Flappers and Philosophers

Flappers and PhilosophersThese Sumptuous New Hardback Editions Mark The 70th Anniversary Of Fitzgerald S Death Encompassing The Very Best Of F Scott Fitzgerald S Short Fiction, This Collection Spans His Career, From The Early Stories Of The Glittering Jazz Age, Through The Lost Hopes Of The Thirties, To The Last, Twilight Decade Of His Life It Brings Together His Most Famous Stories, Including The Diamond As Big As The Ritz , A Fairy Tale Of Unlimited Wealth The Sad And Hilarious Stories Of Hollywood Hack Pat Hobby And, The Lost Decade , Written In Fitzgerald S Last Years. Flappers and Philosophers are the tales of youth, mostly Stories of young dreamers and their beautiful dreams being broken And I admired how excellently the spirit of that rather rebellious epoch was preserved in the tales Ardita scrutinized him carefully and classed him immediately as a romantic figure He gave the effect of towering self confidence erected on a slight foundation just under the surface of each of his decisions she discerned a hesitancy that was in decided contrast to the arrogant curl of his lips.Being a supreme egotist Ardita frequently thought about herself never having had her egotism disputed she did it entirely naturally and with no detraction from her unquestioned charm Though she was nineteen she gave the effect of a high spirited precocious child, and in the present glow of her youth and beauty all the men and women she had known were but driftwood on the ripples of her temperament She had met other egotists in fact she found that selfish people bored her rather less than unselfish people but as yet there had not been one she had not eventually defeated and brought to her feet.The language is elaborately metaphoric and light irony prevails while the plots are always intriguing and original.In i
This little book of eight short stories took me about a week to read, and now I m very sorry that it s over All of the stories were very entertaining and vivid It made me feel like I was a nineteen year old girl in the first or second decade of the twentieth century Many of the stories in this book are focused on girls of that age, and I thought it was quite strange that Fitzgerald could write so well about them Almost all of the stories can be classified as coming of age stories in the early twentieth century.The book starts off with a strong and rebellious nineteen year old girl in The Offshore Pirate That first story was probably my favorite My second favorite was probably Bernice Bobs Her Hair, which was also about a nineteen year old who was figuring herself out a lot than the heroine from the first story, who knew exactly who she was and what she wanted I also liked The Ice Palace in which a very vivacious teenager named Sally Carroll visits a Northeastern city in the hopes of marrying, and finds out that she misses the colorful southern town where she grew up.The last story in the collection, The Four Fists, features a manly man who gets knocke
This is not his best writing I m guessing Zelda didn t help much These stories just kept him in the bucks I m not shying away from reading his novels because of these short stories I don t feel like these reflect his talent. Flappers and Philosophers must admit what drew me to the collection, despite of course the name of Fitzgerald, is the title I mean, come on, Flappers and Philosophers is simply genial I doubt anyone in the 1920s would ever use the word philosopher do describe a flapper Flappers, for those of you who don t know, were a new breed of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, treating sex in a casual manner, smoking, driving automobiles, and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms First rule of every student when possible, always use Wikipedia even one of the professors in the ever so acclaimed HEC cited Wikipedia in a finance class, so I don t feel guilty at all I wouldn t provide a definition of a philosopher here, except to say that for most people it would be the exact opposite to a flapper And yet somewhat magically Fitzgerald manages to balance the duality of flapper and the philosopher in his characters I must say, all of us women are flappers and philosophers, simultaneously Whatever works for us at that particular moment.The stories in Flappers and Philosophers are of course about the Jazz Age the excess, the debauchery and the greed associated with it Fitzgerald s characters in this collection foreshadow
I adored this collection of eight short stories from early in F Scott Fitzgerald s writing career They are largely comings of age, many from surprisingly believable female perspectives Remarkably fresh, tender, funny, well crafted free from the tropes that drive me nuts in a lot of contemporary short fiction the bogs of interior monologues, the random slices of life in which nothing happens and what s the point , the let s stop the story abruptly on the cusp of the action technique A stubborn young woman s ship is overrun by pirates and she makes a surprising course correction A Southern woman visits her fianc s family up North for the first time and experiences culture shock A promising young philosopher marries an entertainer in an amusing story of conjugal role reversal A large cut glass bowl watches over an unraveling life and marriage An out of towner learns the secrets of p
I might be being overgenerous here, but I so enjoyed these stories This is Fitzgerald s first collection, and while they may lack the substance matter of his later works, there s such grace, elegance and beauty here, albeit somewhat ephemeral More flappery than philosophical, certainly And yet, these 8 ta
F Scott Fitzgerald s prose is like pizza and sex Even when it s bad, it s good Flappers and Philosophers, published in 1920, is a collection of mostly forgettable stories that lionize the rich and rarely challenge the reader s world view But that only explains why they re annoying, not why they re inferior.The opening story, The Offshore Pirate is inferior because of its jaw dropping sexism Ha ha ha lets manipulate a head strong girl because we men know how what s best for her Fitzgerald is obsessed by head strong girls, and nearly every story paints her in vivid colors Fitzgerald is a genius of characterization When he describes a person, you see him or her instantly, and you start comparing people you know in real life with them The women in these stories are clever but not threatening When a woman does succeed by her wits, such as in Head and Shoulders, it s by luck and the patronage of besotted men Head and Shoulders is a story that works however because its premise is interesting A
You ve been through all of F Scott Fitzgerald s booksYou re very well readIt s well known Bob Dylan Ballad of a Thin Man I could tell that Flappers was the work of a young writer Some of the stories felt a little formulaic and predictable You could see their bones sticking out Other times it felt like Mr Fitzgerald was trying to pop off the page saying, Ooh Look I interrupt the flow of this story to remind you that I m the author Look how intricate these sentences are Isn t my dialogue believable I guess subtlety was not young Mr Fitzgerald s strong suit his narrative voice can be at times like a megaphone.THAT having been said, I enjoyed the crap out of these stories They are all well written fun to read And there s nothing I like than a good book of good short stories Four
I like F Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby, so I had some expectations about this book It is his first short story collection, and I have been on a short story binge lately The offshore pirate is the first story in this book, and I have to admit that I almost gave up after that one I found it rediculous, and I think it is the worst story in the collection Luckily I continued and read the next one which is The ice palace I think that one is among the best stories in the book It is a story about the difficulties that can arise in relationships between people of different cultural background My other favorite in the book is Bernice bobs her hair which I found delightful It is a story about two young women, and their rivalry, I suppose one could call it There are other stories like Head and shoulder which a
3.5 5 I did really enjoy the writing style of this book However, I did not completely love the style and structure of this short story collection Well written, but the stories fell flat and they were cut short too often I never truly became engulfed in any story.