Casket of Souls

Casket of SoulsThe Nightrunners Are Back In This Gripping Novel Full Of Lynn Flewelling S Trademark Action, Intrigue, And Richly Imagined Characters More Than The Dissolute Noblemen They Appear To Be, Alec And Seregil Are Skillful Spies, Dedicated To Serving Queen And Country But When They Stumble Across Evidence Of A Plot Pitting Queen Phoria Against Princess Klia, The Two Nightrunners Will Find Their Loyalties Torn As Never Before Even At The Best Of Times, The Royal Court At Rh Minee Is A Serpents Nest Of Intrigue, But With The War Against Plenimar Going Badly, Treason Simmers Just Below The Surface.And That S Not All That Poses A Threat A Mysterious Plague Is Spreading Through The Crowded Streets Of The City, Striking Young And Old Alike Now, As Panic Mounts And The Body Count Rises, Hidden Secrets Emerge And As Seregil And Alec Are About To Learn, Conspiracies And Plagues Have One Thing In Common The Cure Can Be As Deadly As The Disease From The Paperback Edition. This is book 6 in the Nightrunner series so there are only two conceivable reasons for you to be reading this review The first is that you LOVE everything EVER written by Lynn Flewelling and you want to know how AWESOME this book is Or, you really liked the first two or three books in this series, but were kind of disappointed with the last two, and you don t know if that is because you are decade older now yourself or if it s the books And you are hoping to find out whether you should even bother with this one or not Of course, the people who hated this series aren t going to bother with book six at all So you re either a fan, or, you used to be a fan, but now you re not sure Nightrunner is a bit of an oddball fantasy series to have produced six books The first two are really one book Book 3 is a standalone follow up with lots of political intrigue Then there is about a decade of nothing And then book 4 and 5 are again a team And now book 6 A standalone again, unless I am really missing something The series wasn t planned to have so many volumes, so there is no overarching plot line like in The Wheel of Time where we re still waiting for the final battle after, what, 14 books now I don t know, I quit at 9 or so The standard group of fighters, thieves, elve
This is the 6th book in the series, and it continues to be pretty wonderful I loved the adventure in this one, it feels very much like a new chapter in the lives of Alec and Seregil, along with their friends Thero, Beka, Klia, Elani etc We follow the pair as they have re entered life at court, socialising with the nobility, enjoying frivolous parties, and doing their Nightrunning activities on the side These two are cunning, clever and witty, and they can pull off nearly any disguise, but it seems maybe they have met someone just as good when a new troupe of actors comes to town and wows the nobility night after nightSeeing the acting troupe and the mystery of sudden deaths in the poorer districts added a glitz, glam and darker side to things This book follows an adventure which feels self contained, but we still hark back to many of the relat
In a welcome, to me return to the scope and texture of the earlier adventures of Alec and Seregil, Casket of Souls keeps the boys at home, Nightrunning and intriguing and reestablishing their place in Rhiminee society Part of that entails a visit with their old friend Lady Kylith to a run down theatre in a terrible part of town, which turns into something when the acting troupe turns out to be truly remarkable Shortly Seregil finds himself inveigled into sponsoring the charming lead actor, Atre, and his troupe but there are a few things he doesn t know about his new project There are a few things the two lead actors take care no one knows, not even the rest of the troupe Meanwhile, the Nightrunner pair find themselves, with Thero, embroiled along with being inveigled in plots both for and against Klia, the Queen s sister Klia is not the heir to the throne, and doesn t want to be but there is a faction who prefers her, and they re beginning to take action toward that end They are, of course, balanced by another faction who will do anything to prevent that end, up to and incl
Very nice Lynn does know how to capture the reader with a light dose of fright and a big dose of cozy While there s danger, you always know it will end all right, and you re never really soul wrenched Works fine when the grimdark gets too much.The book started too slowly, and there were just too many parties, night time burglaries and boxes with traps that fire needles out of wax plugged holes Every single time I still think the first two or three books were the best, in particular the one with the dyrmagnos, but unlike some authors who lose the spark as the series progresses, Lynn maintains her characteristic flair and signature The quality remains, and
More like a 3.5, but I m annoyed at how much it s fallen since books 1 3 We knew the motivations and the antagonists wayyyyy too soon There were no questions, no machinations, no surprises Nothing like the antagonist of book 3 Too straightforward, which made it predictable and annoying.Also, h
Okay, I m going to get one thing clear I am 100% biased about The Nightrunners series and it gets 5 stars before I ve even read it I think this may be my second favourite from the series so far I m amazed at how the different books can have such different feels t
oh boyyyy I loved this and was frustrated by it in equal measure The cabal plot was confusing, the Big Bads were revealed way too soon and none of the big questions were answered by the end of the book However None of that matters becau
actual rating 3.5This is definitely a welcome return to the familiar after whatever the hell was happening in the last two books The characters are back in Rhiminee and there s a lot of the political intrigue and spying going on that made the series so fun in the first place Also all the side characters I was missing in the last two books make appearances again, and we even get a few POV chapters from Beka and Klia so that was nice The only reason that this gets a technical 3.5 is because I felt like the pacing was a bit off in bringing the two converging story lines together and also I don t really like it when the bad guy is revealed to the readers way before it is reve
I must admit to being a fan of the Nightrunner series ever since I stumbled across the first book I fell madly in love with Alec and Seregil even though I did have trouble with book four, Shadows Return To me it really seemed to drag However they are back in fine form in CASKET OF SOULS.With the exception of the very first book, Luck in the Shadows, CASKET OF SOULS has to be my favorite It is set in Rh minee and we get to watch two masters of the shadows ply their craft as they work to discover who all is in the various factions that are not happy with the current Queen Also children from the poorer quarters are dying which really concerns Alec While he is investigating that, close friends of both of them start to die without a mark on them Is there any way that the two are connected We get to watch Seregil deal with his fears over losing Alec again and Thero try to throttle his love for a completely inappropriate woman In doing so