Confessions of a Bookseller

Confessions of a Bookseller Sallanda Sally Myers Struggles With Doubts About Her Looks, Her Intelligence, And Her Self Worth Sally Has Just Graduated From A Prestigious West Coast University However, She Has No Idea What She Wants To Do Next She Has No Job And No Prospects Of One.Sally S Best Friend Denisha, Who Is Goal Oriented And Accomplished Is Offered A Career Position In Balti, MD After Urging From Denisha, Sally Accompanies Her To Balti To Keep Her Company While Sally Gets Her Life Together Shortly After Arrival In Balti, Sally Picks Up A Job Application From A Big Bookstore Chain Called Broken Spines And Fills Out The Application In A Fit Of Depression After Watching Denisha Leave For Her First Day Of Work To Her Surprise, She Is Offered A Position As A Bookseller What Happens Next Is A Journey That Sally Never Expected, Filled With Quirky Fellow Booksellers, Even Quirkier Customers And Love Interest Can A Pop Culture Obsessed Self Described Slacker Find Meaning In Her Life As A Bookseller Only Sally Knows Where This Path Will Take Her. Meh..needed something fluffy for Christmas vacation..should have picked a Nora Roberts The title tricked me a bit. The title drew me into this one However, if I had known it was one of those lovey dovey books I probably would not have elected to read it The main character, Sally, is the product of a 16 yr olds first love She was raised mostly by her grandparents, who have spoiled her, although to her credit she doesn t act the part most kids would in this situation And she feels mega contempt for her mother Sally has a few issues with her self image, never has met her father, graduates from a prestigious school in California, moves to Balti with her best friend, who has a job, finds a job in a book store and makes a bad choice in men, which you can predict what the outcome will be She eventually meets her father and makes the right choice of the man I was screaming at her
One of those rainy day books you can read in an afternoon Just an easy read without the need to analyze anything Reminds me of Something Blue. terrible Pick up a copy of Vogue instead I gave it one star for funny lingo.