Amy and Isabelle

Amy and IsabelleIsabelle Lives With The Shame Of Her Past And Amy, Her Daughter, Frustrated By Her Quiet And Unemotional Mother, Embarks Upon An Illicit Love Affair With Her Teacher They Remain In Silent Conflict Until A Final Act Brings Rational Closure To Them Both. Loved Loved Loved.I m already a huge Strout fan and I ve been meaning to go back and read this, her first novel I m so glad I did A sure sign of 5 stars for me is when I can hardly read fast enough to devour the writing storytelling characters while at the same time never wanting it to end That was me this morning.Strout fans will recognize the sense of longing and loneliness in her characters, themes she has continued to explore in her recent works I was captivated by the mother daughter dynamic which propels this novel She writes from both perspectives with such honesty and integrity that I was convinced I was in both women s minds Even astonishing especially for a first novel , Strout brilliantly introduces and brings to life a host of ancillary characters who populate this small New England town.I am so impressed that she keeps the central storyline movin
UN GUSTO SUPERIORE Si passa da un inverno con cielo plumbeo e pesante che anche a mezzogiorno immerge le camere nel buio, a un estate in cui la citt sembra avvolta da una garza sudicia che ricaccia indietro qualsiasi raggio di sole il trionfo dell assenza di colore.A meno che non si voglia chiamare colore il marrone del fiume che attraversa la citt , con la schiuma giallastra sulle sponde, e il forte odore di zolfo nell aria.Elisabeth Shue Isabelle e Hanna Hall Amy nel TV movie omonimo del 2001.Su uno sfondo del genere, difficile che caratteri personalit e comportamenti umani siano netti distinti brillanti, che abbiano risalto individuale e infatti vige e regna il rimuginio, pi dei discorsi contano le parole non dette, trattenute, pensate, conta il flusso di pensieri grigi e avvolti in quella garza sudicia.Ma quando la neve si scioglie, arriva la primavera e per un breve periodo il verde e i colori dei fiori spiccano anche tra qualche umano sboccia una primavera, nasce il desiderio, Amy non rimane inerte Si consuma il fatto, comincia l estate, esplode quel caldo che
It s an excruciatingly hot hot crops aren t growing Amy and her mother Isabelle are working together at the local Mill Factory, in New England, doing office work The mill ladies each have their concerns stress and secretsand sorrows One lady is having an affair Another is fighting canceranother is very out spoken about too much Amy becomes entangled in a sticky position with her substitute teacher one that will jeopardize a smooth free flowing relationship with her mother Isabelle is single and socially awkward, and sometimes downright embarrassing, whereas Amy is much confident in who she is It s not like Amy has lots of friends but she does have one close friend Stacy a girl whom she shares rebellious acts This novel gets inside women s headsAt its core it s a complex story about a mother and daughterand how secrets are damaging..but it s also about how women connect to other women Weaknesses are exposed.Realistic in nature
An excellent novel The characters feel real, their emotions cleverly eked out and the social observations are sharp Isabelle Goodrow moved to Shirley Falls with her baby daughter, Amy, 15 years earlier She moved there to start afresh, knowing no one The story is told by Isabelle Amy during a stifling hot summer in this small New England town Isabelle has a secretarial job in the office of the town mill, she keeps her distance from her colleagues and she has a misguided crush on her boss Her interactions with others is stilted and awkward Amy and her only friend Stacy, meet before school and at breaks to smoke in the woods She is a quiet, withdrawn student interested in literature and poetry She becomes aware and confused by sexual feelings, when relief teacher Mr Robertson joins the school There were some awkward moments in the story
NO SPOILERS A ruminative story about loneliness, missed opportunities, envy, yearning, and hope set against a small, sad town in New England, Amy and Isabelle focuses on the emotionally complex relationship between an unassuming mother and her reticent teenage daughter Amy is the obedient, respectful daughter until she becomes involved with her 40 something substitute math teacher When Isabelle finds out, mother and daughter find their relationship suddenly strained and tense Seemingly for the first time, Amy feels deep resentment, even hatred, toward her mother, and surprisingly, Isabelle realizes she feels similarly toward Amy Strout organized the narrative into two sections, with one focusing on Isabelle and the other on Amy This can work very nicely, allowing each character to become properly fleshed out, and that happens here Isabelle and Amy are both multi dimensional, with complicated feelings, mainly their vulnerabilities and respective disappointments, coloring everyday goings on What doesn t work so well is Isabelle s story it has less spark than Amy s Where Amy s is scandalous and bold, Isabelle s is limp and depressed Each character s story mainly unfolds in the settings they spend the most time in For Isabelle, this is a secretarial job in a mill For Amy, this is in the local high school and all that concerns the school There s not much of interest to say about a workaday secretarial job, to be frank A high school, thoughthere s l
I find it somewhat obscene that this was a debut. Closely observed and nuanced One of the best books about a mother daughter relationship I ve read Loneliness, isolation, and betrayal are the themes explored I was often uncomfortable reading parts of this novel because the hunger of these characters to belong makes for heartbreaking moments I wor
Yes this reads like a soap opera, how else could you hope to portray life in a small New England mill town It s pretty typical, everyone knows everyone s business, social hierarchies are rigid and all outsiders are suspect Timeline is the 70 s but it could just as easily be taking place today In her debut novel Strout shows herself a master at building multi layered characters, warts and all Amy is a shy, insecure and socially inept teen the perfect target for a sexual predator Enter the math teacher, the account of his seduction methods are really chilling this is one manipulative SOB you ll want to kill slowly and painfully Isabelle s character is probably the most interesting Personal secretary to the boss, she s disdainful of her fellow mill workers, but being a single mom is herself excluded from the town s white collar elite And she has her own demons to contend with, self induced loneliness compounded by the realization that her
This was Elizabeth Strout s debut novel, and it s remarkable to see how assured her voice already is Her trademark ability to document the trials and tribulations of ordinary people is in full flight here, marking her out as a singular talent, long before she went on to win a Pulitzer.This story focuses on Isabelle, a single mother in the small American town of Shirley Falls, and her sixteen year old daughter Amy Isabelle is self conscious and lonely, isolating herself from her co workers at the drab office where she works Amy is awkward and shy but she is starting to become aware of her own sexuality We realise early on that their relationship is fraught something major has occurred in the recent past which has had a profound effect on both of them And now Amy has been offered a summer job at the same office as her mother, so they will spend every waking minute together The weeks that follow will change their lives forever.The thing I like most about Elizabeth Strout s writing is the way she examines the everyday obstacles that we all encounter All of the people in this novel have some private burden to carry, an overwhelming regret or longing that keeps them awake at night They lean on one another for comfort and s
Heartbreakingly real, beautifully written, the relationships in this book will stay with me This was an intense read and I am filled with both hope and despair for all of these women A delicate but steely line separates us from joy and can only occasionally be broken, but with a quick flip of the wrist that same line separates us from fear My favorite aha moment of the book Isabelle decides

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