Silver Storm

Silver StormThis Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B005DJ93EW.Set In 1781, During The Revolutionary War, SILVER STORM Is The Passionate Tale Of Andre Raveneau And Devon Lindsay Who Are Thrown Together When She Stows Away On His Privateer After The British Burn Her Home In New London, CT The Irresistible Captain Raveneau Agrees To Take Her To Virginia To Find Her Childhood Sweetheart, But Fate Has Other Plans Through Intrigue, Misunderstandings, And Swashbuckling Sea Battles, Devon And Andre Are Swept Away By A Love That Won T Be Denied. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI got my friend Minerva to buddy read this with me, because the only thing better than bodice rippers are bodice rippers with friends Also, the covers Can we all take a moment to appreciate that cover The original artwork, the banner font, the colors I m not sure who started the bizarre trend of replacing the original artwork with badly photoshopped covers for the Kindle edition, but they suck.I originally tried reading SILVER STORM a couple years ago but ended up shelving it due to boredom During this reread, I felt the same urge once For about 70% of this book, the story is dull as dirt Maybe duller than dirt, because at least dirt has some action worms, woodlice, interesting rocks This book did not have that.The heroine, Devon, is one of those spunky Catherine Coulter rejects who says Ooooh when she s angry and probably stomps her foot When the British attack her town and kill n rape her family, she ends up at the mercy of French privateer, Ravneau, who also happens to be the man she s had a crush on since she was a kid not that he looked her way, then Now, though Now, she isn t just HOT She is bodice ripper HOT, which
SPOILERS EVERYWHERE I m not sure where to start with this The beginning was fairly innocuous, detailing a couple years of Devon s adolescence and her fascination with Andr Raveneau, a privateer she sees around from time to time Then when she s eighteen, they share a kiss in a carriage because well, because she s innocent and tempting, that s why And it was annoying when Raveneau was just so affected by this kiss even though he s been with several ladies before.Shortly after this is when the leads got together, and I hated the middle part of the book for reasons I ll explain The last 15% of the book wasn t terrible, however, so by the time I finished I d lost much of my ire Hence me not knowing where to start my review.But no, I can t overlook the craptastic events of the middle I have a duty to report them.First, I don t understand why Devon and Raveneau are attracted to each other She s nineteen when their relationship begins, but she s pretty immature and unworldly He s thirty two, I believe, and quite an aloof character Which I like, but not when there s ZERO personality to back it up He s a complete ass to Devon, except when he wants to sex her Then he blames her for the initial sexing, by the way, si
So I started reading Silver Storm, and then putting it down it was sweet, but sometimes too sweet and I have enough cavities Then halfway through it changes in tone Our previously gentleman hero does a 180 and turns into a lecherous jerk It was great and I wanted The first half involves a sensuous French privateer Andre Raveneau escorting orphaned Devon Lindsay to her fiance in Virginia at the end of the American Revolution The girl is obviously not in love with her missing man, but devoted to him out a weird sense of commitment All the while this tall, gorgeous gray eyed Frenchman plays nice and Devon stomps her foot and plays hard to get Andre was such a gentleman, I wondered where this was going But oh, he has a plan a cunning plan to trap his strawberry haired prey and when he finally gets what he wants, he plans just as cruelly to be rid of her, eagerly awaiting his next new lay In one scene Andre attempts to seduce his ex mistress while her brother and new husband play cards downstairs and Devon, his current mistress, naps But poor Devon wakes up, and witnesses the dog s hounding It had been so long He pulled her gown open and her breast spilled out like ripe, round melons He s jerk all right, but he s French, so it evens out I enjoyed the break from the English heroes that dominate Historical Romancelandia There s something about a Frenchman that s so sexy I can listen to Eric Ripert recite recipes all dayYears ago I read a book that designa
Solid 4 StarsIf you re in the mood for a good Bodice Ripper, you can t get much better than Silver Storm It s an oldie but goodie. Check out the cover for this and compare to this, The story begins in New London, Connecticut in 1775 Devon Lindsay and her childhood sweetheart have their lives mapped out, but all that is swept into the dust when she meets dashing French privateer Andre Raveneau After the town is sacked by the Red Coats, she s rescued by one of Andre s crew members who dresses her as a boy and stows her away on ship he s in it for the sex Andre discovers her in the nick of time andYou can pretty much guess the rest A few battles at sea, a few misunderstandings since neither one can admit they re in love A few too many mentions of Devon s impudent breasts Lots of steamy kisses and rolls in the hay although not overly explicit , plus plots from the sidelines trying to keep our pair apart Very typical of what you will find in the older 80s bodice rippers, and entertaining enough to ke
Well, my stars.what the hell is this I suppose it s an eye opener in terms of women s lib, but that doesn t exactly make for a compelling, enjoyable read Our heroine, Devon Lindsay, is a simpering 18 year old woman child with a crush on the overbearing misogynist dashing french privateer, Andre Raveneau To say I didn t like either character would be a tragic understatement Devon is the cliche pouting, stomping her feet in indignation, crossing her arms, putting her nose in the air, etc anytime something doesn t go exactly her way I don t think she knows how to tell the truth, and she has the intelligence of a garden rake Andre is a tool He date rapes Devon, but it s all her fault Of course Spare me This story wasn t romantic, it was irritating There wasn t really any romance just two emotionally void and immature assholes who couldn t keep their hands off each other There
I hate Bodice Rippers so why did I read it I have only myself to blame It was definitely it s definitely old school And he wasn t the greatest hero for sure I liked Devon and he did love her at the end, even though he was a jerk for a lot of the book I don t think he was faithful either but I only remember the part where he kissed and touched his former mistress while the heroine watched
Listening to audio, which was ok if a bit monotone It was cheaper than a usual audio, so I wasn t complaining Heroine is the old school foot stompy spitfire always running blindly into trouble I was still enjoying it though Good, cheesy nostalgia.DNFd because apparently this is a neutered version of the original Nope, nope, nope I
This was an interesting read with a few problems The book started off with a bang Andre our hero is simple delicious His sex appeal is potent After all, it s rare that you find a book with two friends genuinely in love with the hero I was eating it up The story started to become a bit too predictably after a while though, and although the heroine s fianc made things entertaining, he wasn t nearly a good enough rival for Andre It would have been interesting if he had giving Andre a run for his money This was definitely not a hard core bodice ripper but a bodice ripper nonetheless The hero does get a little wicked
Don t believe I ve ever read anything about this author so it would be my first time I thought the story started off a bit slow detailing her adolescent years and first coming face to face with Raveneau There, at 13 years she is captivated by a man nearly 30 years of age Hmmm go figure Then the story moves on and now she is 18 years to his what not sure They eventually share a kiss and when she turns 19 years they start a relationship.Not sure about his fascination for her but it is understandably that her fascination with him is because he loves the sea just as her father did So some blood runs through her veins from parentage As I got further on in the story, it became a little dry and I tired of reading b