The 39 Clues Complete Collection (The 39 Clues, #1-10)

The 39 Clues Complete Collection (The 39 Clues, #1-10) Plus Bonus Poster, Codes And 60 Digital Game Cards The Complete Paperback Boxed Series Of The 39 Clues Books 1 10 Titles Include The Maze Of Bones One False Note The Sword Thief Beyond The Grave The Black Circle In Too Deep The Viper S Nest The Emperor S Code Storm Warning Into The Gauntlet My review is really 4.5 stars for a couple reasons First, it has a good setup, a bunch of different authors create one book each to create a massive series with TWO spin offs a collectible card thing Round Robin style.The story is good, two kids Amy and Dan Cahill find out that they are part of the most influential family in the history of mankind Then they find out that they are part of the spoilers weakest branch of the family also known as they just said no to magical DNA altering serum of Giddian Cahill that also prevents plague But Round Robbin stories can go anywhere, which can lead to great things and HORRIBLE things but mostly good Anddd so, it s time for some BAD things Amy and Dan are extremely stupid sometimes If you are a fan of professor Layton ds games or other logic puzzles, you will practically be shouting MOBIOS STRIP MOBIOS STRIP or, it s not a riddle Overall this is a good series BUT don t get addicted to spoiler 38 ing
I bought the entire series on eBay It was popular with many of the quieter students of last year s class so I wanted to see what it was all about.I am not fond of mysteries but the clues kept me guessing I was so proud sad, I know when I figured out a clue ahead of Dan and Amy I like that the books taught science, history, and geography to the unwitting readers I like that the importance of working together was pressed but I m not sure how I feel about the issue of children working together in order to defeat their evil parents I like that people actually got hurt and died kids need to realize that adventure can be dangerous.I m going to recommend the series to several of my students I already have one student who is enthralled
If you re looking for a great GREAT mystery, then this series is for you This entire series is fantastic Even though the online game may be over, it is well worth reading the series This is sure to become a series that is in reprint for decades to come.With each book written by a different children s author, we experience different writing styles and their take on the story Yet clearly the team worked closely together, because all except book 2 maintain the protagonists personalities and character traits see my concerns with book 2 However, even this book gives parents and teachers something to discuss with their children and students, helping them
Wow, the first ten books in a word Awesome.These books kept me sane in midst of exams, projects and heartbreaks Take note, this is the review for the whole 10 books, not one by one.If these books sucked, I wouldn t have continued on to the second volume These ten books are action packed, and funny at times It even made me cry at a certain person s death in book 6 and 9 Dan and Amy are siblings which are competing in a crazy competition against their own kin, and it s do or die They might be the underdogs no money, no parents, just each other but it seems that they have undiscovered tricks up their sleeves Equipped with nothing but a great Au Pair, Nellie, a cool and spoiled cat, Amy s great researching skills, and Dan s
I m in my 20s and I found these books quite enjoyable I used them to help me fall asleep though sometimes they were a little too exciting for that Yeah, parts seem a bit goofy or forced, and they are written for kids, but all in all I found the storyline quite fascinating The incorporation of
This series is about these 2 kids who are brother and sister, Dan who is 11 and Amy who s 14 years old but there parents died in a mysteries fire There very rich grandma dies and now they think there going to inherit her fortune but instead they got a choice, money or a adventure that would make you
this series is very interesting and has a very unique plot It wasn t my favorite series, but if you are someone who likes action with a bit of mystery, it might be I think this series would be good for kids in 4th through 6th grade because it is about middle schoolers and will be easier to connect with the character
My son and I have read this series over the last few months It s a fun connection of mystery, history, drama and comedy My 10YO really liked them and I was entertained and interested as well Suggested for family reading. I love this book soooooo much A great thing about them is they teach you a little bit about historical characters and they are in a series of ten Amazing

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