SuicideGirls, Vol. 1

SuicideGirls, Vol. 1 Sexy, Subversive, And Seriously Bad Ass, The SuicideGirls Bring Their Unique Brand To Comics Caught In A Near Future Defined By Its Rigid Conformity And Persecution Of Women, The SuicideGirls Are The Last Hope For Freedom Can They Take Down The Techno Religious Cult, Way Of Life, Or Will They Die Trying better than I was expecting. Worth every penny So I was clicking through Steve Niles s page, trying to decide whether I should give his 30 Days of Night series a try, when I happened upon this gem The summary sucked me in from the first Caught in a near future defined by its rigid conformity and persecution of women, the SuicideGirls are the last hope for freedom Can they take down the techno religious cult, Way of Life, or will they die trying , and with used copies going for as little as one cent, I just couldn t resist Now, I m not really what you d call a fan of the Suicide Girls franchise get rid of the rainbow colored hair and body mods, and SG adheres to the same stifling beauty standards as any mainstream, male gaze catering brand of pornography but outside of my vegan feminist critiques of PETA s partnership with SG, I don t really pay the Suicide Girls much mind Point is, I wasn t expecting too much from this particular graphic novel Three stars is several than I expected to give Suicide Girls, Vol 1.The story is interesting, if not especially well fleshed out In the near future, a fundamentalist Christian group called Way of Life minor gripe the asterisks in the group s name proved distracting at best has bribed its way into the United States government, criminalizing all that it deems sinful and imprisoning lawbreakers in its own private prisons reform camps Rehabilitation in the Lord s name In addition to gays, atheists, and the like, Way of Life targ
Author Steve Niles brings us a dystopian tale of the future, one that requires tattooed beauties with special skills to save the planet from an all controlling corporation The Suicidegirls franchise is depicted as a band of female freedom fighters, seeking to prevent the ultra conservative Way of Life organization from homogenizing people into droning slaves Fan favorite girls from the site are re imagined as swordswomen, techno geeks, get away drivers, and explosive experts naturally, scenes sans tops and or clothing make frequent appearances The short volume is terse, and fails to fully flesh out the Suicidegirls beyond the obvious nude images The art, however, is fluid
A fun and lively storyline with stunning illustration And lots of boobs. Flimsy plot, cardboard characters there s no substance here, only bewbs Skip this one, it s not worth your time. Absolutely gorgeous artwork, and a decent story but the art definitely held most of my interest Bright colors and dynamic poses with some snappy one liners, it s definitely a comic to be enjoyed. Review The art was amazing, and the story was very good The only thing I didn t quite like was the fact that there were so many topless scenes.

[EPUB] ✼ SuicideGirls, Vol. 1  ✿ Steve Niles –
  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • SuicideGirls, Vol. 1
  • Steve Niles
  • English
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9781613770184