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Baby Be Mine THESUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Escape To The Summer And Feel The Warmth Of Paige Toon S Storytelling One Time Personal Assistant To Celebrity Wild Boy Of Rock Johnny Jefferson, Meg Stiles Is Now Settled And Living In The South Of France With Her Doting Boyfriend Christian And Their Son Barney But They Re Living A Lie A Lie That Will Turn Their Lives Upside Down Because As Barney Reaches His First Birthday, Meg Can No Longer Deny That Her Son Is Growing To Look And Like His Rock Star Father Every Day, And Less And Less Like Christian Sooner Or Later, She Will Have To Tell The TruthTHE ONE WE FELL IN LOVE WITH Was Selected For The Zoella Book Club And Paige Toon S Novels Have Been Published Across The World.Praise For Paige Toon S Novels You Ll Love It, Cry Buckets And Be Uplifted MARIAN KEYES I Blubbed, I Laughed And I Fell In Love Utterly Heart Wrenching GIOVANNA FLETCHER Devoured This In One SittingCOSMOPOLITANAn Absorbing And Emotional ReadHEAT I wish this hero just dropped dead.I mean I got trough all the angst of him loving the heroine in book one.She leaves him, ok.Then he is back on the scene..with a girlfriend.One that he luuuuvs.But the heroine is living with him because of the he is jealous and sometimes he is kissy and gropey but we still
I definitely enjoyed this book than the first one and think this was a great sequel to Johnny Be Good I had a bit of a problem with the characters in the first book but liked them a lot better this time around and I ll make sure to read the short story sequel to this book right away This is the second episode of this story I liked it, as much as the first one The only annoying thing were the constant, over long repeat summaries of the first book Especially since I ve read the two books in a row, it irritated me a lot.On the plus side, there is an ending this time Happy I ll let you find out for yourself The book is quick paced and engaging as Johnny be
4 stars.I have to start by saying that I have a real soft spot for Paige Toon She s an Australian author or grew up in Australia at least and most of her novels so far have some sort of link or make reference to Australia Her books also twine together subtly often with characters from one book making cameos in another.Another thing I can say about Toon s books is that she doesn t shy away from the crappy stuff in life Most of her stories take a hell of a lot of drama to get to their HEA, hence where Baby Be Mine comes in.We first meet Meg, Johnny, Christian and co in Johnny Be Good and while that book concludes a certain way that the reader has to accept, I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say that I wish it could have ended differently Toon announced she was writing a sequel to Johnny Be Good last year and her readers have held their breath ever since.Was Baby Be Mine awesome It wasn t perfect Did I love it I definitely loved aspects of it because I was emotionally invested and had been since JBG Was I disappointed overall Not really Did I gain HEA closure Yes and thank god for that Considering I ve read hundreds of books since my last Toon ja
Baby Be Mine is the sequel to Johnny Be Good, it starts where the first book left off with Meg knowing that Johnny is in fact the father of her son Barney, not Christian, Johnny s best friend who she is currently having a relationship and living with Barney looks so much like his father she can t believe Christian hasn t realised it yet When Christian s mother dies, Meg has to forget herself and be strong for Christian, but when Johnny shows up to give his support, Meg is on edge especially when Johnny starts asking to see pictures of Barney When Johnny sees a picture of Barney with Christian s mother on the side, suspicion and disbelief cross his face, could Barney be his How could you right a review about this book without spoilers It would literally be impossible.First off I want to talk about the cover, I was quite disappointed, in no way did it resemble the other books which seemed to have a theme of text and pictures, this seemed like a standalone book which doesn t seem right seen as though it s the sequel to Johnny Be Good.The beginning of the book started off a little slow for me, only because Meg seemed moan y and always guilty and sad Of course, it picked up after a few chapters, from then on every chapter was great, I couldn t put it down, I wanted to keep reading and find out what happened next.I love Johnny and couldn t wait for him to turn up in the b
To understand the 2 star rating you need to understand that chick lit novels are not my go to genre, nor do they generally afford me a worthwhile reading experience BUT this wasn t bad to read it was entertaining and it was good to see the continuation of Meg s story from the first book, Johnny Be Good But unlike the previous book, this one failed in the technical department There was far too much recall of the previous book for far too long I understand making a book accessible to new readers, people who may not have read the previous book, but for me it took up too much of the first few chapters and could not be considered concise Another point of annoyance for me the characters I loved the protagonist, Meg, in the first book but her continuous questions and internal monologue went on and on and in the end, all her feelings meant nothing because she couldn t resist she essentially caved in and all her development during the book meant nothing There were character appearances, story lines and entire developmental aspects of the book that meant nothing in the end, which I felt was rushed Although, through of this Toon managed to create some really touching moments and much of it still felt realistic The two stars are not meant as a deterent, for if chick lit romance books are your thing I m sure Toon s books will hold many positive points for you, It s just that for me, these type of books need to have so
The story started out excruciatingly slow We spend quite a few chapters listening to Meg being mopey and telling us about her life with Christian and her son Nothing really happens until Johnny shows up at Christian s parents house I really felt bad for Meg throughout the whole book because her situation just seemed impossible to deal with I m not sure how I felt about Johnny through all this I mean, yeah, there were times when was actually sweet and it was obvious that he cared about Meg and their son, but I found myself really disliking him for the most part I m also not sure how I felt about Christian I get that he was really upset by the whole thing, but I m a little disappointed by how he reacted I don t know I just thought that maybe he d be able to forgive Meg and they d end up together To be honest, I was kind of hoping that Meg and Christian s reconciliation towards the end would give way my preferred ending, but alas, all hopes were dashed when it was mentioned that Christian was seeing someone new Anyway
I didn t actually read the whole book, I only read the last four chapters Reason being I have issues with cheating and cruel behavior and seemingly hopeless situations And after reading Dinjolina reviews saying that, Johnny is back on the scene..with a girlfriend One that he luuuuvs But the heroine is living with him because of the he is jealous and sometimes he is kissy and gropey but we still have scenes where he fucks his girlfriend all over the place, and pretty much in the heroines presence I just couldn t bear to read all that shit, so I skipped it all and went straight to the happy ending Which didn t ease up my dislike for the guy, the girl, or for all the hardships and heartaches I had to read about to get to it I d never trust that asshole again, and I d never be able to forgive him for the hurt he d caused ICKY fucking book And the thing about a hero is,
I love Paige Toon I consider myself lucky because I only came upon her recently That means I did not have to wait an agonizing three years for the sequel to Johnny Be Good I only had to wait one and a couple of months at the most Baby Be Mine was everything I had hoped for and Paige Toon must have some sort of magic, because I was enthralled, as I have been with ALL of her books It is rare that an author can do that consistently The same chemistry was present between Meg and Johnny as it had been in Johnny Be Good You couldn t help but root for Meg as she made discoveries and dealt with things from te
It s fair to say that Paige Toon is one of my favourite Chick Lit authors I ve loved all of her books, Johnny Be Good being my favourite Her writing style is something I love and her characters are always a joy to read about and she s an author I look forward to each time summer rolls around This year, though, I almost imploded with excitement because after THREE long years, the sequel to Johnny Be Good was finally in the making in the shape of Baby Be Mine I didn t much like the cover I wanted it to match Johnny Be Good but instead it s entirely different, but I didn t care Once I knew it was on the way I was covertly waiting for my postman each day and I was so excited when it finally arrived It didn t disappoint me in the slightest.I m quite surprised, actually, that I ve managed to cobble my thoughts sufficiently to be able to type this review Baby Be Mine has been a long time coming, and all I d really like to say is You have to read it Because that just about sums it up I m crap at writing reviews for books like this because I start to sound like a fan girl So I apologise in readiness for my fan girliness Baby Be Mine picks up a year and a half after Johnny Be Good ends At the end of Johnny Be Good we found out Meg is pregnant and she doesn t know who the dad is and Baby Be Mine b

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