Stay Organized and Get Things Done

Stay Organized and Get Things Done Organization Productivity Success And Confidence Introducing Stay Organized And Get Things Done The Sock Puppet School Of Business The Vook That Explains Step By Step How To Get And Stay Organized Once And For All This Is Not Your Typical Stuffy Business Guide Prepare To Laugh And Learn Download It Now With This Vook, You Ll Learn Proven Strategies For Establishing And Maintaining Organization In Your Life, From Determining Your Current Level Of Organization To Managing Your Belongings And Accounts First You Ll Learn How To Conquer Your Greatest Adversaries Clutter And Procrastination Then You Ll Learn How To Formulate A Plan To Implement Your Organizational Techniques, How To Re Wire Your Thought Patterns To Approach Situations Efficiently, And How To Establish A List Of Tasks Finally, You Ll Explore Ways To Manage Task Follow Through, Use Technology In Order To Increase Organization, And Discover Solutions For Managing All Of Your Office S Paper Tips, Case Studies And Lighthearted Video Demonstrations Featuring Sock Puppets Provide Humor And Added Dimension To This One Of A Kind Guide. I think I found a new career write free ebooks on organizing that include information most people already know even if they re completely disorganized Ok, that was harsh because there were some parts of this ebook that were a bit helpful This was a very quick read, but I think they re hoping to have a sequel The last paragraph to paraphrase 1 go buy a ton of filing supplies 2 Create a name for big file number 1 and then put the little files with names into the big file 3 Repeat Now you re organized The End yes, the end of the whole book I thought I was missing a few pages
Free kindle download Short read with effective suggestions but nothing new This is great for someone just starting out on the road to organization or for the person that has lost their way However, this doesn t have much substance to help the person already organized. Quick, short book I feel like I m fairly organized so this wasn t extremely helpful to me, however, if you lack any organizational tactics then this will probably be pretty beneficial I liked how it was laid out formatted. A practical prescriptionA well designed roadmap to go from the disorganised regime to its neighbour, the organised regime The book encourages the reader to undertake this difficult transition, by breaking the process down to small, simple steps that are easy to execute. Short but I didn t learn anything I didn t already know Okay, first a disclaimer this is a vook it supposedly has some audio video enhancements to the e book, but I read it on my Kindle, which can t access any of these extras I have no idea if I missed anything or not It appeared that I got all of the text.Also, in fairness to the book, I m really not the target audience, because I m already pretty organized I like being organized, and I m always happy to learn new techniques However, I didn t get any with this book.Most of this was very basic common sense advice things like clearing clutter and making to do lists If it wasn t so short, I wouldn t have bothered to finish it There were also a number of typos I ll forgive them in a better book, but with this one, I couldn t help feeling as if I could have written a better, useful book on the same subject It was free, so I didn t lose anything but my time I wouldn t pay for this If it s still free, and you have absolutely no organizational skills at all, it
This is Vook book, which I ve to come to understand as a quick read summarizing a few key points for a given subject I m already fairly well organized, and as such, was not the target audience for this eBook, but I was looking for a few new tips, especially around managing paper files I found very little new information and the stats that were quoted seldom had refe
BasicsThis book reminds us that mindset is still 90% of the battle Good starting point for us clutter monsters Logical