But Why Cant I?

But Why Cant I? Children Sometimes Find It Hard To Follow Rules This Encouraging Book Joins Noah And His Babysitter, Jenny, Who Shows Him How Rules Help Keep People Safe, Healthy, And HappyOur Emotions And Behavior SeriesThe Our Emotions And Behavior Series Uses Cheerful Brightly Illustrated Stories To Help Kids Understand How Their Emotions And Actions Are Related And How They Can Learn To Manage Both At The End Of Each Book, A Two Page Series Of Pictures Invites Kids To Tell A Story In Their Own Words A Special Section For Adults Suggests Discussion Questions And Ideas For Guiding Children To Talk About Their Feelings. But Why Can t I When Jenny came over to babysit Noah and his baby sister Rosie they were given a set of rules by Noah s mom They had to be in bed at 7 o clock and listen to Jenny They had to follow the rules But Noah didn t want to follow the rules because it thinks rules are silly He refused to look both side of the crossway when crossing the road to the park, he wouldn t take turns playing a board game and when it was time to go to bed he wanted to stay up late But why can t I Jenny explained that adults follow rules too And that rules are important to follow to help keep people safe and healthy Jenny also went on to explain why she had to follow rules at her job my thought That example wasn t relevant to a child as young as Noah as he is too young to know about the rules Jenny had to follow at her job We know how hard it is for children to follow rules But this book shows the important about talking to their children about why rules need to be followed A great example was given at the last two page
Children sometimes find it hard to follow rules This encouraging book joins Noah and his babysitter, Jenny, who shows him how rules help keep people safe, healthy, and happy But Why Can t I is part of the Our Emotions and Behavior series. I ll have to try to remember this one when the Pre K teachers come in looking for books about following the rules Lessons learned 1 You can lose your job if you don t follow the rules.2 You can injure roller bladers if you don t recycle. Gredes Pre K to 1 Why do we have rules Read and find out Part of a series on emotions and behavior.

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  • Hardcover
  • 28 pages
  • But Why Cant I?
  • Sue Graves
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9781575423760