The Geometry of Spacetime

The Geometry of Spacetime In 1905, Albert Einstein Offered A Revolutionary Theory Special Relativity To Explain Some Of The Most Troubling Problems In Current Physics Concerning Electromagnetism And Motion Soon Afterwards, Hermann Minkowski Recast Special Relativity Essentially As A New Geometric Structure For Spacetime These Ideas Are The Subject Of The First Part Of The Book The Second Part Develops The Main Implications Of Einstein S General Relativity As A Theory Of Gravity Rooted In The Differential Geometry Of Surfaces The Author Explores The Way An Individual Observer Views The World And How A Pair Of Observers Collaborate To Gain Objective Knowledge Of The World To Encompass Both The General And Special Theory, He Uses The Geometry Of Spacetime As The Unifying Theme Of The Book To Read It, One Needs Only A First Course In Linear Algebra And Multivariable Calculus And Familiarity With The Physical Applications Of Calculus. Actually the majority of physics books are not accurate in deductions, but this one is one of the clearest and most accurate books on Special and General Relativity.

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  • Hardcover
  • 454 pages
  • The Geometry of Spacetime
  • James J. Callahan
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 0387986413