Bursting with Confidence

Bursting with ConfidenceHaley And Abigail Are Best Friends.Abigail Is Babysitting A Little Boy Named Peter Larsen At An Old Mansion She Calls Haley And Ask Her To Visit.Haley Visits The Larsen Mansion.After Haley Meets Peter, Strange Things Start To Happen Soon, Haley And Abigail Learn A Few Of The Larsen Mansion S Dark Secrets. I generally try to not read reviews shortly before I read a something, but as I was getting this one, I noticed two reviews, one saying Not what I was expecting the other suggesting Could really use some editing.I rather strongly agree with both sentiments This novella really long short story was interesting, to say the least, in that I had little idea where the plot was going to go and then it went somewhere else entirely Yet it wasn t an annoying non sequitur type plot Well, not too much.Besides the very interesting story, the writing itself was not particularly smooth, verging on clumsy at times I noticed a lot of times that a couple sentences could very easily be combined Unlike other Kindle books, though, I didn t notice many typographical type errors, which is where most books could use editing Maybe I just missed the mistakes it s possible , but that type of proof reading seemed well done just the phrase was often choppy And not really in a way that added anything to the story like some Overall, it wasn t too big of a deal though there was definitely room for improvement.Besides those two things, the characters were individual I actually rather liked Haley she seemed like the kind of person I wouldn t mind knowing hanging around with in high school Peter was it was almost like the author was trying too hard to make him seem weird Hmm, what s the most socially awkward thing he could do here Hmm And then chaos commenced I don t really know what else to say about him he
Loved every wordLoved every word of this story Plot and characters are well written and there is just so much I want to say but I don t want to give anything away