Crossing The Delaware: A History In Many Voices

Crossing The Delaware: A History In Many VoicesTo Some Of Us, The American Revolution Might Be Little Than A Dusty Old Piece Of American History But What Would Our Lives Our Country And World Be Like If The American Revolution Had Ended Practically Before It Had Even Begun The Revolution Did Seem Nearly Over In The Harsh Winter Of 1776 The Continental Army, Led By General George Washington, Had Suffered Many Defeats And Had Made Many Retreats Now The Soldiers Found Themselves Encamped On The Pennsylvania Side Of The Delaware River, Across From Three Hessian Regiments Occupying The Town Of Trenton, New Jersey Tired, Cold, Ill Clothed, And Ill Equipped To Fight, Most Of Them Were Ready To Go Home When Their Enlistments Were Up Only Decisive Action Could Possibly Win General Washington A Battle And Save The Revolution A Variety Of Voices In A Variety Of Forms A Present Day Narrator, The Letters Of A Fictional Soldier, And True Accounts From The Time Are Brought Together With Period Images And Walter Lyon Krudop S Dramatic Art To Make Vivid The Critical Moments Of Washington S Crossing Of The Delaware Readers Cannot Help But Come Away With A New Appreciation Of What The Battle Of Trenton Means For Us Today. Love it There is just too much to quote I had no idea that the night they crossed the Delaware was on Christmas day I need history in my life There is just so much to learn I believe that children s picture books teach me the best I love pictures and stories together, it helps to stick in my head better I love this story about General
In the many voices we have the ability to see how the Revolutionay War has affected each person, whether it is Goerge Washinton, one of his solders, or other staff members.however, there was one prominent voice thought the story, which was a let
I used this book in my fourth grade class during PTLS The students really liked looking at the detailed illustrations It was very helpful for making predictions I used an illustration and asked the students to tell me everything they notice, and to predict who the people were i
A short, concise little book that mixes fiction with historical detail in this telling of the battle at Trenton in 1776, of the Revolutionary War The story is well written enough, but is the lovely, distinctive mural style art of
Loved it Moved me to tears reading about what these men endured From complete desperation to triumph, they made the impossible possible Very descriptive with both the information and feel for the time A must read when talking to students about this time in history. I loved the variety of voices used, a present day narrator, letters of a fictional soldier to his wife back home, and true accounts from the time Together with Walter Lyon Krudop s dramatic artwork history is brought to life A welcome addition to our study of the American Revolution. some of the soldiers had no shoes, they crossed the Delaware and marched on Trenton in the sleet and snow w nothing but rags on their feet and washington was damn near out of hope he had a week to do the miraculous.

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  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Crossing The Delaware: A History In Many Voices
  • Louise Peacock
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
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