Deepening Fiction: A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers

Deepening Fiction: A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced WritersThis Intermediate Advanced Guide To Writing Fiction Emphasizes The Revision Process And Uses Craft Discussions, Exercises, And Diverse Examples To Show The Artistic Implications Of Writing Choices This Book Addresses The Major Elements Of Fiction Numerous Examples, Questions, And Exercises Throughout The Book Help Readers Reflect Upon And Explore Writing Possibilities The Mini Anthology Includes A Variety Of Interesting, Illustrative, And Diverse Stories North American And International, Contemporary And Classic, Realistic And Experimental. 4.5 stars An excellent textbook for writing that goes beyond the basics This book is geared specifically to writing short stories and, for the most part, literary short fiction The anthology of stories in the back are well chosen and the text puts them to good use illustrating different aspects of writing and story telling As a bonus, I now have several new favorite stories Traum
Another garbage book The authors are so pretentious it is hard to get through a chapter They consider anyone who writes differently from them to be inferior and a bad author I guess that is why I have never heard of books by Sarah Stone The other authors are too busy selling books. Hard to find a better fiction writing textbook Recommended by Joan Silber. Eventually, books that teach writing all sound the same They attempt to provide fresh new ways of thinking about the craft of creative writing, but in the end it s all the same You need the drive, the motivation, and th
I was assigned this textbook for a fiction writing class It s easy to use and understand but I saw nothing new in regards to the subject matter Same rehashing of info and rules that writers are told throughout the process. Good advice and exercises with a variety of stories for examples. Connecting character to story what action or event could most test this person s particular personality A story will be complicated if a readers hopes and fears for the character are not identical to the characters hopes and fears for themselves Characters may support or defeat each other, may have conflicting needs or complementary needs, world views, desires or may illuminate each other through their interactions When examining our own stories for interactions of characters look at what their effect their personalities and actions have on others complicate them and find ways in which they overlap Counterpointed example he find her attractive, she finds him disgusting In revision, we have several ways to address the lethargy that passive main characters can bring to a story Perhaps the character needs to have responsibility or to make a mistake that has dramatic consequences Or maybe the character s failure to stand up for his or her desires can have consequences, which then force the character to engage in dramatic actions to compensate Hamlet is perhaps the most famous example of disasters caused by failure to act Humanize throug
This is very much a textbook as is evidenced by the fact that the copyright is held by Pearson Education, instead of by the authors I can see that it would be of use in a classroom, in that it is largely a collection of examples of certain types of writing, but it fails where so many other books on writing theory fail, in that it has an exceedingly strong bias towards big L literature I felt like this book took it even further than most it is a very specific sort of writing that is being held up as the right sort of writing, as can be seen by the way that so many examples draw from a handful of American and Canadian literary authors Ultimately, there was nothing here for me as I have no inter
Used by my intermediate fiction class in college, Deepening Fiction was a useful guide in learning how to better my craft the anthology included within the textbook was even better, offering readers a chance to see the textbook s suggestions at work This book focuses heavily on revision, a tool useful for any writer many beginning guides don t give this topic enough weight Despite the title, new writers will find a lot of practical and useful advice don t let the intermediate
This was the textbook for a writing class I took It s a pretty expensive book, but it contains a huge amount of writing discussion, a small anthology of short stories by noted writers, and analyses of these stories to illustrate the discussions The book is aimed at intermediat

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