The Android's Dream

The Android's DreamA Human Diplomat Kills His Alien Counterpart Earth Is On The Verge Of War With A Vastly Superior Alien Race A Lone Man Races Against Time And A Host Of Enemies To Find The One Object That Can Save Our Planet And Our People From Alien EnslavementA Sheep.That S Right, A Sheep And If You Think That S The Most Surprising Thing About This Book, Wait Until You Read Chapter One Welcome To The Android S Dream.For Harry Creek, It S Quickly Becoming A Nightmare All He Wants Is To Do His Uncomplicated Mid Level Diplomatic Job With Earth S State Department But His Past Training And Skills Get Him Tapped To Save The Planet And To Protect Pet Store Owner Robin Baker, Whose Own Past Holds The Key To The Whereabouts Of That Lost Sheep Doing Both Will Take Him From Lava Strewn Battlefields To Alien Halls Of Power All In A Day S Work Maybe It S Time For A Raise.Throw In Two Timing Freelance Mercenaries, Political Lobbyists With Megalomaniac Tendencies, Aliens On A Religious Quest, And An Artificial Intelligence With Unusual Backstory, And You Ve Got Than Just Your Usual Science Fiction Adventure Story You Ve Got The Android S Dream. I could have read The Ghost Brigades, could have read Fuzzy Nation, but if there is a book in the to be read stack whose title is an unmistakable Philip K Dick reference, then this was clearly the right choice.And it was a good choiceLike a book by PKD, John Scalzi s The Android s Dream packs a lot to think about into an economically written, tightly wound package From the genetically designed electric blue sheep, to a variety of alien races, to competing paranoid and invasive government agencies, featuring and aggrandizing a small business owner, to a complicating and weird religions Scalzi has done for Philip K Dick what he did for Heinlein in Old Man s War he has highlighted the best of the grandmaster and re tooled the message for today s audience.The Android s Dream tells the unlikely but highly entertaining story of Harry Creek, an erstwhile, reluctant but capable hero who is not out to save the world but he s just the man to do just that Harry meets up with Robin Baker, a charismatic, flirty pet shop owner with a mysterious past Scalzi throws these two into an adventure that could have originated in a poverty stricken, paranoid rented house in northern Ca
Please don t judge this book too quickly It gets better very fast after the infantile opening scene with the fart machine It s one of the things about American culture that had me baffled for a very long time where I come from we get over scatological jokes by the time we start school, but it seems they never go out of fashion around Hollywood Even with my personal reservations, I must give credit to Scalzi for finding a new angle in the field of fart humour, and turning it into an alien criminal investigation The higher diplomatic and political Nidu castes had developed a language of scents not at al unlike the European nobles of Earth developed a language of flowers Some of these aliens have really thin skins or should I say noses , and the fart machine incident is about to develop into a major but probably very short galactic war against an enemy with a crushing military superiority over Earth Our only salvation is for the government of our planet to find and placate the sensitive Nidu with a blue sheep.It s that kind of story, and John Scalzi channels here the best parts of the zaniness and irreverent dialogues of The Fifth Element , with a highbrow touch of the still zany but better scientifically anchored farces of Connie Willis It s so funny and so fast paced that I only stopped and thought about the horrible, horrible ways in which a lot of humans and aliens get smashed, dismembered, eaten alive and riddled wit
Although I ve heard nothing but good things about John Scalzi s Old Man s War, I still haven t gotten around to reading it Which, given how much sheer fun The Android s Dream is, makes me an idiot Seriously If you can put this book down after reading the first paragraph, you re a better person than me It s got action It s got adventure It s got power politics and strange alien races It s got the snappiest dialogue since Nick Nora Charles set the banter highwater mark Get it Rea
A delightful romp of a space opera crossed with an espionage caper For this entertainment we bid goodbye to the gloom of dystopias and dark post apocalyptic struggles with or without zombies and return to a time when humans of merit have the agency to save the world from villains The villains here include aliens with colonial exploitation of Earth in mind and bumbling, backstabbing bureaucrats vying for a piece of their action.Instead of invading, the reptilian Nidu are buying up our suburbs and bribing our politicians for beneficial business deals The Earth s administration has recently joined the Common Confederation of intelligent galactic species as a junior member, on the lines of a third world country missing the military might required for power and respect We know we are in for a bit of madcap Spy vs Spy when some dirty tricks by agents of the think tank American Institute of Colonization to stall trade negotiations with the Ministry of Trade to make the Nidu fall out of favor ends up backfiring Dirk Moeller didn t think he could fart his way into a major diplomatic incident But he was willing to try.Bravo for Scalzi not being afraid of employing low humor Also, for leaving it alone most of the time I won t spoil the fun with details, but it s fair to say that the Nidu are angry, and th
3.5 stars or a bit It was a fun read, a conspiracy theory, SF adventure with lots of tongue in cheek humor, coincidences odd aliens Scalzi has a lot of fun poking sticks at legal systems, religions diplomacy There is a lot of computer work in it, including some very interesting points about data collection privacy that is quite obviously pointed at our current system An interesting read, although I
4 StarsMy first John Scalzi book that I have read and I will now grab up his other books as I am now a fan This is a tough review to write as by saying what I like about this book might make it seem like it less than it really is.This is a funny book It is filled with clever wit, funny parodies, and downright corny jokes The jokes are all over this one and give it a great feel, without actually detracting from the science This is a science fiction novel, a space opera, and a futuriistic conspiracy novel where the stakes are nothing less than the fate of the Earth and all the people living on it The jokes add color and flare to the action and chase scenes They coincide with the plot points and move the story forward At times they have you laughing out loud The first chapter had me hooked, an Earth trade representive developed an anal device and used it to enrage an alien diplomat by farting We re pretty sure that it s a device used to send chemical signals the Nidu could smell and interpret through a code of theirs We think that your guy hid this until he got int
A really enjoyable story with bit of humor More consistent than Good fun adventure and saving planet earth at the same time, just what I needed for my night watch I wasn t going to write a review of this book because I couldn t really think of anything to say It was great, funny, wrapped up with pretty much all eventualities covered A typical John Scalzi book.The recap There s been a diplomatic disaster Two people are dead human Dirk Moeller and Nidu trade negotiator Lars win Getag The Nidu are an alien race inhabiting the worlds surrounding Earth Known for their tempers and disregard for races and species other than their own, the Nidu make unwelcome, wicked neighbors that, for the safety of Earth s population, must be handled with great care and sensitivity.So when a mysterious object is found lodged inside of the dead Dirk Moeller s ass, Secretary of State Jim Heffer becomes suspicious The Nidu use a mixture of subtle scents to communicate to each other on a physiological level available only to Nidu, and high caste Nidu at that Could Moeller have provoked Lars win Getag on purpose and antagonized him flatulently into a rage potent enough to give him a heart attack Of course, the Nidu need little in the
Scalzi is a throwback to a simpler time in science fiction where the universe is populated with a 1000 alien species, most of them described in a few broad strokes, and the less said about how the hyperdrive works the better That the book works, much as the tv show House works, despite being entirely forumlaic what, only 40 mins past the hour, this can t be the real cure because they are fun, with a frenetic energy and a goofball, unpredictable sense of humor The writing is plain, and the the plot picaresque a series of unlikely, escalating confrontations between the forces of the good guys and those of the bad guys, takes our hero from a dead end job to an interstellar coronation ceremony, by way of a space cruise ship populated entirely by veterans of a battle he just happened to have fought at and won a Medal of Honor get the picture Adding insult, the protagonist is not only a military savant with hands reg