Synchronicity and the Other Side

Synchronicity and the Other Side You See Your Grandmother S Favorite Bird Outside Your Window Not Long After Her Death You Inexplicably Feel Drawn To Vacation At A Remote Location You Ve Never Been To, Only To Discover That Your Ancestors Lived There Hundreds Of Years Ago Everywhere You Look, You Notice The Numbers 1111 On Clocks, License Plates, Odometers.Signs From The Afterlife Are Everywhere If You Only Know How To Look In This Groundbreaking Book, You Ll Discover How Meaningful Coincidence Synchronicity Is Key To Your Connecting With Loved Ones Who Have Passed On.Such Contact Can Come To You Through Dreams And Meditation, Mediums And Signs, And From The Unexpected Appearance Of Familiar Animals, Images, And Sounds To Clusters Of Numbers And Objects, You Ll Learn How To Recognize When And How People From The Other Side Are Trying To Connect With You. Believe it or not, life continues after you die This is how the writing team of Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor introduce us to their latest book, Synchronicity and the Other Side As they quote Emerson in The Over Soul the influences of the senses has in most men overpowered the mind to the degree that the walls of space and time have come to look solid, real and insurmountable and to speak with levity of those limits in the world is the sign of insanity However, they assure the reader that here we will see the walls separating this world and the other world are not insurmountable, that we can obtain messages from deceased loved ones, that guidance can be found, that a larger picture of life and life hereafter is readily availableand thatthe contact one makes, the the so called realm of the dead appears to be buzzing with life, potential and promise Then, just as the authors assure us of what awaits us, they methodically and comprehensively go about leading us on this journey of awareness and understanding
Boring Just a simplistic rehash of basic beginner info from a dozen other books buzzed through this is record time If this is your very first book on this subject then go for it But if you are a seasoned seeker and have read many many boo

[Reading] ➱ Synchronicity and the Other Side  ➹ Trish MacGregor –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Synchronicity and the Other Side
  • Trish MacGregor
  • English
  • 12 May 2018
  • 9781440525445