Blood and Ice

Blood and IceRobert Masello , Bloat is increase in size without corresponding increase in density I feel a little unfair characterizing Blood and Ice as bloated, because Masello clearly put in some serious research time on Antarctica and the Crimean War and photography and mountain climbing andBut Unless you want to read lengthy descriptions of frozen terrain or the rotting limbs of wounded brigadiers, about half the words in this book can be skipped And the ones that you are left with aren t that great There are some interesting ideas, but the characters just aren t very interesting and the plot
, , , 130 , , , Ugh Great, wonderful idea but BAD execution This story suffered from some serious plot pacing and character problems which made this book a chore to read When a book is still, on page 300, setting up atmosphere and introductory relationships Really I mean, come on The book could have used some serious editing I like lush prose as much as the next person read quite a bit , but not every single character action and thought needs to be described in meticulous detail I don t need to know every detail, all the time, of what the character is wearing, their inner thought process, what the wall looks like, the sound of their shoes on the metal hallwayespecially when the author keeps repeating the same basic details over and over again.The characters were completely lackluster, as well The only thing we get to know about the main character is that he has long, black hair
Alrighty then Where to start My dad lived in Antarctica for around a year, a few years before I was born All I know about it can be summed up pretty succinctly It s really cold it s really dry 6 months of darkness, followed by 6 months of light give or take Its stupidly hard to spellThat s about it I mean, there are other things, now that I think about it Penguins live there It s an actual continent, you know, with land and stuff under all that ice So my dad would always tell me these stories when I was a kid about it He was a military guy and did his part to run the base to support the scientists that were working there He said they d play these games where they d run outside naked and see who could stay there the longest before having to go back in, some game that involved frozen piss, everything else revolved around getting drunk He told me recently that he d read this book and that it contained the most accurate description of what the conditions were like there, what they were actually like, that he d ever read He went on and on about it As someone who is always looking for
Completely unputdownable So this book has sat on its shelf for several months as I have become totally bored by the whole vampire werewolf subject, I decided to give it a go yesterday and couldn t put it downseriously, you know its a good read when you are cooking cleaning brushing teeth driving whilst carrying this book pressed right up to your face Ok so not driving by 2.00am this morning and after telling myself ok, just one chapter about 3,678 times I finally gave in to sleep The only reason I m not finishing the book now is because I m sitting in work, thinking about the book and writing this review about it This is not your ordinary run of the mill vampire story, if you open this book expecting to be regaled with tales of heartache between hero type vampires, sexy werewolves and a selfish moody teenage girl who for some unfathomable reason is irresistable to the entire human and supernatural race Ahemdetect Twilightesque undertones here Wellyou may aswell stop reading before you start It is not wall to wall vampirismsand in fact, you should read this book simply expecting to read a great story and forget the vampire thing altogether This may not suit those looking for a quick trashy vampire romance novel as it is slightly sophisticated.It is so refreshing to see a completely different take on a truly overdone subject matter Blood and Ice is two completely contrasting stor
Michael Wilde has the chance of a lifetime to go to Antarctica as a photojournalist He has many adventures and photo opportunities until he makes the biggest discovery of his career While scuba diving in the ocean beneath Antarctica, he sees a woman frozen in the ice A huge block of ice is cut around her and she is brought to the surface and put in a huge tank in order to melt the ice The group of scientists leave her unattended while the ice melts However when they return, the ice has melted, and Sleeping Beauty as they are calling her has disappeared.This is a great adventure reminescent of Matt Reilly and James Rollins with a very surprising paranormal twist The author has obviously researched the climate of the Antarctic and the special needs of anyone spending even the littlest tim
I won this book at a bookspotcentral giveaway.Anyway I could resist to start reading the book immediately and I didn t regret.About the bookThe title makes good in his promise There is a lot of ice because most of the story takes place in the present Antarctica And there is blood We find a lot but it is important.There are two story lines which converge after a while One takes place in the middle of the 19th century We follow cavalry officer Sinclair Copley and the nurse Eleanor Ames.The other takes place in present days There is troubled Journalist Michael Wilde.The book is a great mix of different genres You find history, science, action, love and mystery Based on his marvelous prose Robert Masello spins a georgeous story I didn t want to put down the book Beside the fascinating story you learn a lot about the Antarctica and also about the Crimean War I was thinking whether to give 4 or 5 stars last year I would have given 5 stars But in the meantime my criteria c
The first half of the book was a 4 Well written, exciting, well paced However, the second half turned into a 2 when the vampire weird science fiction theme emerged I found the ending very disappointing and I felt duped that such a good beginning could fall so short of its earlier promise. I definitely made a bad choice when I decided to read this book Yuk. Love Enchained Through Time In 1856 the HM Brig Coventry, tossing in a wild maelstrom is thought to be cursed by two unwanted passengers When an unusual bottle of wine is found by one of the crew members, the captain is hailed and warned that Mr and Mrs Copley are of evil nature To save the ship from plummeting down to Davy Jones Locker, Sinclair and Eleanor Copley are bound in iron chains and with their sea chest of strange wine bottles, are tossed overboard to drown in icy seas In present day Antarctica young wilderness photographer Michael Wilde is on location to shoot some underwater photographs for Eco Travel magazine He has a two month pass to work with researchers and scientists assisting with various projects of weather, wildlife and the natural habit conditions at the South Pole While diving beneath the polar ice cap with high hopes of stunning photographs, Michael unearths an antique bottle of what appears to be Madeira Putting the old bottle in his scavenger sack and swimming further, he finds an entire sea chest of them, and nearby, within a sunken iceberg, the haunting face of a beautiful woman Thinking his oxygen level must be affecting his coherency, he resurfaces topside to inform the crew of what he thinks he saw Armed with ice cutting equipment and additional oxygen, Michael and another researcher dive again beneath the frigid waters and uncover the find of a