Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair

Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love AffairDownload Nine And A Half Weeks A Memoir Of A Love Affair Author Elizabeth McNeill Librarian Note Alternative Cover Edition Of ISBN 0722157908I Was Beginning To Fall In Love Nine And A Half Weeks Is The Story Of A Love Affair Like No Other A Crazy, Obsessive Relationship That Burned Through Two Lives Like A Branding Iron Through Flesh To Read It Is To Undergo A Truly Disturbing And Erotic Experience. Sexy book alert Anyone who knows me, knows I am frigid and heartless I am NOT an erotic novel fan I like sex outside my reading materials and I lack a fantasy reading life Barf to OutlanderDouble barf to 50 Shades of Grey type books but thisthis is something I can sink my teeth into Thank you Karly Soooooooooooooo very long ago when I was crushing on the whooooooole Diner cast I came across the movie 9 and 1 2 weeks It is Mickey Rourke at his most delicious and Kim Basinger as her most natural and beautiful self for all those horny lads out there I had no idea it was a book A book based on real life Karly let me know this existed as a noveland as soon as I found out that little tidbit I was allllllllll over it Because THIS was the movie I thought of as sexy in my younger days Nothing has held a candle to it since For all you hard core porn lovers step aside I like my sexy subtle even though I reeeeeeeeaallly enjoyed the novel NINE AND A HALF WEEKS I have to say, I found reading the written version much depressing and frustratingand less masturbation worthy The truth is usually so The main character under the spell of an abusive male was less spell binding than the Mickey Rourke fantasybut still worth the read.Woman meets the man of her dreams Successful, han
I could say I read this book because I m curious about literary erotica earlier this year I read Anais Nin s Delta of Venus, now I m reading Henry Miller s Tropic of Cancer , but if I m going to be honest, it s all because of him Oh baby Mickey Rourke in the 80s, that s what it s all about And before you interrupt, yes, I know what he looks like now It s one of the great tragedies of the 20th century But shhhhhh, I m not talking about that I m talking about this Mickey Rourke in 9 1 2 Weeks and David Bowie in Labyrinth, they taught 90s me so much But I m getting a wee bit off topic here this is supposed to be a book review, after all.When this book arrived in the mail, it was extra exciting to see it was shrink wrapped, just like my copy of American Psycho I thought, gee, there must be some hot stuff in these pages, if publishers have to protect innocent eyes with a layer of plastic I prepared for my cheeks to burn, my pupils to dilate, for returning again and again to dog eared pages and delightfully na
Genre Erotic MemoirType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Elizabeth McNeil was a professional career woman who had a mundane sex life until he met a man who forced her to breach her own hard limits He seduced her into the world of sadomasochism and made her begged for But how far is too far in her quest of sexual revelation I first came across this book when it was mentioned as depressing type of book I ve never watched the movie version of this so I didn t know what to expect And this was also the first memoir I ve read On my knees, my head on my arms, sounds from my throat that I can t interpret neither fear nor longing but the inability to distinguish between the two Elizabeth real life Ingeborg Day quickly learned that she enjoyed being in an anonymous relationship and exploring the darker side of sex Every day she allowed him to push her and outside her comfort zone, making her drunk with the thrills.He, who was not named, was an enigma One moment he was sweet in his own way and incredibly attentive to her wants and need, the next moment he was a cruel, impassive sadist My body had nothing to do with me It was a decoy, to be used w
Whoa.Like whoooooooaaaaaaI may piss a lot of people off with this statement, but screw it When FSOG first became huge, and people were losing their cookies over it, I kind of looked around and went what s the big deal I ve seen that it s called 9 and 1 2 Weeks , and now that I ve actually read it, that statement it truer than ever view spoiler It is SO DIFFERENT from the movie The movie always hinted at there being heavier BDSM happening in their relationship, but you never really see it He buys a riding crop, she dances with a pair of handcuffs, he dresses her, blah blah.No That s like nothing, compared to what goes on in the book He beats her with a belt, with a brush, with his hands and she likes it Wants it Begs for it Leaves her naked, with her wrists tied to a hook in the wall, well over her head, while he finishes up his paperwork and watches a movie Keeps her in handcuffs virtually every moment she s in the apartment, ties her to whatever piece of heavy furniture is nearest to where he s sitting.I like the movie a lot, Mickey Rourke was H O T in it But the man is s
4 I want 9 weeks STARS and this is one of those times This book. O.M G THIS MEMOIR If you think you know Ingeborg Day s story because you ve seen the movie YOU DON T Nine and a Half Weeks the novel is I N S T E N S E Right from the start I found myself saying WTF, I don t remember that being a scene in the film I almost gave up on the damn book because it was tarnishing the image of my beloved Mickey Rourke No, not the botox, botched face lift, hair plugs Mickey Rourke of today. This guy anyway, as I was saying. The 91 2 lustful weeks between Elizabeth and John on paper does NOT sugar coat, romanticize, nor gloss over their sordid love affair My emotions were all over the place while reading One minute I d be internally screaming to Elizabeth Run you stupid cow Then 2 minutes later I d be talking under my breath You lucky heifer I wanted to kick John in the balls at the start of the book, BUT a few p
A potent antidote to the straightforward romances I ve been reading lately What is this madness I vow that from now on I ll intersperse my junk food with layered, intense, thought provoking lit from authors that are comfortable enough to leave interpreting their story to their readers.I immersed myself in Nine and a Half Weeks with the same reckless abandon the narrator threw herself in a brief but all consuming affair thirty years earlier A word of caution first both Francine Prose and the publisher apparently have no notion of what a foreword entails You re not supposed to grossly spoiler the upcoming story for your unsuspecting reader in your, although excellent, musings Shameful.With her sisters hard won battle for equality fresh in mind, Elizabeth a pseudonym for Ingeborg Day, whose real identity wasn t disclosed until much later published this brutally honest memoir of her sadomasochistic affair with an unnamed man A heady experience at first, cathartic even, before becoming increasingly intense and destructive It must have been a slap in the face for some to read a woman describe the nighttime rules decreed tha
woman as wind up toy, lalalalalala not listening.passion as cold blooded ritual, lalalalalala not listening.upscale lifestyle detail porn, lalalalalala not listening.let s go shopping, lalalalalala not listening.a sexy abusive relationship, lalalala
I love this book so much It s so depressing and sexy and foul and totally engrossing I rarely read books and go, Goddamn, why can t I meet someone who will dress me in boys underpants, make me pack a cock and then bitchslap me around I guess I m probably missing the point of this nuanced look at a
Buddy read with the lovely Heather coming up approximately September 23 depending on the Canadian postal services Monday, September 15 Review A conscious new power vulnerablity, perverse if only because it is total, natural as grass nonetheless, or asphalt in New YorkThere is an art to surrenderAnd it isn t always pretty or simple The prose of Nine and a Half Weeks A Memoir of a Love Affair is shocking in its bluntness It is almost as though McNeill removed herself to write it Her words are like drops of wax on the page, finite and absolute This is not a story one soon forgets I admit, I find myself vexed that it found it s way into print in 1978 This memoir is as different as it gets from feel good Mommy Porn like FSoG which I am reading shortly to formulate a cohesive opinion of Although, i would encourage any person seeking to explore that sexual world to first read this memoir, if only to come to terms with how simple it is to get lost in your own surrender It is so easy for the scales in pain humiliation play to topple over In fact, I would argue that it is almost a natural course of events One that has to be fought and controlled to maintain balance the difference between pain and pleasure became obscured in a way that turned them into two sides of a single coin However, it can be exceedingly erotic in controlled doses Pain is groundin
3.5 starsNot my usual stuff to read but I love the movie I had no idea this was a book, much less that this was a memoir written in the 70 s under a pen name.The book was very hard to put down I was up until four in the morning reading this knowing I had to get up by seven I definitely felt like I needed a cold shower after this one It was hard not picture the young Mickey Rourke and myself as I read this But somewhere down the line, this relationship started to feel a little uncomfortable The author was losing complete control of herself and the choices she made It was sexy to a point, but when this man requires you to be handcuffed every night to the table, to the bedpost, to the sinkwhen is it overkill He starts requiring her to steal something from a store but when he scoffs her for the wimpy way she stole the item he pushes her to assault and rob someone in an elevator I would imagine a