Shadows Alive (Enders Shadow, #6)

Shadows Alive (Enders Shadow, #6) From OSC S Website For Years Now OSC Has Been Planning To Wrap Up The Shadow And Speaker Series With A Book Called Shadows In Flight Recently, In Working On A Short Novel That Follows Bean And His Children Into Space, It Became Clear That Shadows In Flight Was The Perfect Title For That Book, While The Big Wrap Up Novel That Brings Bean S Children Together With Peter And Valentine From Children Of The Mind Will Now Be Entitled Shadows Alive.So When You See Shadows In Flight Announced As Coming Soon, You Should Be Aware That This Is A Completely Different Book, A Short Novel In Which Bean And His Children Encounter An Ancient Formic Ark In Space It S Definitely In The Main Line Of The Shadow Series, But It Is Not The End Just finished the Shadows In Flight and ampsyched to read Shadows Alive Anyone know of the release date I am really hoping that Card chooses to finish this book before he starts working on the other announced books in this series I know that The Swarm is coming out later this year, and if the Second Formic War trilogy follows the same pattern as the trilogy for the First Formic War, then we will probably see The Hive in 2017 and The Queens in 2018 Would they publish 2 books for the Enderverse in the same year If not that means we probably won t see this book released until 2019 at the earliest I am really hoping