The Wisdom Of Vonnegut Though Readers Will Often Than Not Find Themselves Laughing Out Loud, Moehring S Eye For The Profound And His Unyielding Honesty Ensure That They Are Just As Likely To Cry Or Cringe. This is a nice collection of humorous essays, written by a guy who s seen and done all the sorts of stuff I should have seen and done before I married, had kids, and got old and crotchety.Highlights include a loving tribute to an unforgettable grandfather how to outsmart a bully some hilarious and touching confessions about old memories stirred up by Facebook friends mastering meditation to join the Fraternal Order of Enlightened Ones Booya I did it in a day, and it took you six years of sitting under a tree In your face, Buddha speculation as to what the biblical King Saul may have done with his foreskin collection and my absolute favorite, which concerns God being too concerned about Gay Day at Disney World to stop a tsunami headed for Thailand here are some excerpts from the conversation between God and Gabriel GABRIEL Lord, now that we ve only got forty five minutes before the tsunami starts claiming its victims, isn t it about time you started inflicting your wrath on earth s homosexuals GOD That s the spirit, boy I knew you had it in you God rolled up the camouflaged sleeves of his robe, turned his Everything is Bigger in Heaven baseball cap backwards, and spoke the holy incantation of queer destruction In the blink of an eye, a massive, mile wide tornado dropped to the ground in the middle of a farming community in central Nebraska, destroying everything in its path Barns were leveled, cows were flung through the air, and a family of four was killed when th
The Fried Twinkie Manifesto had me both laughing out loud and crying The stories ranged from childhood adventures, to those about being an adult Many of the stories I could personally relate to or I knew someone who went through something similar But Ryan Moehring was able to articulate the humor and horror for those experiences far better and funnier than I ever could have Ryan has a very witty voice, and under the layers of all the humor lays a deeper understanding of what all
Blegh Not a good writer No coherent thoughts or feel Mysogynistic comments at times when he s trying to be funny Super bummed to read this Skip this author and read Dave Hill or Sedaris if you want funny essays. I won this book from GoodReads and was excited to read it It is hilarious I actually found myself laughing out loud I will definitely be reading by Moehring. I picked this up because I like memoirs and I liked the title Straightforward autobiographical essays are interspersed with satirical pieces that tend to strike one note and hold it overly long Moehring has been compared to David Sedaris, and I guess Sedaris also writes some satirical fiction, although I prefer his autobiographical essays As far as comparisons go, Moehring reminds me of Josh Hanagarne The World s Strongest Librarian , for hi
This book, and the author specifically, got increasingly obnoxious the I read I really just paged through the last half Less David Sedaris than conventional White Bro with tired cliche ideas about life The unfunny story he had rejected from The Onion and st
Some of these short stories are laugh aloud funny Most are amusing and fun I think that Ryan Moehring aspires to be David Sedaris and he has some of those qualities but he s not there yet I do recommend the book. Very much enjoyed this memoir Reads like a casual conversation in a bar with a friend who always has a good story to tell Many times I laughed aloud, and I wonder if the author will try his hand at fiction. I gave this a fair shot I read through three chapters and 25% of the book Nothing about it was funny and I just can t waste my time when there are so many books I want to read I m glad I got this one for free. The Fried Twinkie Manifesto is absolutely hilarious, and incredibly thoughtful Be warned you will laugh so hard you ll be in tears, and then you will cry because you ll be so moved by the lessons illustrated through this collection of short stories.

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