11-11-11 Noah Was Turning 23 And Desperate To Get Out Of Town Pulnick, Missouri Had Always Been A Hopelessly Hayseed Blemish On The Pallid Face Of Rural Bible Belt America Always Bland And Soporific, It Was Now Being Invaded By White Supremacist Meth Heads, Visited By An Unprecedented Crime Wave, Exploited By Spiritualists And Local Politicos, And Driven To Hysteria By Paranoid Rumors That The World Would End On November 11th Moreover, Noah S Personal Life Was Becoming Convoluted By The Day Everything Seemed To Conspire Against His Singular Need To Go Somewhere Where He Could Begin A New Life And Learn How To Dream. As the author of this book, I think it may be the most brilliant book ever written. Noah is just turning 23, and growing up in Pulnick, Missouri A town that was becoming run down, drug infested, and crime ridden by the day Noah just wants to leave.Rumor has it the end of the world is coming On November 11, 2011, or 11 11 11, the world as we know it is about to end So say the billboards and speech givers Noah doesn t exactly believe in all this either He s busy trying to find out exactly what his sister is doing, and who she s involved with since running off from home.Noah had friends, but like his job at the local Walmart, disappeared after he was hit by a truck on his motorcycle Noah plans to leave, but things seem to keep slowing him down.In the months leading up to that date, Noah s life is a strange mix of boring parties, misadventures, and random people coming and going in his life Nobody you d really want to know too much about A new
Title 11.11.11Author John RachelPublisher Melange Books, LLC N Schumacher Series End of The World Trilogy 1Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview 11.11.11 by John RachelMy Thoughts.If you are looking for a humorous and even a few tears then you have come to right place for 11 11 11 will give it to you and so much This was quite a interesting read with Noah Tass who grow up in a small town in the Midwest Pulnick, Missouri and wanted to leave this Bible belt America Will Noah who was turning twenty three get his wish and be able to finds a new life and truly learn how to dream I enjoyed how this author was able to give us a read that had some real events that came together in a type of up and downs that are usually found in a lots of small towns If one even lived in a small time and wanted to get out I would definitely suggest this read for you This story will definitely charm and keep you laughing at all the going on in
its funny Funny and sad account of how a guy copes with delusional religious people who think the world is going to end and how he deals with their irrational thinking. MO Last June Cindy Myran 37, tenant went missing Not only was she an alcoholic but a drug addict also Vera was the mgr of EarthWay grocery store EWGS.Other employees are Ian Phillips 24, narrator, soccer, pizza cashier , Rob food line , Casey food line.The St Henry Post, headlines read Pineville Woman Found Dead at Hoppersand Lake.Detective Tony Galarza SHCPD wanted to ask Ian a few questions about Cindy.Ian was now seeing Amy.The Bradson City Gazette headline read Brian Newstead CEO, jet engine corp Arrested on Fraud Charges.Ian was doing a little murder investigation on his own.Jonathan Chambet Cindy s off on again BF had been arrested now is in jail for possession of narcotics.Vera promoted Ian to asst mgr of EarthWay Caf.St Henry Post headline read Commissioner of Education Stan Venchard Indicted for Fraud.What did Gabrielle Romero Newstead wife reveal to Ian Will the murder mystery get solved I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one All thoughts opinions are entirely my own.A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written who dun it murder mystery book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment
Noah was turning 23 and desperate to get out of town Pulnick, Missouri had always been a hopelessly hayseed blemish on the pallid face of rural Bible belt America Always bland and soporific, it was now being invaded by white supremacist meth heads, visited by an unprecedented crime wave, exploited by spiritualists and local politicos, and driven to hysteria by paranoid rumors that the world would end on November 11th Moreover, Noah s personal life was becoming convoluted by the day Everything seemed to conspire against his singular need to go somewhere where he could begin a new life and learn how to dream.Wow I am left wondering what will Noah be up to in the sequel I went along for the ride and got hooked into
It s 10 years after the World Trade Center disintegrated, and much of everything in the small town of Pulnick, Missouri seems to be disintegrating too Perhaps even the world is coming to an end too Noah Tass doesn t really know what to make of it, but spends this novel trying to get out Where 11 11 11 shines is in its depiction of the banalities and corruption of rural American life There are some really great scenes where Noah can almost see minds going to rot, both of his friends, strangers, and his own The writing is enjoyable, the cultural satire is sharp and remains topical Two problems, though Sometimes the character profiles are