Sex in the Heartland

Sex in the HeartlandSex In The Heartland Is The Story Of The Sexual Revolution In A Small University Town In The Quintessential Heartland State Of Kansas Bypassing The Oft Told Tales Of Radicals And Revolutionaries On Either Coast, Beth Bailey Argues That The Revolution Was Forged In Towns And Cities Alike, As Ordinary People Struggled Over The Boundaries Of Public And Private Sexual Behavior In Postwar America.Bailey Fundamentally Challenges Contemporary Perceptions Of The Revolution As Simply A Triumph Of Free Love And Gay Lib Rather, She Explores The Long Term And Mainstream Changes In American Society, Beginning In The Economic And Social Dislocations Of World War II And The Explosion Of Mass Media And Communication, Which Aided And Abetted The Sexual Upheaval Of The 1960s Focusing On Lawrence, Kansas, We Discover The Intricacies And Depth Of A Transformation That Was Nurtured At The Grass Roots.Americans Used The Concept Of Revolution To Make Sense Of Social And Sexual Changes As They Lived Through Them Everything From The Birth Control Pill And Counterculture To Civil Rights, Was Conflated Into The Revolution, An Accessible But Deceptive Simplification, Too Easy To Both Glorify And Vilify Bailey Untangles The Radically Different Origins, Intentions, And Outcomes Of These Events To Help Us Understand Their Roles And Meanings For Sex In Contemporary America She Argues That The Sexual Revolution Challenged And Partially Overturned A System Of Sexual Controls Based On Oppression, Inequality, And Exploitation, And Created New Models Of Sex And Gender Relations That Have Shaped Our Society In Powerful And Positive Ways. Beth Bailey is an amazing historian Sure, it s about in loco parentis and panty raids than actual sex but so were the early 60s For Beth Bailey, the sexual revolution was not one, but many Its fundamental processes were not particular to the nation s cosmopolitan enclaves Its challenges to America s sexual codes were not imposed on the nation by fringe radicals It was forged in America s heartland as well, shaped not only by committed revolutionaries but by people who had absolutely no intention of abetting a revolution in sex Adding the heartland to our stories of the sexual revolution changes its meaning this revolution was thoroughly of America p 3 What state is thoroughly of America than Kansas And Lawrence, home to the University of Kansas, is where Bailey s heartland battles of the sexual revolution were most widely engaged and most visible to the rest of the state Yet, the social cultural historian does not intend this localized study to be representative of America s experience Her multi layered narrative based on a diverse set of local and national sources, including periodicals, government and university records, personal interviews and archives, instead argues that Lawrence s revolution is specific to itself, as were the revolutions across America And by turning to the experiences of one Midwestern university t
I m reading this because, well, I bought it and I should finish it But, it is exceedingly boring, given the topic Her basic premise is to explore the precursors to the sixties sexual revolution by focusing on what was happening in Kansas She wants to show that the sexual revolution was not really a revolution all and that it didn t just happen on the right and left coasts OK Not a bad concept, right You would think Bailey ma
An adequate description of the sexual revolution in the 1960s Focuses primarily on Kansas, which limits its scope to fully understand the radical movements in big cities that this period was famous for A strong read though, and a goo
Not nearly as good as Front Porch To Back Seat Again, chronological and factual, but a little dull It s fairly easy to read, but nothing particularly exciting jumps out and it s not because of the time period This is the book that inspired my paper on student parietals in loco parentis at the University of Alabama Good stuff Thoroughly researched, very well written, and absolutely fascinating. While some of the chapters in this book are repetitive, it gives a pretty good overview of sex race relations in the U.S and a history of reproductive rights. Had to read it in college but it s actually really interesting if you want something slightly academic but really informative about the sexual revolution in of all places Kansas

[Epub] Sex in the Heartland By Beth L. Bailey –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Sex in the Heartland
  • Beth L. Bailey
  • English
  • 03 March 2019
  • 9780674009745