Ethica: Ordine geometrico demonstrata

Ethica: Ordine geometrico demonstrataL Ethique De Spinoza, Parue En 1677, Ouvre La Philosophie Moderne Et Accompagne Tous Ceux Qui S Aventurent Sur La Voie Du Bien Agir Cette Traduction, Qui Fut D Abord Publiee Aux PUF, Est Accompagnee D Un Important Appareil Critique Justifiant Les Choix Terminologiques Et Commentant L Ordre Des Propositions, Definitions Et Axiomes. Baruch you beautiful magnificent bastard Within these two hundred dense pages of Euclidean geometric proofs axioms and postulates you manage to construct an ethical system , upend the traditional conception of monotheistic G dd, and instead make him synonymous with the Laws of Nature This is the best last expression of scholastic theology, and one of the most influential and astonishing philsophers of ever It is a system which is both beautiful in its logic and yet kind and sympathetic in its recognition of the flaws, and refuting the Descartian mind body dualiity, and yet preeemptivly going after Leibnizs Just World tripe, recognizing the imperfections and nature of human beings yet offering a coherent method to their betterment through reason and Caring For Others not some empty cliche but instead a necessry outlet for understanding the universe and maintaining positive emotionAs an additional benefit, such a system is comptible with some of the recent materialist neurological discoveries of modern science, stating that the mind can be inlfuenced by the body, and taht we must understand physical causes in order to make progress with the mentl abstract We must cultivate our gardens.Spinoza is the foundations of philosophy and even mysticism and religion for even the most doubtful and venomous of skeptics, o
If rationality is defined as the capacity to solve problems, anticipate consequences and understand causes of events, one would be hard pressed to find its complete realization than in the philosophy of Benedict Spinoza Indeed, in his masterwork, Ethics, Spinoza set out to prove certain theorems which are to be deduced from axioms in the manner of Euclidean geometry Whether or not he was successful in this endeavor has been a matter for over three intervening centuries of scholarship and debate Yet Spinoza anticipated his detractors, if not through his philosophy, then by answering them explicitly, I do not presume to have discovered the best philosophy, but I know that I understand the true one The book is divided into five parts, each part building upon the previous Three essential aspects of his particular stripe of rational thought are first, his confidence in the ability of reason to supply us with dependable knowledge epistemology secondly, his conviction that the universe itself is governed by rational law metaphysics and lastly, his certainty that reason is the one acceptable guide to living ethics All that Spinoza asks is
3 1 2 stars.Spinoza s classic is contained in a book I have called The Rationalists Also included are Descartes Discourse on Method and Meditations and Leibniz s Monadology and Discourse on Metaphysics.Historical context view spoiler These thinkers are called Rationalists because to varying degrees they believed that the important facts about the world could be deduced or worked out by correct thinking, without relying much on evidence derived from the senses They form the core phalanx of modern rationalism, along with Kant.Descartes was the earliest of these men 1596 1650 His Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One s Reason and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences containing the famous phrase I think therefore I am was published in 1637, his Meditations in 1641 The Discourse on Method is usually regarded as one of the earliest treatises laying the foundation for the scientific method, hence is an important document in the history of scie
Cualquier cosa puede ser, por accidente, causa de esperanza o de miedo..Hombres distintos pueden ser afectados de distintas maneras por un solo y mismo objeto, y un solo y mismo hombre puede, en tiempos distintos, ser afectado de distintas maneras por un solo y mismo objetoEsta afecci n del alma, o sea, esta imaginaci n de una cosa singular, en cuanto se encuentra sola en el alma, se llama asombro, y si es provocado por un objeto que tememos, se llama consternaci n, pues el asombro ante un mal tiene al hombre suspenso de tal manera en su sola contemplaci n, que no es capaz de pensar en otras cosas con las que podr a evitar ese mal Si lo que nos asombra es la prudencia de un hombre, su industria o algo de este g nero, el asombro se llama entonces veneraci n, pues pensamos que, en virtud de eso que admiramos, ese hombre nos supera en mucho por el contrario, se llama horror, si nos asombramos de la ira, la envidia, etc., de un hombre Adem s, si admiramos la prudencia, industria, etc., de un hombre a quien amamos, por ello mismo nuestro amor ser mayor por la Proposici n 12 de esta Parte , y a este amor, unido al asombro o a la veneraci n, lo llamamos devoci n Y de esta misma manera podemos tambi n concebir el odio, l
. If I were exiled to a desert island, imprisoned, or otherwise isolated, and there were only book of philosophy I could have to read and re read for the rest of my life, it would be The Ethics of Spinoza Here Spinoza lays out a complete system that encompasses metaphysics, theology, physics, psychology, and ethics Throughout Spinoza is concerned with what it means to be free, and what sort of beliefs are worthy of a free human being To be free, he insists, means not to be a slave not to anyone else, and not to your own wishes, compulsions, fantasies, and emotions To be free is to
,,, , , , , , , , . . .. The best way to read this book is to listen to it If I were to have read it, I would have dwelled excessively on the axioms, definitions and propositions and would have missed the forest for the trees Don t worry if you don t get the definition as he gives them You ll be able to pick them up when he uses them latter on Spinoza is an incredibly good writer He will tell you what he s going to tell you, tell you and than tell you again He ll say in other words or take this example or other such explanatory statements and amplify what he s been telling you while never being prolix a word he actually uses and I had to look it up It means tediously long winded with words.I ve often heard people make the expression that they believe in the God of Spinoza After having read this book, I seriously would doubt them What they ve done is focused on the Spinoza formulation that God is Nature and Nature is God and they like the way that sounds, but they don t really know how Spinoza gets there or what he means by it.This book is a vibrant defense of Scholasticism Aristotelian thought against Descartes mind body duality Spinoza creates a system with only one substance God but infinite attributes Two of those attributes are thought and extension body , but it s clear that God possess infinit
Ele tiri oda nda insanlar n insana zg sevgi, fke, kin gibi duygular y kleyerek insanla t rd Tanr kavram n n bulundu u Ethics , Spinoza n n Tanr y do ayla birle tirerek sundu u a n n ok ilerisinde bir eser Tanr n n d llendiren veya cezaland ran, daha do rusu dualar m z dinleyen veya mucizeler yaratan bir kavram olmad n savunan Spinoza, bilgimizin bu d nyada limitli oldu unu ve Tanr y anlamak i in ncelikle olarak do an n nas l i ledi ini anlamam z ve one g re hayat m z uyarlamam z gerekti ini belirtiyor Tanr inanc n n ortaya k sebebinin ihtiya tan oldu unu s yleyen nl filozofu okurken Descartes n aksine ak l ve bedenin birbirini tamamlayan olgular oldu una dair bir felsefe anl yorsunuz nan kavram n n bireyin hayal g c n n bir r n oldu unu savunan Spinoza, bu y zden devletin dinle ilgili kavramlardan uzak durarak tek g revi olan vatanda lar korumas ger

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