Looking Good Dead

Looking Good DeadTom Bryce Did What Any Decent Person Would Do But Within Hours Of Picking Up The CD That Had Been Left Behind On The Train Seat Next To Him, And Attempting To Return It To Its Owner, He Is The Sole Witness To A Vicious Murder Then His Young Family Are Threatened With Their Lives If He Goes To The Police But Supported By His Wife, Kellie, He Bravely Makes A Statemenet To The Murder Enquiry Team Headed By Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, A Man With Demons Of His Own To Contend With And From That Moment, The Killing Of The Bryce Family Becomes A Mere Formality And A Grisly Attraction Kellie And Tom S Deaths Have Already Been Posted On The Internet You Can Log On And See Them On A Website They Are Looking Good Dead. I don t easily get creeped out by books these days Not any Not since Stephen King s It permanently damaged me as a child, when I was reading it under the bedcovers late at night, torch in one jittery hand, twice frightened that my mother would catch me in the forbidden act of reading that author with evil in his head Did you know, momma, what was in mine So it s been a while that I got the willies from a book, which makes me very glad that I picked up a copy of Peter James s Looking Good Dead It s a brilliant thriller Here s why.Tom Bryce, a regular Joe salesman, is sitting on the train from London to Brighton thinking about his wife and kids And like anyone who s ever had a standard class fair, he s stranded next to a right prick yelling into his mobile phone So when the guy gets off the train and leaves a CD behind, Tom s not exactly in the mood to play Good Samaritan.This is where we all collectively yell, Why oh why, Tom, did ya have to take the CD home That night our dear friend Tom watches a snuff movie Then his computer is hacked
An excellent thriller A follow up to Dead Simple, it is that rarity a second book that is better than the first Roy Grace is back and is up against a conspiracy and a high tech computer crime is involved.As an avid BBC Radio 4 listener, I chuckled at the character of the Weatherman and his
After a disappointing first outing in 2011, Roy Grace was rested and given another go in this unimproved follow up.Grace is in charge of a new investigation which has many of the hallmarks of Dead Simple gratuitous violence, graphic sex and offensive dialogue Three characters wet themselves and one defecates, and the murders are simply horrific.Where some superior writers find their plots meandering into the unpleasant, James appears to take delight from the opportunity to write about gore, smut and paedophilia and shoe horns it in, however unnecessary Given there is no child abuse in the case at any point, the sheer number of references suggests James has a bee in his bonnet about the issue, or a dark pleasure in alluding to it The question begged of almost all of the unsavoury content does this add anything The answer usually not.Supporting characters are given too much page time A whole chapter is dedicated to the woman who finds the body A whole chapter about her new part in a musical and all sorts of useless trivia, only for her to never be mentioned again This isn t characterisation it s pointless When he s finished that, we learn everything but the OS coordinates of the exact spot in Brighton where the action is set at that moment, a social prof
Een goede thriller maar enkele toevalligheden maken dat het geen absoluut maximum in sterren krijgt Alleszins ben ik fan van Roy Grace en kijk ik uit naar deel 3 in deze spannende serie Okay so I am now totally and utterly addicted too this series There are twists and turns in this book that keep your mind active and keeps you coming back for The descriptive writing that Peter James uses prints images in your mind not always the nicest images to see but it gives the book added depth and makes it stand out from other books This book does refer back too the last book luckily I read that one first but it does also recap so if you haven t read the first book you can catch up with the characters and
Quite a good book and I enjoyed reading it I came across an interview with Peter James in The Hindu and that was what led me to this series I was expecting though, that the Inspector Grace books would become a must read for me, like Colin Dexter s books starring Inspector Morse Perhaps an unfair expectation.The story revolves around a couple who get caught up in an unsavoury snuff video operation run by a group of killers A bit unreal at times, it felt to me, but who am I to say that Also the eventual unraveling depended a bit too much on luck and not on solid detection in that sense, somehow I think the book failed It is after all the alternate explanation that gets to you James also seems a bit amateurish in explaining how Grace senses where people are lying and where they are telling the truth a matter of looking at where the eyes go to Are these that simple Anyway, while I am sure I will pick up
Peter James Spoilers AheadHad this novel been less than 150 pages I could have given it three stars but at 336 pages it s simply horrible There is so little story to this story that it could have been squeezed into a short story or a novella at best This is quite possibly the worst paced thriller I ve ever made it through If you edited out all of the superfluous trivia you could have read the whole thing in 45 minutes.Here is the story A regular Joe finds a DVD on commuter train that gives the user access to a snuff flick website His computer is almost immediately hacked by the nefarious snuff flickers and they threaten his life if he goes to the police This is about all that happens for over half of the book with the pages being filled with the mundane and highly tedious details of regular Joe s family life and his horrible wife who is a compulsive eBay shopper She seems like a complete moron although her husband remarks at one point that she has a lot of wisdom.The police inspector Roy Grace is an equally tedious individual There is absolutely no indication that he is any good at his j
After reading the first in this series Dead Simple I commented that Roy Grace is almost impossible to dislike and he endeared himself to me in Looking Good Dead Sure, he s a bit of a stereotype as far as middle aged ish cops go, but he s just likeable Grace is aided and abetted by a group of characters who are diverse, well thought out and generally do a good job.However, as with the previous novel, James also displays his ability to create annoying characters, namely the whole of Tom Bryce s family Yes, I know they are having a tough time and that two of them are small children James and the audio narrator really pull out all the stops in making them so irritating that the reader is rooting for their enemies.Looking Good Dead has a lot of similarities to its predecessor It s a very entertaining story, with the investigating team chasing wild geese and generally blundering through the case while waiting for a break to help them out Grace works his socks off but his lack of progress keeps his boss on his back and the papers
PJ writes very well, direct prose, and he imagines his characters very thoroughly Chief Superintendant Grace with his disparu wife attempts to contact her through mediums and PJ builds the host of victims But that s just it My standard for detective fiction is one or two murders If you need than that and apparently PJ does you re not writing at the top of the form.In the case of this specific novel, there s much that appears movie like probably the author is aiming toward film, and who can blame him Write a book, and you need to write another write a film, and with luck retire Turns out, PJ s training was in film, and he has already written several films for others and he is an aficianado of fancy fast cars He s even given a couple police cruisers to Brighton, one painted with the his latest novel cover for colors But there are huge differences between prose and film for example, the car chase Nothing boring on the page Granted, PJ has an early po