New York to Dallas

New York to DallasThe New Novel From The 1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Which Takes Readers Deeper Into The Mind Of Eve Dallas Than Ever Before The Number One New York Times Bestselling Author J D Robb Presents An Intense And Terrifying New Case For New York Homicide Cop Eve Dallas, One That Will Take Her All The Way To The City That Gave Her Her Name And Plunge Her Into The Nightmares Of Her Childhood When A Monster Named Isaac McQueen A Convict Taken Down By Eve Back In Her Uniform Days Escapes From Rikers, He Has Two Things In Mind One Is To Take Up Where He Left Off, Abducting Young Victims And Leaving Them Scarred In Both Mind And Body The Other Is To Get Revenge On The Woman Who Stopped Him All Those Years Ago. book33 and it was so fucking good I m moving into the next one J.D.Robb, you re bloody amazing Please, please keep writing this series I don t even care if there are 200 books I d still gladly read them all 3I just love Eve Roarke soooooo much I ll never get tired of this series He loves me Roarke, I mean He loves me Oh, so very much Nobody did before Before Mavis, she just wouldn t give up and leave me alone And Feeney But he d feel weird saying the whole love thing, so She mimed zipping fingers over her lips But Roarke doesn t feel weird about it He s full of it, the love, I mean And when he loves me, things that never worked in me did do It was easier when they didn t work, but it s better when they do You know I do You should rest now Want to finish, give my report Is my face messed up I hate when that happens Not like I m pretty or anything, but You re the most beautiful woman ever born, Roarke said from the doorway, and Eve sent him a woozy, drugged smile See, told ya he s full of it She thought she loved him What do you have in your pocket He smiled, drew out the gray button that had fallen off her very ugly suit the first day they d met See She couldn t say why that stupid button moved her so damn much People in love keep things Sentimental things What do you have She pulled the chain, and the tear shaped diamond from under her shirt I wouldn t wear this f
I rarely buy real books since I got my kindle iPad Granted, if there is a favourite, I will try my best to purchase it Especially a hardcover version I found New York to Dallas in a second hand store this summer and paid over my 6 for it I nearly cried when I left behind about 20 other hardcover JD ROBB books but I had no room in my luggage for any If you happen to be visiting Bandon, OR, check out Kimberly s Book Nook It is a treasure trove of books I was a little wary starting this series Nora Roberts had not really been a hit with me as an author and as she also writes as JD ROBB, hence my caution Especially as one of the main characters was Irish But I went in and I am so glad I did 33 books later and it is not getting old.I knew this one would be quite a pivotal book in the series All the other books are In Death this one had a completely different title Those of you who have read the series will know that Dallas, the city, featured in the past But Dallas She d never considered he d use Dallas Roarke What can I say
New York to Dallas stands out in this great series as being just a bit different and not only for its title Eve has struggled with her demons many times before but in this book she takes them on in a whole new way and comes very close to the edge on several occasions And each time she is pulled back by Roarke of course There is a lot of heavy drama and a definite requirement for a box of tissues somewhere handy Roarke and Eve discuss their relationship many times and things get very emotional There is also a lot less humour than usual partly because Peabody is left behind in New York and I missed her almost as much as Eve did One little treat
Book 33 and still going strong I LOVED this one First of all, I should know better than to start an Eve and Roarke book when I have work in RL to do Nothing ends up existing when I become captivated by one of JD Robb s masterpieces This installment ended being one of the very best of the series I was kind of worried about this one as I knew that Eve would probably be going to Dallas to solve a case instead of her home town of New York The thing isfor Eve Dallas has memories for Eveand they are traumatic ones I knew without a doubt that this book was going to be heavyand it was an emotional read in several ways.Roarke remained in fine form by being Eve s rock, and all I can say is he still remains the best hero I have ever become aquainted with in Romance I mean it when I say that no man will ever be able to top Roarke.I could go on all day about this series The fact is, JD Robb has created a world in this series that feels real to me The characters in it have become people that
Suspense 4.9 stars Romance 5 starsOne of the most intense books in this series A villain trashiest trash a pedophile Manhunt Dark Inhuman Brilliant Eve s mind, her strong spirit, her inner fight.Terrific good written, but slightly anticlimactic and abrupt endin
This was one of the most emotional books of the series Eve has to go back to Dallas the place where she was found as a broken, beaten child to confront a serial killer who has a vendetta against her It was a tough road for her, but there were also plenty of diversions to keep the story from being too depression inducing The best of the diversionary tactics was Eve s complete annoyance with the Southern Hospitality that is so common in Texas How s it going down there It s weird They re too polite, they talk funny, and stuff has too much shine on it I have to admit that, being from Los Angeles, it threw me off a bit at first too People are so nice, courteous, and friendly that I thought they were either crazy or trying to set me up to ask for money It took me a while to let my guard down, but I m happy to say that after 19 years here, I m friendly to people I meet in my daily life too Younger me would think older me is a crazy person for
This was most defiantly one of the best but gruesome detective books that i have ever read in my life I loved the plot and the characters and at then end the story had me on my knees begging for This book is number 33 in the In Death Series but i honestly did not care i have read about three books in the series but never have i read them in the order they should be in Not that it madders because each book is just a diffrent case to be solved New York to Dallas is an open and shut case about rape People may find a book like that disturbing and there was few times that i wanted to throw the book across the room and run to the bathroom and throw up The investigator Eve Dallas is on a mission to arrest Isaac Mcqueen who is a man that has been abducting young girls and rapeing them This strong, brave, and courages women has had run in s with this character before and she also had a father who had his way with her whenever she was younger I admire Detective Eve Dallas because if i had seen what was locked away in Isaac Mcqueens closet all those years ago the
Rereading yet again for a group buddy read this time on Kindle This one is fully loaded If I could give it 10 stars I would I LOVED EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF THIS BOOK Every word.Every moment Every tear One of the best in the series I just love Eve. I ALMOST gave this 5 stars, but the sheer coincidence of the character TWIST was enough for 4 1 2 Nonetheless this was a REALLY REALLY good book 1 Creepy bad guy2 Lots of character stakes3 Overall plot forward pushing.Thumbs up It s so amazing that after 33 books you can still really CARE about how the characters interact with one another, whether they succeed or not THis one had a TON of tension, the most in quite a while in the series Yes, we ve seen a lot of this past trauma touched on before, but the cathartic push seems to close some doors behind Eve, so she can really move forward from her past, maybe big relationship

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  • 06 August 2017
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