Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band

Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band When A Jazz Loving Rooster Sets His Sights On Winning A Barnyard Talent Show, He Realizes He Can T Do It As A Solo Act He S Up Against The Talents Of Mules Davis S Cool Duo And Ella Finchgerald S Singing Group.Colorful Artwork From Artist Tim Bowers Ensures This Story Doesn T Miss A Beat A Glossary Of Musical Terms And Intruments Rounds Out This Perfect Introduction To Jazz For Young Readers. This has quickly become a bedtime favorite in our household The rhythm and clever word choice of the story flows easy off the tongue, and my kids love the playful, creative characters The story also has a great message about having confidence and believing in yourself. A rhyming tale about a rooster who starts a jazz band What I liked most is that all the animals are named after a famous musician Duke Ellington, Ella Finchgerald, etc There s a glossary in the back that explains who each animal is named after as
If you have an appreciation for music and especially jazz and the history of jazz this is a great book There is a timeline in the back of the book taking the big milestones and mentioning some of the musicians This book could spark the interest of students The story itself is entertaining even thro
Ha ha ha Okay, so I read an excellent children s book that I recommend for anyone to read, especially if you love farm animals and music The Acoustic Rooster wanted to be a star so he practiced all summer on his guitar He knew that Farmer held a talent contest every year to find the best farm band there is The story is told in rhymed poetry as the rooster goes around talking to other animals to see if he can join their band Thelonious Monkey s crew, Mules Davis, Ella Finchgerald, Duck Ellington, Bee Holiday, Poncho Ernesto Cruz the percussion pig that the other animals decided to call Pork Chop I had NO idea I d learn so much about music from this book Thank you, Kwame Alexander There is a page that has Acoustic Rooster s Jazz Glossary and it has Musical Vocabulary such as terms like Riff, a repeated phrase or pattern in jazz music, and Bebop, a style of instrumental jazz that features a fast tempo and a lot of improvisation It s also known as bop And several other types are listed and defined, which is very educational for children and evidently some adultsme There is also a page that titled Musicians, Characters, and Music that tells about the allusions in the book B
Acoustic Rooster is a fun book with colorful illustrations and plenty of musical jargon to introduce the kids to There is also plenty of rhyming words for the kids to point out and have fun with They could play a musical cooperation game to the tune of jazz music by some of the artists slyfully mentioned in the book as having animal mon
Inspired by Kwame Alexander s Newbery win, I checked out his webpage and discovered he also wrote this picture book Super fun Skye I like how it referenced jazz people I don t know I want to learn about them now Felix I liked the music Good read aloud Music, jazz, instruments, famous musicians, play on words with names name puns , farm animals, talent show Similar farm animal talent show theme as Dooby Dooby Moo by Doreen Cronin but with historical educational content and references. This is just a delight to read The illustrations just pop and the parents in storytime will get a chuckle out of the Barnyard Jazz greats. Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band.I m actually a jazz guitarist, pianist, vocalist, and trumpeter myself, so I was thrilled to find Kwame Alexander and Tim Bowers work My 3 year old niece has repeatedly asked me to read her this book She loves the barn and cows in the background She always remembers that Duck Ellington is Rooster s cousin She attentively listens as I stop to explain some of the musical terms, such as trio, scat, baby grand, pianist, gig, percussion, bebop, bossa nova, encore, and riff I mimic some of the instruments and musical forms, and sing the title The Hen from Ipanema I don t think she fully understands the details, but the story is brief and entertaining, and every time I read it, she wonders if Mules Davis is going to win the talent sho
Following a jazzy rhyme scheme, Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band finds Acoustic Rooster looking to join and then build a band to compete in the farm s annual band talent show With illustrations that jump off the page, Acoustic Rooster is a fun read that incorporates pun driven names for other musical artists in the book based on real jazz artists of the past Kwame Alexander also includes a great deal of factual information in the back, including a musical instrument

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  • Hardcover
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  • Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band
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  • English
  • 13 December 2018
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