PETER AND THE WEREWOLVES For Fans Of J.K Rowling The HARRY POTTER Series , Darren Shan CIRQUE DU FREAK , R.L Stine The GOOSEBUMPS Series , And Stephen King IT And Ray Bradbury SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES Volume Two In The PETER AND THE VAMPIRES Series Peter And His Best Friend Dill Survived The Last Book Barely Intact But Along The Way, Peter Discovered There S A Centuries Old Curse On His Family He Just Has No Idea What It Is, Or How It Got There Peter S Grandfather Is The Only Person Who Knows, But He S Not Telling In This Volume, Peter Encounters Another Chilling Gallery Of Villains And Monsters, Including A Band Of Murderous Mannequins That Roam The Local Mall At Night A Psychotic Group Of Trick Or Treaters Who Not Only Rob Peter Of His Halloween Haul, But Then Come To His House, Demanding Something Far Worse A Carnival Run By A Group Of Evil Sideshow Freaks Who Keep A Ghastly Secret In Their Hall Of Mirrors And A Trio Of College Frat Boys Who Want To Use Our Hero In A Horrific Rite Of Initiation.The PETER AND THE VAMPIRES Series Is For Teens And Adults Who, When They Were Kids, Were Looking For Stories That Kicked Butt The Protagonist Might Be Young, But The Stories Are Dark, Funny, And Edge Of Your Seat Suspenseful.PETER AND THE WEREWOLVES Is The Second In An Ongoing Series That Includes PETER AND THE VAMPIRES Volume 1 And PETER AND THE FRANKENSTEIN Volume 3 This Book Is 112,000 Words 320 Pages And Contains Some Mild Language, Violence, And Scary Situations. Again this book is broken into two short stories.PETER AND THE CARNIVAL OF EVILOK, I admit it Before I read this story, I refused to go to carnivals or fairs For exactly the reasons in the first story Exactly I never trusted them Of course an other book I once read The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury may have had a lot to do with that, but this confirms my theory Carnivals cannot be trusted.I believe Peter and Dill will agree, if they manage to find Grandfather and escape with their lives.PETER AND THE WEREWOLVESBeth has the boys totally under her control on Thanksgiving All Dill s fault, and Peter s mother is enjoying every minute Peter is worried this will not end well He may be right this time, as Grandfather stayed at home, stating he had work to do And Grandfather had promptly disappeared into his library Which is one of the rooms he had strictly forbidden Peter to enter.When the boys find a way to escape they took it My 10 year old self can see uh ohs better
I absolutely love these books I stumbled upon them when getting a free one from bookbub, or freebooksy I know they are written for a youngish audience, but I don t care They read swiftly and yet with a lot of heart There is plenty of mystery and fun in these pages The characters are well thought out and come to life on the p
I love this author s work It is just what the doctor ordered The books are written for 10 14 year old I think but I loved them, they are funny and the characters come to life for me I m going to read all 7 or 8 books in the series. Just as good as the first one Happy Reading much darker and violent than the first volume still great fun, though the cliffhanger at the end is really well done. xcellent book, excellent cliffhanger, full of thrills, chills, spills, and many brilliantly grotesque situations I started reading the series from book 1 By far this has been my favorite Just could not put it down. EXCELLENT read for families and kids Loved it Such a creepy funny book.