The Empty Space Between Stars

The Empty Space Between Stars The Suspensekeep S The Reader Wanting Then Deliver S Writer S DigestWhile Looking For Emergency Candles During The Throes Of A New Hampshire Blizzard, 15 Year Old Zoey Johansen Pokes Her Head Into The Chill Of Her Father S Attic And Finds An Innocuous Storage Container Alone And Curious, She Begins To Open A Pandora S Box Spilling The Secrets Behind Her Mother S Undeniable Burden Of Sadness, Her Father S Addiction To Odd Tattoos, And Ultimately The Mysterious Empty Spaces Between Them All She S Never Been Able To Find Home An Only Child And The Product Of Long Divorced Parents Who D Escaped To Opposite Coasts, Zoey Is Lost Even The Family Photograph Framed In Their California Den Looks Bogus Zoey Gnawing Her Lower Lip, Standing Rigid And Apart From Her Stepfather And Vulgar Stepbrothers, Her Mother S Strained Attempt At A Manufactured Family For Naught Almost On A Whim Really To Avoid A Dreadful Vacation With Her Synthetic Family Zoey Escapes California To Visit Her Biological Father For The First Time In Years But Instead Of Being The Dad She Needs, He Instead Asks Her If She Would Simply Pretend To Be His Niece Soon Stuck In An Ice Locked New Hampshire Town With An Emotionally Bankrupt Man Unwilling And Unable To Fill His Role, She All But Succumbs To The Realization That She Is Just As Rudderless Here As She Is There Until A Blizzard Rolls In, A Storage Box Opens, And The Empty Space Between Stars Like A Dark And Scabbing Wound Closes Reviews I Read This In One Day And Loved It The Characters Felt Real, Like People We All Know And Zoey Is A Great Main Character, Full Of Attitude But Hiding Deep Loneliness And Insecurity The Last Couple Chapters Had Me Crying My Eyes Out Wonderful Book, Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful My Daughters Both Read This Before Me, And I D Listen To Them Talking About It So I Thought I D Give It A Shot I Can T Recommend It Enough I Don T Read Nearly As Much A They Do, But If Novels Were Like This I Think I Would Something I Will Probably Even Re Read One Of These Days Sean Conway Takes His Time In Telling This Casually Paced Story In A Good Way Of A Teen Returning To Visit Her Father In New Hampshire The Dad S A Bit Of A Self Involved Jerk, To Say The Least The Very First Night She S There, He Leaves Her To Go On A Date He Hasn T Seen His Daughter In 2 Years Plus, He Doesn T Want His Date To Know He Has A Kid Even Though He S Like 40 , So He Gets Her To Agree To Say She S His Niece Visiting They Spend A Lot Of Time Hanging Around Dive Bars, Where She Gets Hit On By Creeps One Night She Has To Drive Them Home Because He S Too Hammered Even Though She S 15 And Obviously Doesn T Have A License The Trick After All That Is Sean Conway Is Still Able To Make The Dad Someone We Can Empathize With, Maybe Even Root For By The End Well, Maybe Not Root For But We End Up Caring About All These Characters In A Deep Way A Poignant Story, The Author Gives Us Beautiful, Real Characters That Are Subtly Developed In A Story With A Twist That Will Take Your Breath Away A Great Read. smelled pretty bad if you ask me First off I won this as a First Reads giveaway so here is my honest review The book it s self is a great story, but the main characters to me were unlikeable until 3 4 the way thru the book I understand why they are like they are, because of what happened in the past, but I still did not care for them until after they changed I loved the side characters Great description, almost felt like I was in that stinky apartment.And I love the texture of the book Weird thing to like but true All
I just have to say that I hate quick endings or endings that leave the reader to imagine the ending, and this was close I really felt Zoey s pain, along with her Mom and Dad too I could really connect because In some ways my own life has played out similar, so the characters were spot on in their choices. not meaning bad or good, but how someone would if they had a survived a horrible tragedy I nearly cried so many times T
My second giveaway book My favorite thing about this book was the incredible description of, well, everything The scenes and people are described vividly and thoroughly, putting the reader directly into whatever s going on I ll admit that it took a page or two to get used to the resulting marathon sentences, but to me it really worked for the story and the development of the characters The characters were completely believable and didn t seem overly trope ish or anything I deve
All I have to is the ending is supperr depressing be ready.. This seems very suspenseful i thought it was pretty good until it offered me expired chicken like holy moley i cannot believe this even had the guts to even think about that hlylyylyllblglblbglbglb hi Amazing 3.5