Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding

Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding Although The Much Satirized Image Of A House Overflowing With National Geographics And Infested With Cats May Make Us Chuckle, The Reality Of Compulsive Hoarding Is No Laughing Matter The Most Common Reason For Evictions In The US And A Significant Risk Factor For Fatal House Fires, Compulsive Hoarding Is A Treatable Condition Related To Obsessive Compulsive Disorder It Is Characterized By The Acquisition Of Possessions That Have Little Or No Value, Which The Sufferer, Often Referred To As The Saver, Has Great Difficulty Discarding This Book, The First Ever Written For Savers And Their Families, Provides An Overview Of Compulsive Hoarding And How It Relates To Obsessive Compulsive Disorder It Discusses Hoarding Broadly, Offering Readers Perspectives On The Physical, Behavioral, And Value Oriented Aspects Of The Condition You Can Use Its Assessment Tools To Help Decide Why You Or Your Loved One Hoards Skill Building Exercises Help You Determine How To Beat The Hoarding Problem By Addressing Issues That Often Underlie Compulsive Saving Even Though This Is Fundamentally A Self Help Book, It Contains A Frank Discussion About The Need For Professional Help In Some Hoarding Cases, How To Find It, And What Medications Have Been Proven Effective For Savers. I loved this book insightful and full engrossing stuff This book stands in for a therapist and tries to help the reader hoarder understand their self harming ways of thinking before offering some strategies on how to get rid of the clutter and improve their lives and the lives of those nearest to them.That s good insofar as it goes HoweverThere is than one explanation for why people hoard, and the book offers only one It also has nothing to offer someone who has built up a hoard over a long period of time, basically through neglect and indecision It is extremely unlikely that such a
I think there is bad science in this book See the squid quote on page 24 for info Plus, it is just a wee bit condescending.

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  • 156 pages
  • Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding
  • Fugen Neziroglu
  • 04 July 2019
  • 9781608822515